Gift Shops Nearby in Delhi


If you want to give someone something special they will treasure or show gratitude towards a work colleague leaving, gift shops near Delhi are perfect ways to show your thoughtfulness.

Mehra Bros offers beautiful organically colored boxes to store medications, tissues, and jewelry. In addition, they carry brass curios and Indian hand-made paintings.

Happily Unmarried

Happily Unmarried was founded in 2003 to meet the needs of young unmarried men living in Delhi who found it challenging to source homewares and products they desired, so they decided to design and produce them themselves. Their range is eclectic yet playful: CD holders made of tiffin boxes or toilet-shaped ashtrays all have a distinctly Indian feel!

The USTRAA website is easy to navigate, with an intuitive category system, making finding what you’re searching for quick and straightforward. Each product page includes photos and further details, as well as the option of adding sizes or quantities (if applicable) directly into your basket. Plus, use coupon codes at online checkout to save even more – these may include general offers and specific ones tailored specifically towards individual items, like USTRAA cosmetics sets!

Ozone offers most of its products directly. However, it occasionally partners with third-party brands on co-branded merchandise, including Bacardi, Bombay Velvet, Aawara Hoon Bags, Rest and Recreation bags, and AIRLIFT travel document holders; I’m not fond of Dry Days T-shirts. In recent months, they have made significant re-investments in their brand portfolio by prioritizing digital marketing, product innovation, and retail expansion as core pillars.

Info Edge India invested Rs 5 crore in Happily Unmarried Marketing, purchasing 48 percent of the firm in fully converted and diluted shares through optionally convertible cumulative redeemable preference shares.

Happily, Unmarried provides free shipping for orders of Rs 750 or more; orders under this threshold incur a flat rate shipping cost of Rs 49. All goods will typically be dispatched and delivered within one working day from placing your order; for faster service, you may upgrade to next-day delivery for an additional charge of Rs 250.

If you’re uncertain about which product or service to buy, the company offers a 15-day return policy. Contact customer support and request one; provide valid reasons (i.e., incorrect item or damaged goods). Once approved, they’ll refund you the original amount charged plus any discounts applied.

Wishing Chair

Wishing Chair is a women-led homegrown brand that designs whimsical home decor, apparel, and gift items with feminine charm. Their quirky store will leave you wanting to take home every cute product they offer; from collectible items to posters, plush toys to lamps – this shop truly evokes fairytale dreams! It has everything you could ever imagine, making you wish for the world of fantasy that Wishing Chair offers.

The store offers an abundance of fabulous home decor and utility products. Their offerings include flower teapots, terrariums, mason jars with pastel tintings, pretty candle stands, wooden wall frames, and much more! Plus, they hold crafternoon sessions, which make an enjoyable stop if you want to add some whimsical flare to your abode!

Popular among expats and people interested in Indian handicrafts, this shop carries all manner of gift items suitable for giving as presents to loved ones. From exquisite handloom sarees and kurtas to trinkets and accessories, this is one of the most trusted and reliable shops for gifts in town.

Rain and Peacock

Indians associate the peacock with pride and beauty, being its national bird. You can spot its striking feathers everywhere, from temple architecture, old coinage, textiles, and modern art items to Hindu art and mythology – not forgetting its appearance on India’s flag!

When pre-monsoon thunder rumbles, and rain falls outside, many people believe that hearing a peafowl call – an odd sound similar to an anxious cat meowing – signals rain will soon follow. Although many consider this an absurd superstition, studies have confirmed this belief and prove that hearing their calls and watching them preen their feathers can mark the beginning of monsoon season.

Peacock feathers feature brilliant blue and green iridescence that glisten when wet, making for an eye-catching display to impress female peahens. So vibrant are their feathers that when wet, they even glitter beautifully, which may explain why peacocks can often be seen dancing in the rain!

Peafowls live primarily on the ground, foraging for grains and berries, but can fly and roost in trees. They prey upon snakes, lizards, and small rodents.

Birds have always been seen as symbols of love and grace, so it should be no surprise that they feature on the Indian flag. Their vivid colors and elaborate train comprised of upper-tail covert feathers with colorful eyespots. Their counterpart, the peahen, features duller brown bodies with white faces and an iridescent green lower neck, both distinctive features.

This delightful shop’s owners are globetrotters who travel far and wide to collect home decor pieces from across the globe, curating an incredible selection ranging from ceramic book-holders and tea sets to rustic boat-shaped ice buckets! Incredibly, their prices don’t seem too steep either – you should visit them!

Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love is a premier gift store in Delhi offering an extensive range of soft toys. Our cuddly, furry teddies make great ways to show our loved ones that we care; available in an array of colors and animal forms like bunny rabbits, puppies, and bears – perfect presents for kids and girlfriends! Plus, our portal makes shipping nationwide possible at competitive rates.

If gifts are someone’s preferred love language, they will want something that symbolizes who they are and shows you listened and paid attention. No matter how expensive or modest the present may be, what matters is delivering your care. Even small tokens such as scrapbooks carefully assembled over several weeks by someone or hand-drawn masterpieces from children can make a powerful statement.

Official contact details of this Gift Shop Store include its store address, manager’s mobile number, office fax number, and email ID. To access these details easily, you can scan or save their QR Code/VCard and access this information quickly and efficiently. They are open Monday – Saturday, 10:30 am to 8:00 pm (excluding Holidays ), with customer service teams standing by should any queries or complaints arise.