Fish Sunflowers


Visits to sunflower fields can be deeply therapeutic, often serving as a memorial or celebrating milestones like weddings and anniversaries.

Pop-up fields have brought great delight and happiness to communities throughout Minnesota. Follow their Facebook page for updates on when and where the sunflower fields will open this summer!

What are Fish Sunflowers?

Minnesota’s sunflower fields are truly incredible to experience and make for the perfect backdrop to take pictures with family and friends. Furthermore, these fields are free to visit with no admission charge required to see them; some even feature props like tractors and pianos for even more photo ops!

Johnny Olson, a real estate agent who began this field, initiated its creation to show people there are still good things in this world and that they can enjoy themselves. He planted his first garden for someone battling cancer who needed peace and tranquility during treatment; since then, it has expanded nationwide into flower fields, offering visitors an escape from daily noise while relaxing and spreading smiles.

Olson now owns and maintains ten fields around the state that are open to the public, free of admission charge or donation box; instead, he asks visitors to share photos from these beautiful blooming fields on social media to spread joy. Olson considers flowers an expression of hope and happiness and an antidote for negative news that dominates the internet and TV sites.

Sunflower flowers aren’t just beautiful – they’re also highly nutritious! Sunflower seeds contain vitamins A, B6, C, and D and provide an excellent source of fiber, polyunsaturated fats, protein, and iron – plus, they can withstand the extreme winters we have here in Minnesota! The flowers themselves are very hardy plants that thrive despite harsh winter conditions.

Flowers of this species can be found throughout Minnesota, with most blooming between August and September. If you plan to visit one, visit their website first for updated information – for instance, Albert Lea’s field can be found at 72056 255th Street, Albert Lea, Minnesota 56007. You’ll also find a Facebook group or page offering more insight into when the field will open its doors to visitors.

How did Fish Sunflowers come to be?

Johnny Fish began planting sunflower fields on his North Metro property several years ago and opening them up to the public for free, inviting people to stroll through and take photographs.

This initiative seeks to spread joy, hope, and smiles among visitors to his real estate office. He has gained tremendous support from his community members and has been featured on several local news stations for this passion project outside of work.

Every year, he plants more sunflowers on his land and properties given to him for the season. His goal is to have ten fields open for visitors throughout the community throughout the year, complete with props like tractors, hay wagons, chairs, pianos, and mock photo booths that add even more fun and uniqueness to each field. He encourages people to make memories that they share on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Admission to his fields is free; he asks that visitors bring their cameras so they can capture beautiful shots. You are welcome to return anytime; he asks that visitors respect his flowers and keep children under control.

In recent weeks, he added two additional fields to Buffalo to expand his mission and provide healing spaces for community members affected by the Feb. 9 shooting at Allina Crossroads Clinic. These fields are open to healthcare staff, first responders, law enforcement personnel, and others needing a place to process and heal from trauma.

This could be his last year planting pop-up fields, depending on how long the pandemic continues. He posted on his Facebook page that he will continue doing his other duties, like working for clients and providing for his family, while hoping to find somewhere he can continue his efforts for the community in the future.

Why visit Fish Sunflowers?

Are you seeking an engaging outdoor adventure with your family and soaking up some sun? Check out Fish Sunflower Fields – they’re free and provide incredible photographic opportunities – not to mention children will adore it! There are even food trucks and props on-site, so take memorable pictures while having fun!

Johnny Olson began Fish Sunflowers out of his love for family and community. He wanted to create an area for families to visit annually for pictures and joy. A realtor by trade, Johnny runs ten fields throughout Minnesota as a side project!

Each field boasts unique details and features to set it apart from simply being another sunflower patch. One includes a piano while another boasts an old tractor – these locations have become some of the most photographed backdrops posted to Olson’s website.

Visitors come from all around the globe to visit the sunflowers. Attracted by their beauty and the endless photo ops, many share their photographs on social media and spread joy by posting their memories online.

Some seek an idyllic place to unwind and meditate, while others come here with family. Either way, this trip offers the perfect way to forget all about negativity and appreciate each other’s company.

Something about sunflowers makes everyone smile; their cheerful faces bring such happiness into any scene! Even simple photographs come alive when featuring these stunning blooms; each photo feels like it belongs in a fairy tale world!

For those wanting to visit sunflower fields this season, the Fish Sunflowers website can help identify which ones are currently open and in Minnesota’s northwest metro region, including Albert Lea, Elk River, Rogers Princeton, and Minneapolis.

What to Expect at Fish Sunflowers

A sunflower field can be more than just an eye-catching sight; it can also serve as a place to remember loved ones and recognize hometown heroes, those affected by mental health issues and suicide, or anyone simply moved by its beauty. And since sunflower fields can be found all across Minnesota, one will surely be near you!

This year, sunflowers are expected to bloom by mid-August. For up-to-date information and email updates about new locations opening up, visit Fish Sunflowers’ locations page and stay informed. You can even sign up to get email updates about specific openings!

Last year, there were ten Fish Sunflowers fields across the state, each opening their doors at different times for public access. Be sure to visit their websites or public Facebook groups before heading out – for email updates, sign up here!

Monticello was home to the first field, followed by Albert Lea and Big Lake. All locations offer different experiences – yet all provide free admission and opportunities for spreading joy through sunflowers!

Albert Lea has the perfect photo opportunity if you’re searching for something truly unforgettable, with five acres spread out and ample props for stunning shots. Additionally, they’re offering private sunflower shoots this summer if that interests you – be sure to call them if interested!

Green Barn Garden Center in Rush City provides another option for sunflower adventures with photo-worthy sunflower blooms from August through September – plus, they welcome dogs! Plus, this dog-friendly farm makes the experience all the more fun!

Treasured Haven Farm’s Sunflower Days in Elk River provides another beautiful sunflower experience. Held every August and pet-friendly, it gives an excellent way to get some fresh air while taking in some stunning blooms in person.

Are You Searching for Sunflower Fields Nearby? Check Out This Map Here and share photos using #SpreadJoy to spread joy this summer.