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Your wastewater takes a long journey from filth to safety for reuse in water resources. It begins its journey at your municipal sewage system, which handles not only household wastewater but also rainwater runoff and groundwater recharge.

Each city in this State will establish an examining board to monitor plumbers. This body shall be known as the Board of Examiners of Plumbers.

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When sewage backs up into your home, it becomes much more than an inconvenience – it becomes a health and safety risk. A plumbing repair professional must investigate and resolve this problem for your safety; part of that process involves understanding when your repair company or municipality is responsible.

The plumbing in your home is connected to a municipal sewer line that transports wastewater and sewage from homes, businesses, and restaurants to an on-site treatment plant for processing. The municipal sewer system consists of both sanitary and storm sewers, with the former carrying toilet waste while storm sewers gather runoff from streets and roof gutters.

Both sanitary and storm sewers must meet stringent cleanliness and reliability standards to be effective, yet are susceptible to being damaged by tree roots and other external forces. Older cities often combine both systems into one, which can overload and lead to backups in homes or businesses, potentially leading to backups due to an overloading system.

Laterals are the pipes connecting your plumbing to the municipal sewer system. An upper lateral connects your house’s cleanout to your property line; a lower lateral extends further to include the sidewalk. Most homeowners are responsible for taking care of lower laterals, while issues relating to main city sewer lines fall under the jurisdiction of their city councils.


Your home plumbing connects to a main sewer line in the street, with wastewater or raw sewage flowing down this line and into it from every sink, tub, shower, toilet, or washing machine used. As you use these fixtures, wastewater or raw sewage travels down this pipe to the familiar neighborhood sewer. However, house drains can become blocked, resulting in sewage being backed up into fixtures around your house – an early warning sign of serious problems ahead.

At least plumbers have the equipment needed to unclog these drains; until then, switch off all water usage in your home – including drinking faucets – so as to prevent accidental consumption or flooding should the sewer clog become worse. This should help minimize wasteful use.

Be sure to inspect your gutters to make sure they’re attached securely so they don’t overflow and run into your drainage system. In addition, ensure your septic tank is connected correctly with city sewer lines so it won’t overflow and pollute the environment.

Make sure that all floor drains are protected with safety drain covers to avoid suction entrapment, which is especially critical in play pools for children and public fountains. However, keep in mind that vandals could remove these covers, so they must remain secure. Unfortunately, this issue is a national safety concern as deaths from suction entrapment have occurred annually.


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