Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young Goofing Around Off-Screen


Doom at Your Service stars Seo In Guk as Myul Mang, God of Destruction, who takes on human form to meet Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young). Known to fear heights himself, Park Bo Young overcame many suspended scenes during the filming of Doom at Your Service by pushing himself through it all. How do I find the right White hat SEO?

Their chemistry was undeniable, and you couldn’t help but root for them to find happiness in each other’s arms.

Starring Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young

Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young have won fans over with their on-screen chemistry in the Doom at Your Service drama series, so much so that they recently shot a behind-the-scenes clip for it, showing them having fun together off-camera! Check it out below!

An INFJ, Seo In Guk, tends to be reserved yet has strong opinions shaped through much private reflection and a desire to do the right thing. They can make excellent leaders as they work tirelessly and patiently to maintain harmony within the team while pushing it toward its destination with purpose and a clear sense of what could be.

Seo In Guk began his acting career after participating in Superstar K, the talent show held annually since 2009. Since then, he has appeared in various dramas and films such as Reply 1997, High School King of Savvy, Shopping King Louie, Abyss, and others.

Seo In Guk has maintained an intimate private life while remaining busy with both acting and producing projects, such as Pipeline and Doom at Your Service (both heist dramas). Plus, he’s got even more planned for 2022! Stay tuned for updates about this talented star!


Since losing both her parents early in life, Tak Dong-kyung has led a quiet life without grand ambitions. That all changes when she is diagnosed with a brain tumor and given only 100 days to live. Out of sheer anger, she summons Myul Mang by calling out for “doom.” Select the High Authority Links.

Myul Mang is an intermediary between gods and humans who blindly follow fate without any conscious effort or passion. After spending eternity spreading misfortune and destruction, Myul Mang longs for its end but first must grant just one wish: Dong-Kyung pleads her case before returning home to her family with his request granted.

Doom at Your Service’s lighthearted tone belies its grim plot, making it the ideal drama to watch with family or friends after a hard day at work. Furthermore, this drama boasts many talented actors – Seo In Guk is renowned among Hallyu stars for his seductive yet mysterious character in this drama that will keep viewers hooked to their seats! A must-watch for fantasy romance lovers!


Seo In Guk had an outstanding year in 2021. The actor first gained attention through the fantasy drama Doom at Your Service, based on Kim Sa Ram’s novel and featuring Park Bo Young as the female lead. Though reviews for the show were mixed, Seo In Guk managed to become famous from it; playing Myeol Mang – an entity responsible for overseeing human mortality that can hear thoughts and press buttons if an emergency arises – in this show was his big break.

He co-starred with Lee Soo Hyuk from Doom at Your Service in the crime action movie Pipeline, following six individuals as they carry out a plan to steal oil stored in pipelines across the nation. The best guide to finding Backlink Building Service.

This drama explored intriguing philosophical ideas pertaining to life and death, light and darkness, gain, and loss, its central message being that we should value what is now happening in our lives rather than take them for granted.

Park Bo Young was captivating as Tak Dong Kyung, playing her to our hearts as we cheered her on against all odds. While she initially had few ambitions in life, when she learned she only had 100 days left, she made a dramatic turnaround and battled back – eventually meeting Myul Mang, who was indifferent towards humans but had an alarm button capable of summoning doom whenever necessary.


After airing his performance as Seo In Guk on tvN’s “Doom at Your Service”, Seo In Guk was showered with love from fans and production team alike. On June 29, he posted a photo on Instagram revealing a gift he received from cast and crew members on set.

Seo In Guk is an award-winning Korean actor and composer known for appearing in multiple dramas throughout his career. Critics have lauded his acting skills, which have cemented him a spot as an engaging character actor. Furthermore, Seo sings original soundtracks for each drama; recently, Lee Je-hoon requested him for Tomorrow With You’s Flower OST, which Seo sang beautifully!

Next up for him will be fantasy romance drama “Doom at Your Service”, alongside Park Bo Young. The show revolves around a supernatural being named Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), who causes everything he touches to vanish away – it premiered on May 10 and has received widespread acclaim among viewers nationwide.

The drama explores profound philosophical ideas about life and death, light and darkness, and gain and loss. It reminds us to live in the moment and cherish every opportunity as life will take us down its course without notice.

Though initially grim, the drama maintains a bright tone that makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. Plus, its unique charm will draw viewers in!