100 BaseGame Season by Vicky Sims


The 100 Base Game Traits mod adds a vast selection of personality traits to The Sims 4, providing more affluent and realistic plotlines that keep players engaged.

Working with the Growing Together pack, this add-on provides zodiac options influencing compatibility. Furthermore, these traits are placed into the rewards store to avoid consuming one of your three limited trait slots.

1. Muva’s Patreon

This popular mod expands the personality traits available to Sims, making it easier than ever before to craft truly distinct characters. The 100 Base Game Traits pack contains many features that influence interactions and decision-making and boost certain skills and talents; sure, these unlock specific mood lets for memorable scenarios! In addition, the pack also contains new CAS animations as well as various new desires or aspirational traits.

This mod allows players to choose whether all traits should be available for create-a-sim or only through the rewards store for a less cluttered experience. Furthermore, a set of new CAS animations makes it easier for Sims to express themselves authentically in create-a-sim. However, please read the compatibility notes carefully before installing this mod, as it may conflict with others.

Many of the most exciting traits in this mod center around Sims’ interests. For instance, an Adventurer Trait-equipped Sim will seek thrills and adventure, while those with the Academic Trait will gravitate towards books and learning. Other appealing traits include Food Lovers Traits, which foster Sims’ passion for cooking, or the Inventor Trait, which makes your Sims more likely to solve mysteries or puzzles.

Snowii95’s Baby/Toddler Trait Bundle adds seven personality traits exclusively applicable to babies and toddlers in your household, helping you more realistically portray young children. This mod includes Always Happy, Bookworm, Fast Learner, Bossy, Naive, Stranger Danger, and Creative traits. It can be combined with other mods like Infant Update or Growing Together expansion for optimal use.

Adventurous Wanderlust is an essential trait for Sims who love adventure, giving your Sims an insatiable urge for exploration and the chance to uncover digital mysteries and treasures. Additionally, Tech Prodigy makes your Sims more likely to excel at hacking and coding – two fantastic additions.

2. KiaraSims

For anyone who enjoys creating unique Sims and seeing their distinctive personalities take shape in the world, the 100 Base Game Traits pack is an indispensable mod. Offers over one hundred custom traits covering social image, relationships, interests, talents, appearance, and appearance aspects of gameplay; best yet, it is entirely base-game compatible and does not require expansion packs!

This mod is ideal for players who wish to explore diverse hobbies in-game, as it introduces traits such as Artisan, Competitive, Horticulturist, Movie Buff, Scribe Tinker, and Worldly. Each feature includes Moodlets, custom social interactions, and speech bubbles to build a persona around your hobby.

Snowii95’s Baby/Toddler Trait Bundle makes creating the ideal child or toddler in The Sims 4 easy. Download and add this pack, which gives children and toddlers unique traits such as Always Happy, Bookworm, Fast Learner, Bossy, Naive, Stranger Danger, and Creative to increase family gameplay and feel more realistic. This addition adds depth and realism.

Radiophobe’s Absent Emotion Traits mod is another effective way of customizing your Sims. These traits add an emotional challenge that pushes characters out of their comfort zones – for instance, those with Socially Anxious Traits may find it challenging to initiate conversations or interact with people in crowded places – adding new dimensions to gameplay and giving Sims reasons to seek adventure they may otherwise avoid.

Ultimate Traits by Kuttoe provides an all-encompassing upgrade to the game’s trait system, adding over 60 traits tailored toward various career paths, lifestyles, and interests. Each feature has customized Moodlets, social interactions, and speech bubbles to give each element its distinctive feel and create truly individual characters. You can install both versions simultaneously; just be aware of potential compatibility issues.

3. The Sims Studio

As its name suggests, this mod allows Sims to take on more traits, giving them greater depth and personality. Not just adults can benefit either; even toddlers can receive additional attributes! It’s great that an option expands a character’s capabilities- something EA should have done from the outset.

Another CC for The Sims 4: This utility allows editing catalog entries like tags and swatches and changing prices of Buy/Build items. While not meant for casual players, those familiar with The Sims 4 who can modify it would find this tool extremely helpful.

The Sims Studio is a new free game that delivers deeper in-game simulation by expanding upon character creation, housebuilding, and emotional systems introduced with The Sims 4. Basic needs like hygiene, hunger, and sleep remain critical yet less demanding, thus giving more time for exploring interests, socializing with peers, and building skills.

It’s a simple and highly effective mod for The Sims 4 that can add personality and individuality to your Sims. Not only are there hobby traits for various activities, but lifestyle and personality traits are available to give your Sims an eccentric personality.

Find eco-friendly lot traits, celebrity lifestyle traits, and career traits here, such as starting conventional careers a few levels early and an emotional state that reduces Tense emotion power.

While most lot traits can be transferred across lots, some, such as the Embarrassed Moodlet, cannot. Other characteristics, however, such as Self-Assured and Confident traits, which provide extra support for debate skills or business careers, can be added onto other lots as desired.

4. Sims 4 Mood Pack

Add more personality and life-sim challenges to your Sims with this mod pack with many mood-related traits! Alien Hater, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Hay Fever, Hates Cats, Allergic to Dogs, Chronic Headaches, Asthmatic Asperity, Asthmatic Fame Jealousness are just a few of these unique negative buffs and moodlets to give your Sims that extra edge for story and gameplay!

This expansion adds even more character traits than the 60 found in the base game, including new ones such as Linguist and Gloomy and extreme versions of existing ones such as Self-Assured and Jealous. You’ll also discover new social interactions, whims, and career enhancements – you could even ask other Sims what their favorite food is.

Snowii95’s Child Trait Bundle adds seven traits exclusive to children and toddlers that create more realistic family sims, making the game feel more natural while complementing the new infant update and Growing Together expansion perfectly.

RoBurky has created an Inheritance Trait Mod to spice up gameplay in family scenarios with more challenging and engaging gameplay experiences by flipping emotion scales on its head. Instead of receiving only positive or negative emotions for each emotion, Sims, with this trait, can receive 2+ on any emotion – making gameplay both exciting and challenging!

This mod pack is easy to install; extract its folder into your Mods folder and activate it through Game Options. After activation, new traits appear in the Trait panel when creating or editing Sims; however, they may appear slightly different compared to their friends or families. It’s still worth trying, though, and worth keeping updated!