Mario Kart Tour Tracker


Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game where players take control of Mario and Luigi for races across 136 race courses (not including R & T variants).

This includes revisiting tracks from each of the first seven main games as well as brand new urban-based tracks.

Each set of challenges rewards the player with Rubies, Grand Stars and a badge; additionally, filling the level-gauge may bring additional trophies as rewards.


Mario Kart Tour is an addictive mobile version of the beloved video game series Mario Kart. Players compete against one another to reach the finish line first while selecting from various characters and vehicles to help reach it first. Unlock new tracks and items as you race around! Mario Kart fans should thank its creator for creating such an innovative app!

This app enables players to track their progress in ranked cups and can predict which cup a user will achieve based on their current rank. Furthermore, it offers a detailed breakdown of player stats. Available for iOS and Android devices alike with a user-friendly interface and simple operation allowing for simple results storage into spreadsheets for future reference.

There are currently over 30 tracks in Mario Kart Tour and more are being added every few months. Some tracks are inspired by real world locations while others are exclusive to this series – for instance, recently Nintendo teased a Madrid track that will debut first in Mario Kart Tour before hopefully appearing later in Switch game.

Mario Kart Tour includes thirty-eight tracks in its main game, plus several bonus and recurring courses that can be unlocked through daily challenges or purchasing the respective packages from the Shop; some packages even come complete with retro themed accessories!

Mario Kart Tour’s latest tracks are inspired by real-world locations. Players can collect different karts and gliders to form sets called Tours that last two weeks with twelve to eighteen cups to represent cities or themes in each Tour.

Mario Kart Tour’s Booster Course Pass debuted with an assortment of fan-favourite tracks from past games, while its final wave will introduce brand-new tracks such as Ninja Hideaway and Sky-High Sundae, in addition to one set in Madrid, Spain.


Cups are series of races and challenges designed to assess your ranking in various series. Each cup features its own theme and rewards; some may be free while others require purchasing Event Tokens or Quick Tickets; the total reward amounts vary based on how many Grand Stars are earned in each cup, with badges awarded when specific challenges are completed; this also helps your overall performance score improve and unlock more prizes! There are two types of Cups: Ranked and Regular. While one measures overall performance while the latter allows players to compete weekly with others.

Mario Kart Tour features 16 cups, each featuring three tracks and one challenge. Some cups may be marked “under construction,” with wait times that can be reduced by spending Quick Tickets to speed things up faster. Each cup also offers unique rewards like high-end drivers, karts, or gliders for its players to claim as their own special reward!

Each race and challenge in a cup will earn Grand Stars for your score, with specific amounts earning Tour Gifts that contain items to help in future races. In addition, Grand Stars can be used to claim bonus coins or increase ranks, unlock new drivers/karts/gliders etc.

Like its final counterpart, the beta version did not include a rearview button or sound effects when activating combo bonuses. Furthermore, its maximum level for characters in beta was 10 but this has since been decreased to 6. Furthermore, its item slots in the shop changed with higher tier karts providing increased speed while higher tier gliders increased item luck.

The Ice Update for Mario Kart Tour brings with it new characters, karts and gliders; as well as the return of DK Mountain from Mario Kart Wii; an original track named Koopa Cape; and Acorn Cup; featuring three tracks from previous Mario Kart titles plus one brand-new track called Piranha Plant Cove.


Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s attempt at developing an excellent free-to-play mobile title that can compete with similar offerings that use its characters and themes. Although multiplayer support has yet to arrive and prices remain steep, actual racing works very well: controlling your kart feels great while the courses look and sound stunningly. While not the greatest Mario Kart ever made, but certainly enjoyable nonetheless.

Mario Kart Tour features a ranking system similar to previous entries in the franchise, where players will unlock tiers as they progress through the game and these determine their online rank. As your rank increases, so too do the rewards that depend on it – these could include gold stars, racers or even access to Piranha Plant Cove course!

Though this game doesn’t provide a true competitive multiplayer experience, players can compare their rankings against friends to see who’s winning in each cup. These rankings will only remain active for one week at a time; after which point it remains unknown whether they may change.

When a player wins a ranked event, they will receive an in-game reward and advance to the next tier based on how many points were earned in that event – this number may or may not change over time depending on how often rankings change.

Tier lists exist for this game, though they do not always give accurate information. For instance, Rose Queen’s tier list claims she can perform a Mini Turbo boost for three seconds but in reality only two seconds. Nonetheless, these lists can help players choose a suitable kart and glider for themselves.

To achieve higher online ranks, players should strive to upgrade and level up their racers and kart parts as much as possible, choosing weapons and items to increase their odds of victory in ranked events.


Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s latest mobile release, has already been downloaded over 90 million times – making it their fastest-selling app in history! Available both on Apple App Store and Google Play. Mario Kart Tour features new modes such as Time Trials and Balloon Battles that provide players with an opportunity to earn prizes by participating.

This game boasts an abundance of characters, karts and gliders with individual statistics and bonuses that may differ between each character, kart or glider – from bikes with quicker cornering speeds to those offering improved straightaway speed karts with gliders assisting players maintain combos or extend streaks further – each offering distinct strengths to help players increase their success in racing events. Choosing the ideal one can make all the difference to player’s results!

Players can earn Grand Stars for finishing in the top three of a race and use these stars to unlock new tracks, karts and gliders. Furthermore, each race completed earns experience points which add up and are added to a player’s level gauge; once full their level gauge will earn them an award!

Mario Kart Tour’s initial week of release saw more than 20 million downloads – setting a record for any free-to-play video game from Nintendo! As its best performing mobile title and with earnings exceeding US$1 Million already made by its release. Unfortunately however, due to its overwhelming success there have been issues on its servers, which prevented access to playing.

The Mario Kart Tour tracker is a third-party tool designed to help players keep an eye on their progress while playing. The website boasts an easy-to-use interface that lets users select their preferred drivers, karts and gliders before saving results in an Excel spreadsheet for further comparison and analysis. As of 2018, over 25,000 active members were registered users.