Deen the Great


Deen the Great scored a third-round TKO against Walid Sharks on the big Misfits Boxing event. He is also eyeing a fight against Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia.

He started his career as a TikTok user with the official handle ‘deenthegreat1’. He uploads boxing highlights and short comedy skits on his account.

Biographical Details

Deen the Great is a social media star and boxer who is well known nationwide for his incredible boxing videos posted on his official YouTube and TikTok accounts. He also competes in boxing matches against other social media stars and is a regular on the significant Misfits Boxing events.

He was born on October 5 in Tampa, Florida, in the United States, and is currently 22 years old. He has a very large following on his official Instagram account and has been working hard to build a name for himself in the world of social media. He is a follower of the Islam religion and likes to keep his body fit with regular workouts.

On his TikTok account, he posts short comedy skits and boxing clips and has over 230K followers. He has also been competing in boxing matches against other social media stars and is usually able to win due to his strength and intelligence. On November 20, 2022, he had a game against influencer Walid Shark, which received a lot of media attention.

Deen the Great and Walid Shark have a complicated relationship. They have both fought against each other and have also competed together in a team match. However, their rivalry took a turn when Deen the Great mocked Shark’s accent in a video posted on Fousey’s Twitch channel. The incident received significant backlash and resulted in Fousey removing the clip from his channel.

Despite the controversy, Deen the Great has remained loyal to his fans and continues to post videos on his YouTube channel. In addition, he has been competing in boxing matches against other social media stars and is receiving training from a professional trainer. His most recent fight against Walid Shark was part of the big Misfits Boxing event at AO Arena in Manchester. He won the match in the fifth round and remained undefeated.

Deen the Great’s other notable wins include his first-round knockout against Ryan Garcia in September 2021 and a second-round technical knockout of Gervonta Davis in October 2022. He will be fighting again on October 14 against Walid Sharks as part of the Misfits Boxing: The Prime Card event.

Social Media Profile

Deen the Great is a well-known YouTuber and TikTok star who is popular in America for his incredible boxing clips. He is also a professional boxer and has competed with several famous social media stars. He is an ICB Lightweight Champion and regularly works out to maintain his body and win matches. He is also an entrepreneur and owns a gym in Tampa, Florida.

He began his online career on TikTok, where he shared various boxing clips and short comedy skits with his followers. He later created his own YouTube channel where he uploads videos about boxing and other content. Deen the Great is an intelligent individual who is fully committed to developing his profession and is expanding his empire every day. He never discusses his personal life on any of his social media accounts and is happy with his single status.

In 2022, he came into the limelight when he participated in a boxing match against social media star Walid Shark. He won the game by a unanimous decision.

His YouTube and TikTok accounts have a massive following with thousands and millions of people, respectively. He mainly shares vlogs and his daily activities on these platforms. He has also received boxing training from a renowned trainer and fought several matches in the past.

He is a follower of the Islam religion and does regular workouts to stay fit. He is an ICB Lightweight champion and is skilled in playing basketball, football, and other games. His parents and siblings are supportive of his work, but he has not disclosed their names or images on his social media accounts.

Deen the Great has a vast array of fans across the globe, and he is often involved in social media debates. In the past, he has been accused of racism and using offensive language in her cooking shows. She has also been accused of discriminating against minority employees. In the aftermath of these scandals, she apologized to her audience and vowed to change her ways. However, she was eventually fired from the Food Network for her controversial comments and actions.

Personal Life

Deen the Great is a famous YouTuber, TikTok star, boxer, athlete, and media face from Tampa, Florida, in the United States. He is known nationwide for the incredible boxing movies he posts on his official social media accounts. He also competes in boxing contests and has won several times due to his tremendous strength and experience. He has a massive social media following, and people are very interested in learning more about him.

He has a TikTok account with the handle @deenthegreat1 that has more than 5 million likes and 230k followers. He also has a popular YouTube channel where he posts video clips of him training and boxing. He has received professional boxing training from a renowned trainer and has fought a few matches so far. He recently fought against the influencer Walid Shark, which attracted a lot of attention from fans.

The 23-year-old boxer is a native of Tampa, Florida, and currently calls the city home. He has made a name for himself online by sharing daily videos of his life on his verified YouTube and TikTok channels, which have thousands and millions of followers, respectively. He is also an experienced boxer and has fought many opponents. He has a winning record with two wins by TKO and one by unanimous decision. His most recent fight was against the opponent Evil Hero in November 2022, and he won the match.

He has a vast social media following and a considerable net worth. His YouTube, TikTok, advertisements, sponsorships, contributions, and other sources of income contribute to his earnings. He lives in a large mansion, which he has furnished with beautiful paintings and pictures. His family consists of his parents and brother, and he is close to his grandmother, who taught him how to cook. He follows the Islam religion and does regular workouts to keep his body fit and active. He has a beautiful and charming personality, and his followers are always eager to learn more about him. He has a very positive attitude towards life and is very determined to achieve his goals.

Net Worth

Deen The Great (born October 5, 2000) is a popular YouTuber, TikTok star, boxer, athlete, media face, and social media celebrity who calls Tampa, Florida, in the United States home. He is best known for his incredible boxing clips posted on his official social platforms and has been recognized throughout the country for his impressive skills. He shares a variety of content videos, including training and workouts, vlogs, and boxing matches on his accounts.

He started his online career on TikTok, where he shares boxing clips and short comedy skits. He has amassed millions of followers on the platform and has earned a significant amount of money. He also runs a YouTube channel where he shares videos about his daily life, training and workouts, and boxing matches. He makes a significant sum of money from a wide range of sources, including boxing, advertising, sponsorships, contributions, and TikTok. He has incredible paintings and pictures all over his opulent home, which he has furnished. He has also bought pricey vehicles and equipment.

In addition to his professional life, Deen the Great is an avid animal lover. He owns several dogs and often posts photos of them on his social media accounts. He is passionate about animal welfare and has contributed to many charitable causes. In addition to donating money to charity, he also contributes time and energy to animal shelters.

In 2022, Deen The Great had a match with influencer Walid Shark. He won the game by knocking out Walid in the third round. His victory surprised many people. He is currently training at Jackrabbit Boxing in Long Beach, California, to improve his skills further. Deen The Great is an inspiration to young people and encourages them to follow their dreams. He is a successful example of how hard work can pay off.