Learning Path School Mohali


When choosing the ideal school for your child, you must consider their environment, curriculum, facilities, and teachers. Visit schools before making a final decision.

LPS strives to help its students build confidence and character so that they may stand tall in life. Furthermore, this school equips its pupils with tools for making intelligent choices.


Learning Path School Mohali stands out as one of the top schools in Punjab that offer quality education, boasting excellent teachers and facilities. Operating as an English medium coeducational school from pre-nursery through Class XII classes – and affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Learning Path School Mohali stands as an exceptional educational facility.

This school follows a rigorous academic program, encouraging its students to excel in various fields. Furthermore, they offer extra-curricular activities which help children develop creativity and intellect. Selecting a suitable school for your child is an important decision and will have lasting ramifications on his or her career and life; look for one that encourages confidence while offering solid academic grounding.

This school boasts large, bright classrooms filled with award-winning books and engaging educational toys, in addition to art, music, and sports activities for students of all ages. Teachers are specially trained to meet all student needs while placing top priority on safety and security for all.

This school teaches more than reading and writing fundamentals; they emphasize mathematics and science as well. Their students often participate in local or national contests.

At our school, the student-to-teacher ratio for primary school classes is 1:16 and 1:25 for higher secondary classes. Our campus is welcoming and spacious with its library, auditorium, science labs, computer lab, art and music rooms, and outdoor playground. Furthermore, there is also a fully-equipped cafeteria as well as an indoor basketball court onsite.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The school believes in offering its students an all-around education, combining academics and extra-curricular activities for maximum benefit. Through these activities, children develop specific skills while showing off non-academic capabilities; working collaboratively is also taught, helping prepare them for future careers and relationships as well as improving motor and coordination skills, creativity, decision-making skills, and critical thinking capabilities.

The campus of this school features modern facilities such as classrooms, libraries, swimming pools, and sports fields. Furthermore, music, yoga, and dance classes are offered for its students – creating an atmosphere where children can hone their unique talents while discovering a passion for learning.

Students of our school attended the annual production, Tenali Rama, in its entirety today. It featured Indian classical, folk, and Western dance forms that left audiences spellbound. Children in classes 3 – 5 performed their part and took them on an epic journey of knowledge discovery from one boy to the next.

This school follows the CBSE curriculum and offers education from Nursery to Class XII. Its facilities include a state-of-the-art three-storeyed building featuring 58 well-ventilated classrooms and a library, a swimming pool, a tinkering lab, a robotics room, and a robotics class. Students from this school have been awarded scholarships by prestigious institutions like IIT Madras; they have been invited to international conferences as a testament to its dedication to equipping its pupils for success in life; furthermore, its teachers are highly qualified and experienced.


Learning Path School, established in Kharar, Mohali, in 2008 and accredited with CBSE, offers education from pre-nursery to class 12, with a student-teacher ratio of 1:1 and over 120 courses offered to its student body.

At its facilities, this school boasts classrooms, libraries, computer labs, an auditorium, art and music rooms, play areas, a dining hall, a basketball court, and an indoor sports room – as well as a swimming pool and skating rink facilities.

The school offers its students many competitions, from cultural to athletic competitions, as well as annually hosting national and international sporting events on its premises.

Not only does the school host IPSC tournaments, it is also used as a training ground for state and national level public school teams looking for exposure. Parents frequently opt for this school due to its reputation for high standards of teaching and academic achievements – its students often achieve exceptional results in competitive exams, while some alumni have gone on to become professionals across various fields.

Co-Curricular Activities

At our school, academic excellence is not the sole focus. Instead, we place great emphasis on developing students holistically as individuals through extracurricular activities like debates, quizzes, art and music competitions, science clubs, and heritage clubs. Furthermore, students can pursue their interests outside the classroom via field trips, guest speakers, seminars, and presentations.

Our school provides children with an outstanding learning experience, and its curriculum is aligned with international best practices – this ensures students are ready for success in the 21st century, and our faculty is dedicated to helping each student realize his or her personal and professional goals while creating a lifelong love of learning.

Learning Paths School was established in Kharar, Mohali, in 2008 as a co-educational school affiliated with CBSE and provides education from pre-nursery through 12th class. Their student-teacher ratio is one teacher for 18 students. Furthermore, there is a well-stocked library and modern teaching facilities as well as a playground and a spacious dining hall available at their school.

As part of its efforts to foster healthy lifestyles, the school offers an extensive sports program. Equipped with state-of-the-art sports facilities like two basketball courts and volleyball courts, three cricket nets, a roller skating rink, table tennis, and taekwondo rooms, and extracurricular activities like reading, film making, and creative writing workshops as well as coding, debates, and dance sessions; there is even a health and wellness center on site so students stay active and fit!

Admission Procedure

At our school, classrooms are well equipped with modern teaching aids and state-of-the-art equipment. Teachers are experienced and trained to meet each child’s learning needs while encouraging creativity and the development of social skills. Teachers care deeply for their students, believing that enabling them with the proper environment and support will allow them to achieve their best possible performance.

Classrooms at The American International School are bright and cheerful environments filled with age-appropriate activities for every age range. Packed full of award-winning books and engaging toys that encourage learning and development, these interactive classes give children the opportunity to participate actively in their lessons while being free to express themselves freely and engage in meaningful dialogue amongst their peers.

Learning Paths Academy also offers a selection of co-curricular activities, including dance, music, arts & crafts, and field trips with educational presentations. Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate in a range of sports competitions, which help build their overall personality development.

An emergency preparedness plan at school is vitally important in case of extreme weather, fire, or lockdown conditions. Monthly drills ensure staff and students know what they should do during an emergency. Furthermore, bus transportation for students provides another cost-cutting measure and saves parents money on tuition fees.

This school is affiliated with the CBSE, offering education from pre-primary through class XII. Its campus boasts spacious classrooms, a library, well-equipped science laboratories, and a computer lab. Academic sessions run between April and March each year; additionally, special learning programs for gifted and talented children are also offered at this institution.