How to Choose an Asphalt Contractor


Asphalt contractors can handle many types of paving jobs, from resurfacing residential driveways to building commercial parking lots. Each job presents its own unique challenges, which must be considered carefully when planning. Choose the best Asphalt Paving Contractors Santa Ana.

Experienced contractors know exactly how to get any task completed efficiently from start to finish, with all of the right tools, materials, and expertise at their fingertips to produce a quality result.


Experienced asphalt contractors are vital in producing top-tier results for their customers. They understand which tools work best and how to utilize them efficiently, using a sub-base foundation to extend pavement’s longevity over time. A good asphalt contractor should boast an impressive client list that spans both residential and commercial customers.

Please search for a paving company that owns its equipment so it can control prices more precisely. In addition, make sure the company you hire is insured and licensed, as this will reduce unexpected surprises or disputes later on. Furthermore, request that they offer a cost breakdown and estimate prior to starting work so that no surprises or conflicts arise later on.

When hiring an asphalt contractor, it is also essential to obtain references. These references could come from past commercial clients or homeowners alike; make sure to call these references and review their responses thoroughly. It may also be beneficial to drive by some of their previous jobs and see how they look firsthand.

Finally, when selecting an asphalt contractor, only those accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) should be considered. That way, you can be certain they will abide by all local regulations and treat your property with care. Keep in mind that construction projects often take some time; however, reliable asphalt contractors always strive to complete them within agreed-upon timelines.


Finding an asphalt contractor with adequate coverage is paramount. When hiring one, ask to see their business license and insurance information prior to commencing any work on your property. If they refuse, take this as a red flag; moving on would be wiser rather than risking employing one that lacks sufficient insurance protection in case of accidents on both ends.

Paving contractors typically require commercial general liability insurance to protect themselves financially against common business claims such as bodily injury, property damage, and copyright infringement. Some job sites and clients require proof of this policy before permitting contractors to begin working.

Asphalt contractors often need vehicle insurance to protect themselves against accidents, property damage, and liability claims involving their leased or owned vehicles. Additional coverage, such as umbrella insurance, may also be considered to cover claims that exceed the limits of standard CGL or auto policies.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is also essential for paving contractors. This coverage helps cover medical bills and lost wages should an employee become injured on the job. Some states require employers with employees to carry this coverage. Some contractors also opt to add professional Liability coverage against claims of negligence in their services or errors made against them by clients.


The reputation of an asphalt contractor is of great importance when selecting one for a driveway paving or parking lot resurfacing project. An established asphalt company will ensure a successful process and excellent customer service throughout its projects, helping ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Ask prospective contractors for testimonials from past clients and references so you can evaluate whether they’re the ideal match for your project. Also, inquire about similar projects they’ve completed so you can see their work for yourself.

Reputable asphalt contractors provide clear communication throughout the construction process. This means being willing to answer any of your questions or address your concerns about timelines or costs of projects; any contractors who become defensive when answering queries may be red flags.

Reputable asphalt contractors offer workmanship warranties to protect you against subpar craftsmanship or materials that might leave you dissatisfied with their services. If a contractor doesn’t provide a workmanship warranty, look elsewhere for your paving job needs.


Your asphalt contractor should offer a warranty covering materials and workmanship. This is particularly essential if you are undertaking a full-depth renovation, as it will safeguard against potential issues that could arise later. It is also vital that you understand the difference between warranty and guarantee.

Pavement warranties first entered the specification realm in the early 1990s to aid agencies in speeding quality construction, improving pavement performance, and encouraging contractor innovation. They have proven very useful in reducing rutting and cracking on HMA pavements, but there remain issues regarding long-term performance warranties on PCC pavements.

Agencies must develop methods to assess both short- and long-term risk for pavement warranty projects, including warranties in their construction costs or offering them as separate contract items. Agencies should also explore ways they can incorporate warranties into inspection and testing protocols.

The specifications must clearly outline the scope of a warranty project, outlining which work will be covered (mainline only or all paving items), when pavement ratings will take place, remedial actions required for acceptable pavement levels, and warranty bonding requirements. It is strongly suggested that specifications address warranty bonding needs as part of their content.