AMC Fashion Valley 18


AMC Fashion Valley 18 is a modern cinema that provides moviegoers with an unparalleled cinematic experience that blends luxury and technology. Offering an extensive movie selection, cutting-edge technology, and customer rewards programs make this theater a must-visit location for casual moviegoers and diehard film buffs.

Fashion Valley features numerous retail shops and an abundance of dining options – NM Cafe at Neiman Marcus and 59th & Lex at Bloomingdale being two notable options.

Exceptional Cinematic Experience

AMC Fashion Valley 18 offers movie lovers an unforgettable cinematic experience. This state-of-the-art theater provides a diverse movie selection, cutting-edge technology, convenience, and customer rewards, ideal whether you are an avid film watcher or new to cinematic viewing! Feel at home in this state-of-the-art cinema.

AMC Fashion Valley 18 offers an eclectic movie selection, perfect for all kinds of moviegoers. With blockbusters to romance films and special classic movie screenings available, visitors are guaranteed an entertaining viewing experience at AMC Fashion Valley 18.

State-of-the-Art Projection: Our cinema’s state-of-the-art projection systems produce crystal-clear images to heighten your viewing pleasure. In contrast, immersive sound systems transport you right into the movie world. Plush seats offer comfort during lengthy viewing sessions.

Convenient Online Ticket Booking: At AMC Fashion Valley 18’s suitable online ticketing system, guests can skip the line and head straight into their film experience without waiting. They can book their tickets from home or while out and about and choose their seat from within their account.

Cleanliness Standards: At our theater, our strict cleaning protocols guarantee a safe and hygienic environment for our guests. Furthermore, staff are always ready to assist when necessary.

Cinema has various food and drinks for their audiences, such as their signature popcorn. Beer and wine are available during select shows as well. Furthermore, this theater provides open captioning screenings; AMC Stubs A-List or Premiere membership offers one free drink!

Unparalleled Amenities

The AMC Fashion Valley 18 goes far beyond your average movie theater experience. Offering comfortable seating arrangements and cutting-edge technology, guests can take advantage of a host of amenities designed to enhance their movie-watching experience, including snacks such as classic popcorn and nachos, gourmet burgers and artisan pizzas, beer and wine sales, special screenings of independent films as well as live broadcasts of sporting events and concerts – as well as special screenings!

amc fashion Valley 18 offers more than the latest blockbusters; their diverse movie selection spans from heartwarming dramas to thrilling adventures and regularly features releases from Hollywood studios, so there’s always something new available.

Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California, is the best way to reach amc Fashion Valley 18 through bus or train, while Moovit provides the simplest way of finding their schedules as well as other forms of transport. No need for separate apps – all routes and stops can be seen in real-time in just one app! Over 1.5 million users have downloaded Moovit, including many in San Diego who use it daily as the easiest way to navigate their city.

Cutting-Edge Technology

AMC Fashion Valley 18 offers more than movie viewing – it’s a destination where cinema and style come together. Boasting state-of-the-art theaters, an art gallery, and delicious dining options – AMC Fashion Valley 18 goes far beyond your average movie-going experience!

As you enter their plush auditoriums, you’ll be transported into your favorite films with clear visuals and powerful audio. Plush recliners and stadium seating make the perfect way to unwind and experience all the magic on-screen!

AMC Fashion Valley not only shows the latest blockbusters but also offers classic movie screenings so audiences can relive the magic of classic cinema. So whether it be action flicks or romantic comedies – AMC Fashion Valley has something for everyone!

What sets this theater apart is its commitment to offering unique programming. From special screenings of classic movies to exclusive premieres, its distinctive offerings provide a much-needed respite from mainstream offerings.

AMC Fashion Valley also offers an art gallery featuring works from local artists. This space encourages creativity and sparks conversations, so don’t miss your movie screening before or after stopping in to admire these captivating works on display!


AMC Fashion Valley 18 provides an incredible variety of movies to satisfy every movie-going taste, from action-packed thrillers to touching romances and classic movie screenings. So everyone can experience cinematic masterpieces as never before!

AMC Stubs’ showtimes also offer something for all schedules; whether a morning person or a night owl, you can always find one to meet yours. If you become an AMC Stubs member, you’ll enjoy even more benefits, including free size upgrades for popcorn and drinks, express service at box offices and concession stands, no online ticketing fees, and more.

For an unforgettable cinematic experience, AMC Fashion Valley 18 offers something for everyone. Boasting an impressive movie selection, cutting-edge technology, convenient location, and customer rewards programs – ensure you arrive early to secure the best seat! Moovit makes getting there easy; use our all-in-one transit app to see live bus and train times as well as detailed directions from any location around you!

Customer Rewards

AMC Fashion Valley 18 offers moviegoers an unforgettable cinematic experience. This state-of-the-art theater combines comfort, convenience, and cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled movie-viewing experience for all ages.

Variety of Showtimes

Our movie theater provides multiple screening times throughout the day to meet the schedules of different audiences. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, there will constantly be screening time that fits into your plans. In addition, Dine-In Theatres allow guests to enjoy full meals and beverages from their seats.

amc Fashion Valley 18 strives to meet the cinematic desires of audiences of all ages, regularly offering new releases from Hollywood’s leading studios. From thrilling adventures and emotional dramas, amc Fashion Valley 18 provides films of every audience member’s preferences – exciting adventures to heartwarming dramas. The theater also offers classic films, independent movies, live broadcasts of sports events and concerts, alternative programming options, and alternative movie showings!