The L’Imperatrice Tour is Coming to Los Angeles!


L’imperatrice, one of France’s premier electro pop bands, will be making their Los Angeles debut. Don’t miss this exciting concert – don’t miss it!

No genre labels apply here; but founding member Charles de Boisseguin describes their sound as “cosmic-pop-slash-space-disco.” That description seems accurate enough.

Their performance at 9:30 Club was truly immersive, as each of its six members contributed multiple instruments to create an amazing musical journey.

Tour Dates

L’imperatrice is an eclectic band that seamlessly fuses different genres to produce its signature sound. They are currently touring around the globe to promote Tako Tsubo, their follow-up record to Matahari that was popular among fans. You won’t want to miss out – get your tickets now and join in the excitement!

L’imperatrice began as the bedroom project of Charles de Boisseguin, their keyboardist and composer, but has quickly evolved into an incredible live band featuring Tom Daveau on drums, guitarist Achille Trocellier on guitar, bassist David Gaugue on bass, and vocalist Flore Benguigui as vocalist – forming one powerful unit on stage! Their sound creation onstage is truly unforgettable!

As soon as they step onto the stage, you’ll instantly recognize their passion for what they do. They play every note with joyous abandon and an attitude that exudes fun – making their performance absolutely captivating and leaving audiences on edge of their seats! This energy will have everyone buzzing with excitement for more.

Their music combines elements of funk, jazz and disco that makes them adept at what they do. Since opening their career up internationally a decade ago, performing regularly in France, Germany and Mexico; whether in small theaters or massive festivals – they always deliver amazing performances!

Self-deprecating humor has propelled them to instant success in America as well. Likening themselves to The Beatles as being the first French act to break out in America, but also acknowledging it’s about building community ties and not about them personally.

As they began their opening song “Ma Starlight”, it was clear that everyone in attendance was immediately engaged by its catchy electro-pop sounds – everyone singing along, providing the perfect start to an incredible evening of entertainment.

After several more songs, the band performed a slow-tempo cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry.” This stunning and emotive tune made an excellent choice to close their set – leaving their fans dazed by what they had just witnessed.

At the end of the show, everyone was up on their feet dancing and singing along to catchy tunes. An encore performance included “Ils sont fou” as well as the last number “Anomalie Bleue.”

L’imperatrice offers an enjoyable evening experience that you won’t soon forget! This French band features talented musicians with their own distinct sound and sense of humor – their concerts offer the perfect chance to kick back and unwind – don’t wait until their tour dates sell out to grab tickets – purchase through Ticketmaster for the best prices comparison between primary sources and trusted resale sites – we provide legitimate and safe comparison for ensuring you find your ideal price point!


Tickets are now available to French group Guillemette’s upcoming concert. Playing pop and disco music while mixing numerous genres together for their signature sound of “sophisti-pop”, the band began in 2012 under composer/keyboardist Charles de Boisseguin with Hagni Gwon (keyboardist), Achille Trocellier (guitarist), Tom Daveau (drummer) and Flore Benguigui (vocals). Their debut album Matahari made them well-known both across Europe and America before their second album release: Tako Tsubo planned another world tour – making their name evergreen among audiences worldwide.

Tickets to see L’imperatrice can be bought at venues of various sizes. Larger venues, like theaters and music halls, often feature seating sections with tiered ticket prices; smaller venues may provide general admission areas that are free to enter and standing areas that are free for anyone to enter. For the best seats at any L’imperatrice show, consider sitting on either the first row of a floor section or balcony seating – these areas tend to offer better views!

L’imperatrice stands out as a band that caters to music fans of all genres. Their songs are catchy and upbeat while their live show is engaging – creating an excellent connection between band and crowd!

This band has quickly become a sensation in France, selling out shows with great ease. They have performed at major festivals around the globe like Coachella. Although their music has yet to reach American shores fully, that will likely change shortly.

If you can’t make it out for a live performance, enjoy listening to and buying albums by your favourite band on their official website or local music stores; Amazon and iTunes may also sell it!

Stay informed about upcoming concerts by following them on social media or signing up for their newsletter, which will notify you about upcoming tours.


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L’imperatrice is a French band that has made a name for themselves globally in music. They’ve taken to touring their latest album Matahari around the globe – performing at venues like Knust Hamburg in Germany, Le Grand Mix in France, Brooklyn Steel in New York and Auditorio Blackberry in Mexico City among many more.