Hearth and Home Technologies


Hearth & Home Technologies designs and manufactures hearth products such as gas, electric and wood-burning fireplaces, inserts, stoves, grills, and mantels in the US. As the pandemic hit manufacturing firms in general, Hearth & Home needed to hire more employees soon to meet production demands quickly – this led them to use Jobvite’s Intelligent Messaging solution and a suite of ATS services for workforce planning purposes.

Homeowners are looking for a holistic experience.

Homeowners today expect more from hearth and home technologies than simply products – they want an experience. These innovations, from energy efficiency to aesthetics, are changing how we live at home.

Hearth & Home Technologies experienced increased demand for their products as people sought refuge at home during the pandemic. Production had to rapidly ramp up to meet this increased need, necessitating hiring many additional personnel quickly to meet demand.

Hearth & Home’s Talent Acquisition team recognized that candidates took two days or longer to respond to emails and calls as they often didn’t keep their work phones handy throughout the day. Therefore, to stand out from competitors and attract talent of a high caliber more quickly, they needed an effective method for engaging these top candidates more rapidly and directly with them.

This company used Intelligent Messaging to speed up response times and enhance candidate experiences, with candidates responding within minutes rather than days. Jobvite’s comprehensive suite was also utilized in streamlining its entire recruiting process by efficiently scheduling interviews within its platform.

Hearth & Home Technologies offers competitive compensation and an attractive benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, member stock purchase plans, and profit sharing – not to mention our rewarding careers with bright futures! Join us and watch your career thrive – Burn Brighter with Us!

Homeowners are spending more time at home.

Although many have returned to pre-pandemic levels of living, homeowners are finding their daily lives have significantly shifted since the pandemic. According to a survey from Apartment List, on average, homeowners spend 90 minutes daily performing housekeeping or maintenance duties – up to over 10 hours every week spent cleaning, cooking, or working on maintenance.

As a result, consumers are cutting back on unnecessary purchases and redirecting more of their budget toward home improvement projects. According to HomeAdvisor surveys, homeowners are spending more money on home-related services to make living spaces better fit their lifestyle needs. This represents a change from 2020, when remodeling was often associated with replacing or repairing an outdated area.

Many of these changes stem from needing more privacy while working or studying from home and families having new entertainment needs they didn’t possess before the pandemic began. Thus, hearth and home companies must recognize their clients’ shifting habits and preferences to provide products and services tailored to meet those requirements.

Consumers have also experienced significant shifts in their ability to buy and sell in local communities, which has become more limited since economic uncertainty prompted rumors of recession and decline. Local buying and selling activity is dropping off, and many homeowners have instead focused on improving the aesthetic of their homes over time; this trend will likely persist through 2022.

Hearth & Home Technologies is an American manufacturer that brings comfort and warmth into homes through inviting fireplaces. Their products can be found in retail, specialized dealers, builders, new construction projects, and houses across the US. As they expand, the focus is on innovation and design to meet client needs; to that end, they recently announced the acquisition of Big Woods/Stellar as a leader of premium linear and custom gas fireplaces.

Hearth & Home Technologies values its employees and is dedicated to creating solid relationships and providing them with all the tools necessary for success. That is why they’ve adopted Intelligent Messaging and Jobvite ATS; both platforms provide candidates with immediate responses, while interview scheduling can take place within minutes instead of days.

Homeowners are looking for energy efficiency

Hearth products consume energy, yet manufacturers are increasingly focused on optimizing the efficiency of their products. This was evident during the pandemic when many companies experienced an unexpected spike in sales as people stayed indoors more frequently and used fireplaces more than usual.

Thus, the market is looking for innovative technologies that can reduce energy use from appliances, with one recent survey finding that homeowners were willing to pay extra for innovative home features that reduce energy use by devices. This makes sense, given that low-energy homes are better for the environment while saving you money on energy bills. An easy way to enhance energy efficiency in your home is by installing a heat pump; such devices utilize electricity from greener grids and can reduce carbon footprint while improving indoor air quality and creating more comfortable living environments.