Cities About An Hour Drive From Ripley WV


Cities within an hour’s drive from Ripley WV offer travelers many exciting experiences for them to discover, from shopping to tasting local cuisine and so much more. There’s something here for everyone!

Ripley may be small, but its unique charm can be seen through its annual Fourth of July parade and quirky shops. Additionally, you’ll find excellent schools and friendly neighbors here.

Appalachian Distillery

Something is appealingabout the unique story of Vermont-based Appalachian Gap Distillery as an example of such an enterprise: unlike global liquor companies that dominate global markets, these craft distillers tend to be run by close family and friends in pursuit of their passion and are willing to sacrifice untold hours and even their life savings to realize that dream.

The Appalachian Distillery is a family-owned business that handles every step of fermentation, distillation, and bottling on-site. They specialize in moonshine flavors such as Cranberry Gin Mint as well as having an expansive collection of whiskey and bourbon available for tasting.

This family-oriented establishment offers tours and tastings during regular operating hours for $5 per person, which includes a souvenir shot glass. There’s also a country store-inspired gift shop filled with shirts, hats, and other mementos!

Sugarlands Distillery has made waves thanks to their participation in the Discovery Channel docudrama “Moonshiners.” The show follows illegal bootleggers who produce traditional moonshine in Appalachia’s backwoods; at Sugarlands they produce various varieties including rye and corn moonshine for free samples during tours.

Dwayne Freeman and James Hager, sixth-generation Hatfields from Virginia, opened this rustic distillery to uphold family tradition. Utilizing their knowledge of the region’s rich history to craft high-quality spirits; American-style gin is offered.

If you’re in search of an idyllic road trip experience with both history and nature, Summersville in West Virginia could be just what’s needed. Just a short drive from Ripley and packed full of exciting things to do such as historic sites to see, boat rides on beautiful Summersville Lake, and visiting the Zane Grey Museum!

WV Artisan Market

WV Artisan Market is a brand-new business that showcases nearly 70 local artisans’ work, from jewelry to kitchen items and hand soap. Their motto is that everyone walks out with something! Open Thursday through Saturday with wine served for added enjoyment while browsing all that’s on offer!

This store also features a coffee shop and offers an assortment of local food, such as homemade baked goods and chocolates, making it an excellent stop when visiting Ripley. Situated conveniently on South Church Street, its owners are always available to answer any queries or address concerns that may arise during your visit.

Zanesville is known as the Pottery Capital of the World and features an active arts community with over 30 galleries, studios, restaurants, and cafes – not to mention its rich history and scenic attractions like Y-Bridge and Muskingum River State Park!

Cedar Lakes Park provides an idyllic retreat for hiking, boating, fishing, and golf enthusiasts in the nearby area. Rent a pontoon or kayak and take an enjoyable tour down the river; camping here is also popular as there are more than 40 picnic sites!

Following are cities within an hour’s drive of Ripley that make ideal day trips or weekend getaways. This list is organized based on travel time from Ripley; alphabetical order displays all locations listed here. Adjust the search radius or travel time as necessary to locate more towns and cities near Ripley.

Armstrong House

Armstrong House Museum in New York City honors jazz great Louis Armstrong by offering guided tours that allow visitors to explore his life, his marriage, and Lucille. Visitors can tour rooms where Armstrong and Lucille resided throughout their marriage; in addition, it contains memorabilia from famous musicians like Tony Bennett as well as red beans and rice dishes that Louis enjoyed eating himself!

Ripley offers numerous attractions for history buffs, shoppers, and those seeking outdoor adventures. Popular tourist spots in Ripley include Appalachian Distillery, WV Artisan Market, and Elk Fork Lake; visitors looking for relaxation may wish to stop at Statts Mill Campground & Cabin with its variety of cabin options.

The Mountain State Art & Craft Fair is an artisan event held each July at Cedar Lakes Conference Center, featuring various crafts as well as workshops and demonstrations to expose local talent and showcase local culture. Visitors can even sample moonshine from Appalachian Distillery which offers different flavors and sizes of moonshine!

Mountain State Art & Craft Fair

Longstanding Mountain State Art & Craft Fair tradition brings high-quality crafts into Cedar Lakes Conference Center near Ripley from June 30-July 2 for shopping and family fun. Regional artisans showcase Appalachian culture while meeting quality requirements; there’s even something for everyone here, such as quilt shows, cooking demos, antique engine displays, and bluegrass performances!

The Appalachia Fair is divided into four villages representing different cultures that makeup Appalachia, each featuring artisans like blacksmiths and glassblowers as well as food vendors and live entertainment such as traditional dancing lessons. Visitors to each village will also have an opportunity to engage in live entertainment as well as traditional dancing lessons.

This year’s fair will inaugurate a scholarship fund dedicated to Appalachian arts and crafts for those interested in expanding their knowledge about them. This fund will help grow the fair while encouraging future generations to appreciate its rich culture; supporting anything from visual art to heritage music and dance as subjects of study.

The West Virginia Fair provides an assortment of arts and crafts ranging from wood carving to leather work, traditional food from the region such as buckwheat pancakes and brown beans with cornbread as well as an expansive West Virginia Marketplace tent that showcases many local companies. There is also face painting for children as well as kite-making events. In addition, there will be craft demos as well as weaving or pottery workshops available as well as Appalachian storytellers to keep oral traditions alive at this fair.

Elk Fork Lake

Elk Fork Lake, built in 1997 and covering 278 acres in Jackson County, is an artificial lake popular for bass fishing and other forms of recreation. Additionally, Elk Fork Lake boasts several restaurants and other places to shop – making it the ideal destination to unwind and relax!

Lake Dewar’s excellent water quality is one of the keys to its success as a bass fishery. Recent electrofishing samples revealed an array of largemouth and smallmouth bass species; their population seems healthy; furthermore, its forage base features many shad, sunfish, and minnow species – providing ample food sources.

Elk Fork provides some of the premier bass fishing habitats in West Virginia. Submerged woody debris attracts bass hunters, and Elk Fork boasts plenty of it – as do it’s timber areas and creek channel, both being popular locations for bass-fishing enthusiasts.

This lake’s mature bass population should produce high catch rates in years to come, thanks to no-harvest regulation protecting their population on this small impoundment and as they mature further they should offer trophy potential.

If you want to see wild elk, the optimal times to visit are early morning or late evening. Be mindful when approaching these animals though; too close can force them to expend energy they could use more effectively for survival, and could pose real threats. Also, try not feeding elk as this could agitate them further.