Jokes About Big Heads


Jokes about big heads can be an entertaining way to lighten up a conversation and spread smiles across faces. Our collection of hilarious big-head jokes is sure to have you laughing out loud!

Why didn’t the person with the big head wear a hat? He wanted to give his ego room to expand.

They’re so big they don’t need a hat

People with large heads are frequently the subjects of jokes. Pat Sajak once joked that Merv Griffin picked him and Vanna White as hosts on Wheel of Fortune because both had large heads – something which may or may not be true; it may, however, also be true that people with large heads tend to possess more brain cells and score higher on IQ tests than people with smaller heads; it would therefore be unfair to make fun of these people; instead it is better to embrace and celebrate their difference as individuals; everyone has reasons for being different; therefore everyone deserves their own space on earth!

They’re so big they can’t fit through a door

Jokes can be not only entertaining, but they can also be an invaluable learning tool. Jokes are especially beneficial in teaching children new words and phrases; when coupled with images that illustrate how the phrase sounds, children retain this information more efficiently. Furthermore, jokes are an effective way to build social skills, promote positive behavior, increase confidence levels in children who may struggle with self-esteem issues as well and build social confidence amongst peers.

If you have a large head, it may come as no surprise that entering doors is difficult. But did you know there are ways around this problem? One is tilting your head sideways; although this usually works well for most people but could pose risks if you fall. Another approach would be lubricant; be sure to choose water-based ones!

Big heads can be fun and funny, as well as environmentally friendly! Not only can they provide natural shade for plants, they can store large quantities of water. Furthermore, big heads provide plenty of hiding spaces where secrets can be kept. Plus, when it comes to concerts you don’t need binoculars – your head can reverberate for miles!

Big heads provide endless potential for creativity. When talking with someone with such an expansive mind, their thoughts become like an IMAX movie; you may even feel their thoughts ripple through your body!

No matter how serious or humorous, big-head jokes never fail to bring smiles – so share our collection with friends and family and start laughing together!

They’re so big they can’t swim

Human development relies heavily on humor, and laughing is a wonderful way to relieve stress and bond with friends. According to scientists, laughter improves social skills. Our collection of big-head jokes is sure to entertain and amuse. No matter if it’s for a party or just because… they will surely make for some laughter-inducing laughs.

People with big heads tend to possess a sense of humor. Not afraid to stand out, these individuals make conversations and debates stimulating; the only drawback is their tendency to think their opinions are most relevant – something others may take offense at but does not cause harm in any way.

People with large heads should take great care not to allow their egos to get too big. While charming, these individuals may sometimes become overbearing or distant. Furthermore, their strong opinions can sometimes create awkward situations and they tend to be inflexible and hard to deal with.

Celebrities with big heads are popularly revered, inspiring many others. Big-headed artists can take ideas and transform them into pieces of art while seeing things others don’t; this unique ability makes them great artists and leaders alike.

What do you call someone with an overly inflated ego who also paints? An egocentric artist!