Best Practices for a Viral Blog


How do you stand out from the incredible online expressions, lasting legacies, and cutting-edge initiatives already available? How can I increase my repeat business, expand my customer base, and develop a sustainable enterprise?

There are a lot of tricks and strategies that might make your creative site popular and bring in more customers. I’ve listed my top 20 suggestions for how to run an innovative and successful online diary below, but if you have any others, please leave a comment so we can compile the definitive list.


The first real test of your blogging mettle is deciding on a platform. WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad, and Blogger are just a few of the many free options available. Each allows you to make minor adjustments to your blog’s layout and design with no upfront cost. Even if you have no idea how to put them to use? Many online feature exercises are available; WordPress, for one, provides a comprehensive lesson outline to get you started.

Think About Making Up

From a search engine optimization standpoint, you should integrate your online diary with your existing website to generate content and increase your popularity with search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is, at heart, a matter of substance if you don’t have the time or money to hire a web developer, start a free blog and include links to your leading site and other relevant links, such as your professional portfolio.

Find a nook and cranny.

When deciding on a creative topic for a blog, it’s best to narrow your focus. Focusing your online diary on a single topic will appeal to readers and search engines alike. Avoid being too vague by zeroing in on and developing a single overarching theme. Find your niche and express yourself fully; remember to keep on topic.

Talk about the things you value.

Discuss something you’re passionate about; else, your writing will lack energy. Find a topic you feel comfortable expanding on; the content will remain even if the point wanes. For instance, if you’re the guardian of a museum, you may talk about the museum industry, current trends, and your favorite museums and exhibitions. If you’re a theatrical leader, you can also tell your followers about the people in the business who inspire you or describe your typical day.

Extend respect

Your creative web journal will never succeed if it fails to provide anything the general public wants. Help people find what they’re looking for and improve the quality of their web search experience. So, let me explain what I mean. In the end, the content you disseminate reflects your commitment to excellence. If your content isn’t compelling, no one will read it, much less come back for more. Consider what you’re releasing carefully, and give them what they want.

Pay attention to promotion.

Launching an online journal and hoping readers find it without any promotion is a surefire way to fail. It would be best to promote your online journal actively, and there are various options available to you. Leaving helpful comments on other bloggers’ posts is a great way to start interacting with them and driving traffic back to your site. On the other hand, you can use web crawlers to your advantage by expanding on trends already familiar in your field. On the other hand, you may supply substantial assistance to influential e-zines or websites to increase your visibility. Don’t second-guess yourself; go out there and promote yourself like crazy. No valid argument exists against doing so.

Invigorate teamwork

Start a discussion on your online diary. Ask them to do what I’ve done with this piece and add their thoughts to other articles. Boost your ability to communicate in every way you can. Ask for feedback, acknowledge people’s efforts, create a community, and maintain a positive demeanor. People enjoy interacting, so be friendly and approachable.

Facilitate comments.

Remember, though, that there are various reasons why readers might not respond to your posts. Many possible causes include making it difficult to register a comment or expanding on depressing topics that may put off potential readers. Principal worry? Facilitate open commenting and elaborate on issues that spark robust discussion. People are more likely to return to your online diary if they can interact with one another.

Avoid worrying about your opponents.

You may occasionally receive a critical comment on your website. Don’t give up on blogging because of this. We can remove or respond severely to any comments you disagree with. Don’t worry too much about hostility since, despite what others may claim, it’s doubtful that you’ll encounter any.

Don’t be nervous, and have faith in yourself.

When your online diary receives more than a thousand unique monthly visitors, it’s normal to begin to doubt your writing abilities. Avoid nervousness and keep trying! Believe in yourself and keep writing great content; there must be a reason you get so many readers.

Plenty of photographic evidence

People have a soft spot for visual art. Many of the world’s most famous sayings and creative online blogs extensively use symbolism. Reasons for this include people’s preference for skimming content and the fact that they are likelier to stay engaged with a piece if it contains appealing visuals to break up the text and draw the eye. If you’re going to write an innovative online journal, you should include as many images as possible so that your audience has enough to look at.

Facilitate reading.

Studies show that people scan pages rather than read them word for word. Consequently, it would be best to work on making your content as easy and quick to read as possible. Provide documentation whenever possible and divide the text. You should supply at least 250 examples of duplicate content from a search engine optimization standpoint. However, it’s also wonderful to stick to this amount for your followers unless you’re writing an essay like this one; in this case, it’s a good idea to incorporate visual signals or records to keep people engaged.

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