Take a Skin Care Quiz to Revamp Your Skin Care Routine


Have you been contemplating revamping your skin-care regimen? Perhaps your bathroom cabinet is overflowing with products you saw advertised on Instagram, or maybe you desire a simple regimen backed by experts.

No matter what your goals are, this quiz can help you find the ideal regimen to achieve them. Begin by setting yourself some objectives – starting by considering them first!

What’s Your Skin Type?

Skin type is integral to how your face responds to environmental stimuli, such as humidity. It determines its behaviors and any specific issues it develops – from dryness, oiliness, or sensitivities – which must then be managed accordingly.

Our skin plays an integral part in maintaining optimal body temperature, fighting harmful bacteria, and providing essential protection from environmental threats such as pollution, sun damage, and germs. It also forms an efficient protective barrier, keeping water inside while preventing any irritations, such as pollen, from entering. This barrier is known as “the skin barrier,” composed mainly of lipids (like ceramides), which serve to shield our bodies from external influences like pollution, sun damage, or germs that threaten their existence.

Healthy skin has a regular texture with no visible blemishes or excessively oily sebum production; most people imagine healthy skin to look this way.

If your skin feels tight and flaky shortly after showering, that indicates a dry skin type. However, if it looks oily and shiny, that suggests an oily skin type. Finally, if only part of your T-zone has oiliness while cheeks remain dry – that would indicate a combination skin type.

Visit an aesthetician or dermatologist is one way to identify your skin type; however, two easy methods at home may also work to do just as effectively:

Press a clean sheet of blotting paper against your face and hold it up to the light; if any trace amounts of oil appear on it, that indicates dry skin; if an abundance of oil shows on it instead, that means oily skin type.

Massage your face gently and observe the three critical characteristics of sensitive skin – redness, tightness, or burning sensation. Choose a gentle cleanser and moisturizer specially tailored for sensitive skin and sunscreen; remember that an SPF 30 sunscreen is necessary regardless of skin type. Also, avoid spicy food that could irritate it further, and don’t squeeze spots or blackheads as this can cause infections and scarring – Instead, use targeted cleansing and mattifying day cream products on them – This way, it should also help avoid picking at your face.

What’s Your Skin Concern?

Your skincare routine should already be in place. While specific skin issues like acne and rosacea are likely more suited for particular skin types than others, other issues could still present themselves. Luckily, many products exist that can help address those concerns.

StyleSeat conducted a survey, revealing that 78% of participants wanted to improve their skincare. Furthermore, they wanted to know more about how it responded to environmental factors and products available to them.

However, research showed that most of these people did not seek professional advice or assistance during their journey. Half of the respondents (50%) reported obtaining skin information via Google rather than dermatologists, family, and social media influencers.

Beauty professionals have an enormous opportunity to be of service, offering treatment insight and knowledge to their community regarding common skincare concerns such as enlarged pores, uneven tone, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness/dull skin conditions, and eye area concerns.

For further insight into your skin’s unique needs, Kiehl’s Skin Concern Quiz provides an effective means of discovering more. This seven-question quiz asks about your current concerns while offering recommendations to address those needs.

Your results will include tips and tricks for using the products selected and information about your skin type. If you require further clarity about your skin, take a selfie in good lighting with no makeup or filters applied before uploading it into the Instant Skin Reader tool for analysis.

Biopelle offers a selection of dermatologist-developed skin care products designed to address every skin concern, with one taking place specifically designed to address wrinkles. You can discover more by taking our quiz or clicking here.

What’s Your Routine?

Your skin is an intricate system that renews every 28 days, so staying protected is vitally important. Daily cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization should include cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing to prevent premature aging, promote even tone, and hydrate your complexion. In addition, spot treatments or serums may be used for specific concerns like fine lines, blemishes, or uneven pigmentation.

No matter the complexity of your skincare regimen – from an effective three-step morning regimen to a complete 10-step regimen at night – following an effective skincare order is vital to its effectiveness. A thorough cleanser should be the initial step for clearing away oil and debris that clogs pores; two to three times per week, it is also beneficial to exfoliate to improve the appearance of skin by removing dead cells that clog up pores. After exfoliation, toner can balance skin, while toning will balance it further before using the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type and concerns.

Make sure your skincare routine adapts to the seasons and lifestyle – for instance, if you experience dryness during the wintertime; it could be time for a richer moisturizer; during summer, switching to a lighter moisturizer may be best. Also, remember to apply an SPF daily and reapply frequently; don’t forget your ears and neck, too! Your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant is there to assist you in developing an individual regimen tailored specifically to you – she can show you how to layering for maximum results, select appropriate skincare products, and how best to use them all together for maximum benefit.

What’s Your Goal?

Decide exactly what your skincare goals are to select the appropriate ingredients, whether a serum to target breakouts or ethically made clean beauty products to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. No one shares identical skincare goals (#skingoals is full of variations!).

If your goal is to improve the moisture retention in your skin, an oil-free moisturizer might be just what is necessary. “Skin that cannot retain hydration loses water,” according to Plescia; this leads to dehydrated, flaky complexions and damaged barriers, which increase susceptibility to bacteria or even harmful chemicals entering into contact with it.

If your aim is to prevent sun damage and hyperpigmentation, make a firm commitment to prevention. One day of excessive UV can unravel months of work, according to Parenti, so be vigilant in applying SPF 30 sunscreen daily regardless of the weather conditions.

The New Year can be an opportunity to make resolutions, but these goals often fade by March or April. Instead, make this year your year to take more severe care of your skin, whether reclaiming glow, banishing breakouts, or diminishing signs of aging. Our simple skincare quiz and tips on choosing an optimal skin care regimen will help you achieve optimal skin this year – here’s to 2023! If you need guidance in finding what will best meet your unique needs – schedule an appointment with North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic –