Eco Parks in India


Eco Park of New Town is a favorite spot for school outings and day visits, boasting a large parking facility and food kiosks throughout its grounds where families can purchase meals to take with them on their adventure. Furthermore, golf carts can provide transportation.

The park features several attractions, such as a musical fountain and Baul Gram. Furthermore, there is also a 42-acre water body and Zorbing area, where visitors can experience land or water zorbing for Rs 200 per person for distances up to 200 meters.

Bird Watching

Eco Park Rajarhat provides you with endless bird-watching opportunities. Not only can you observe an array of birds, but you’ll learn to recognize them both visually and audibly – an enjoyable pastime suitable for people of all ages! For even greater enjoyment, why not take a guided tour through this park to gain more knowledge on the wildlife and ecosystems in this region?

To maximize your bird-watching experience, visit at different times throughout the day. Many species of birds become active at dawn and dusk, and their songs can be heard for miles. Plus, temperatures tend to be more relaxed at these times, making viewing wildlife much more comfortable for both you and the birds!

Finding the ideal spot is key when bird-watching. Look for places where two habitats meet, such as where the forest meets meadow or shoreline meets water; this increases your chances of seeing rare or uncommon species. Furthermore, consider picking somewhere quiet to hear birds sing and chatter.

Eco Park offers more than 7 Wonders. Artist cottage and Adda zone provide two great places for relaxation, while a Bamboo garden offers light gardening activities.

Eco Park is open seven days a week except Monday. Tickets may be purchased online through their official website by selecting “Online Booking”, and then printing or showing them at the gate to enter. Alternatively, please take one of their buses: CTC Bus Number C8 from Tollygunge goes straight to Eco Park, while 46B and 217B services from Chinar Park and City Centre 2 also reach it directly. Lastly, book a taxi if you desire to arrive at Eco Park!


Eco Park in Kolkata is an ideal venue for cycling. Its paved pathways provide optimal conditions for cyclists to ride safely on all levels. Several cycling groups and clubs organize regular rides here; some even allow members to join free of charge! Open daily except Monday from March to October (2:30 PM to 8:30 PM); on Sundays and public holidays, 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 PM, with fees that may differ according to season (11 a.m. – to 7.5 pm).

The park features both water and land activities for visitors to enjoy. Rabi Aranya Park has an open-air theatre where cultural events occur; intermittent events can be found on the HIDCO/Eco Park website.

Kayaking, rowing, and speed boating are among the many water activities available to guests. Additionally, visitors can experience a water roller, which involves sitting inside an inflatable balloon and rolling across a lake – perfect for families with young children! Additionally, this activity makes for an exciting family picnic spot!

Not only is the park great for cycling, it has plenty of other attractions as well. Hiranalya Zoo boasts barking deer, turtles, and other animals to provide visitors with an animal experience; soon, hippos and zebras will join for even greater animal appreciation! Plus, there’s the water slide, which promises thrills for young and old alike.

The park’s signature attraction is its seven wonder parks, featuring replicas of some of the world’s most significant monuments, such as the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum, Christ the Redeemer, the City of Petra, and pyramids in Egypt. You will surely want to snap some photographs here! They offer mesmerizing tours that you won’t be able to resist visiting!

The park can easily be reached via bus from Saltalake, Ultadanga, Baguihati, Chingrighata, and Kolkata Airport and C8 Gariahat More and Barasat Kazipara bus stations.


The eco-park offers numerous recreational activities for visitors. These include mountain bike (cycling), roller skating, land zorbing, and archery. Furthermore, an ice-skating rink is also provided in the park. Packages vary for each activity, with single rides costing Rs 150, while couples may incur costs up to Rs 300 for an hour-long session. Lastly, sightseers can visit a shooting range within the park where sightseers can practice shooting bows and arrows at targets with bows and arrows!

The park features an expansive water body perfect for boating. Adjacent to it is a lake framed by tall trees, further adding charm. Furthermore, this destination park has a bamboo grove and a musical fountain.

There are also other attractions at the park, such as a butterfly garden and play area for kids. Furthermore, its various themed regions – grassland, Mother’s Wax Museum, Adda Zone fruit gardens mask gardens, and sculpture gardens are just a few – including a formal garden, Mother’s Wax Museum Adda Zone fruit gardens mask gardens musical fountain, and sculpture gardens – provide plenty of attractions.

Another highlight of the park is its Seven Wonders, replicas of some of the most significant monuments from across the globe that can be found dotted throughout its main lake and provide spectacular vistas over its surroundings.

Zorbing can be an exhilarating activity, but certain precautions must be taken. Instructors at the park will ensure that you feel secure and safe while riding the zorbs; you will receive a safety vest as part of this experience, along with staff assistance that ensures all your needs are considered.

Zorbing at Kolkata’s Eco Park can be tricky for first-time riders. To help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience, a professional guide should accompany your adventure and guide you through its intricacies. Also recommended is eating within one hour before embarking on your Zorb ride; food may easily fall out and get lost inside it! People with vertigo, migraines, or heart conditions should avoid participating.

Eco Park of Kolkata provides online or phone booking for zorbing sessions at their Eco Park. Please choose how many tickets you would like and fill in your details; once complete, payment can be made with debit or credit cards or at the ticket counter at the park itself.


The park offers various activities, from birding and cycling to gaming, zorbing, zorbing, and boating. A must-see for outdoor enthusiasts of any kind! It is perfect for romantic strolls or family trips; its breathtaking scenery and lush flora are sure to dazzle visitors, as is its mesmerizing musical fountain that syncs water and music for an unforgettable experience!

Ticket prices differ depending on which activity you choose to do in the park, such as boating on its 42-acre lake (50 to 300 rupees); group boat trips cost much less; land or water zorbing fees vary between 200 rupees per person, land/water zorbing charges range between 200-250 per person while there is also an ice skating rink offering leisurely skates at 150 rupees an hour.

Eco Park Kolkata features seven wonder parks as its cornerstone attractions, but also features many others that add variety and offer something different: Mother Wax Museum, Adda Zone, fruit garden, mask Garden musical fountain, and sculpture garden are among many others that add depth and texture to its overall theme and provide visitors with memorable experiences.

If you’re planning a visit to Eco Park, make sure you purchase tickets in advance online to avoid long lines. Booking a hotel nearby also saves time and money.

Eco Park features various attractions and activities, such as its seven wonders, aquarium, and botanical garden. Open from Tuesday to Sunday until 7: 30 p.m., with Monday being its weekly off day, it is wise to arrive early to avoid crowds!

Eco Park provides an extraordinary way to experience Kolkata. Perfect for those wanting a break from city life and escaping into nature, Eco Park’s diverse offerings appeal to every taste and budget – everything from family activities to exciting nighttime fun awaits you here.