Slippi Gecko Codes For Super Smash Bros Melee


Project Slippi aims to bring to Super Smash Bros Melee many major quality-of-life features not currently present on consoles, such as automatically saved replays, live mirroring, rollback netcode, and integrated matchmaking. Find the best Geckos for sale.

Gecko codes are a series of commands that can be inputted into Dolphin or Slippi to alter certain aspects of the game, such as widescreen 16:9 support, disabling screen shake, and center aligning the HUD for one-on-ones.

Unlock All Characters &amp Stages

Gecko codes work similarly to Game Genie or Action Replay codes, altering various aspects of Super Smash Bros. Melee for competitive, aesthetic, quality-of-life, or gameplay purposes. This wiki page serves as an archive of codes created within the community for Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Many of these codes unlock advanced techniques lost when 1.02 was implemented for SSBM, such as Zelda’s smash/smash technique, Young Link grounded up grounding practice, and Bowser’s flame cancel approach.

These codes will cause De-synchronization (lag) during online play, but they can still help practice specific moves. Just be sure to turn off any codes before going online, and only have 1 Gecko Code active at a time – this will help decrease lag significantly! Additionally, wired Ethernet connections offer superior performance over WiFi, as WiFi may result in sudden lag spikes and disconnections.

Flash Red on Failed L-Cancels

This code allows you to display red flashes for failed L-cancel attempts and white for successful ones, allowing new players to practice without being punished by the game if their cancel fails properly, helping players learn proper techniques and timing while practicing combos in practice mode. To enable it, right-click your melee iso and select properties; from Gecko Codes, scroll down until Gecko Codes, check it off, then help.

The Gecko Codes page serves as an archive for all Gecko Codes created by community members to customize SSBM for competitive, aesthetic, or quality-of-life reasons. All listed codes pertain to the Tournament Standard revision of SSBM 1.02.

Contrary to Action Replay codes for Nintendo DS consoles, Gecko Codes for Slippi can be applied directly without needing an external program or hacking software. You can find all available Gecko codes here on Google Docs and instructions on using them here.

Slippi offers several additional features that can be enabled using the Gecko Codes page, including widescreen 16:9 support, disabling screen shake, aligning HUD for one-on-ones, flashing red on failed L-Cancels, and booting directly to CSS. Please be aware that some codes may cause dis-synchronization when playing online; use them cautiously.

After the update to 1.02, many advanced techniques removed from the game could now be reinstated with Gecko Codes, enabling new strategies and tactics to be introduced into gameplay. These include Zelda’s smash and smash as well as Mewtwo’s smash, Young Link’s grounded up move and Ness’ PK Thunder, and Bowser’s flame cancel technique; to activate them, head over to the Gecko Codes page of Slippi and check the box to enable them.

Friendly Player Indicators

Gecko Codes resemble Game Genie or Action Replay codes in that they change various aspects of the game for competitive, aesthetic, or quality-of-life reasons. Installation through Slippi must occur before activation; most Gecko codes only work in tournament standard revision of SSBM (NTSC 1.02).

This thread serves as an archive of community-written codes that range from widescreen 16:9 support to activating friendly player indicators during online matches.

Please be aware that some of these codes may cause desyncs in online play; to prevent this from occurring, only enabling one at a time is recommended. Furthermore, many require either a soft modded Wii or computer running Gecko OS Mod with DIOS MIOS installed or custom firmware such as SSBM-Mod or eMule-Melody installed – for more information on Gecko Coding see this quick reference guide.

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