Tom Cruise in Movies Like Risky Business


Risky Business was Tom Cruise’s breakthrough film. At first, he is hesitant, like Brady, with limited playbook options, but as the film progresses, he gains more and more confidence.

The film follows Joel Goodson, an awkward high school student, as he encounters call girl Lana at his parents’ house and transforms it into a bordello.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has long been one of Hollywood’s premier actors, yet was initially less recognized for his acting ability than for his action roles in early movies. Over time, however, Cruise showed his acting chops, one notable performance being Risky Business (1983).

This movie chronicles the sexual exploits of a high school student during his parents’ vacation in suburban Chicago. It is widely recognized for its iconic scenes; one such moment included when Cruise danced around his house while listening to Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll and later became a cultural touchstone.

Alongside its humor, the movie features stunning stunts. Ethan Hunt (Cruise) pursues a train through a series of railcars while dodging enemies and debris – it is one of the most breathtaking sequences from any installment, and Cruise’s acrobatic skills are astonishing!

The plot of this movie is engaging, yet its script could have been more robust. Some dialogue is unnecessarily crude and does not fit with the rest of the film, while its pacing and ending leave something to be desired. Nonetheless, Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay put in stellar performances, which make this worth watching!

Paul Brickman made his directorial debut with this movie after previously writing films such as The Outsiders and Scent of a Woman, as well as television shows like X-Files and Lost. Since then, he has directed two more movies and a television show.

Risky Business, released in 1983, remains one of the greatest films ever made and features some unforgettable scenes in popular culture. A teen sex drama that presents a compelling coming-of-age tale and features an iconic dance scene to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll,” this flick provides an entertaining ride and features one of Tom Cruise’s best performances as Joel Goodsen, an upstanding suburban teenager convinced by friends to have one last sexual experience before college starts.

Rebecca De Mornay

Rebecca De Mornay became a star when she appeared in this 1992 movie. Her role as a widow attempting to infiltrate her husband’s accuser to exact revenge caught the eye not only of general audiences but also female audiences specifically, catapulting her into female icon status alongside Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. Though Rebecca De Mornay has since appeared in many more films, fans consistently proclaim it her best film performance.

Although its plot may not have been groundbreaking in 1992 (another one of those stalker movies), De Mornay made this one work well. Posing as Peyton Flanders-type live-in nanny, she upends this family and their beautiful house while searching for revenge ruthlessly. Her cold stares and innocent facade are captivating to watch, but she also displays explosive bursts of anger throughout.

De Mornay managed to transcend her stereotypical image as an upstanding mother through this film and become an iconic sex symbol, performing so naturally that it has endured over the decades. For anyone interested in great acting, this is an absolute must-see!

This type of sleazy melodrama was prevalent during the ’80s. While not quite as great as Bardot’s original film, this entertaining movie will keep audiences on edge until its conclusion. While some plot points may seem predictable at times, acting performances were spectacular, and its fast-paced narrative kept audiences entertained throughout.

This film is often underrated. Though not as violent or visually stunning as other movies on this list, it remains enjoyable and worth seeing. With engaging characters and an excellent cast in support, as well as humor and an intriguing plot. Anyone who appreciates movies like Risky Business should give this film a watch!

Paul Brickman

Paul Brickman made his directorial debut with Risky Business, a raunchy teen satire that catapulted Tom Cruise to fame. Though occasionally exasperating, Risky Business boasts a fantastic cast and seething commentary on capitalism and con games – while also showing Cruise off as one of the most talented actors working today; Cruise excels on camera while adeptly depicting youth desperation and insecurity.

This movie follows Joel, an isolated teenager whose parents have gone away for the weekend. Desperate to have fun, he hires Lana (an attractive woman known for her grace and daring) as his call girl for one night of excitement – not something he would typically do, but hoping to impress his peers at Princeton. Joel finds Lana both compelling and impressive as an option – her beauty won him over ultimately!

Lana and Joel are inexperienced romantic partners who struggle to make the best of their situation. Over time, their relationship becomes serious; however, Joel remains aware of its risks and does not want to risk losing her. This leads to an emotionally charged climax more reminiscent of a soap opera than of thriller fiction.

Paul Brickman does an outstanding job writing the screenplay, using sexuality as both danger and pleasure to distinguish this movie from others in its genre and depart from frat boys giggling at the boobies approach of many other contemporaries.

Tom Cruise excels in his portrayal of Joel, an emotional outcast desperate for anything to help him feel complete and whole again. Rebecca De Mornay stands out as Joel’s call girl in love, Rebecca De Mornay; unfortunately, however, the movie suffers from its slow pacing, which saps its momentum and drags out its narrative arc.

Though some may find the movie frustrating, others will appreciate its message about white privilege and its dangers. This tale will speak directly to people who have witnessed their parents take advantage of that privilege only to struggle to accept it later in life.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream made their Hollywood movie soundtrack debut a few years before Kathryn Bigelow’s vampire flick Near Dark with rock songs of their period and signature synth sounds, creating an eerie intensity in crucial scenes in the film. Track one, “Main Title,” invokes foreboding and danger while “Search” builds off of it by shifting tempos and layers of keyboards; finally, “Love on a Real Train,” an emotional ballad played during one steamy scene between Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay as they make out on Chicago elevated train platforms!

Though not a critical success, this movie earned decent box office earnings due to the soundtrack’s exceptional performance and Tangerine Dream’s subsequent work creating more movie soundtracks throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

Of all their members over time, Edgar Froese remained their core leader throughout. Froese pioneered synthesizer music with ambient sounds, making his outfit one-of-a-kind musically. Their popularity skyrocketed during the ’80s thanks to classic albums like Phaedra, Rubycon, Stratosfear, and Force Majeure.

In 1984, the band scored the film Risky Business. The soundtrack was highly successful and even managed to top the U.S. charts briefly, thus making a lasting, impactful statement about them and paving the way for their extensive foray into film soundtracks throughout the ’80s.

Tangerine Dream has earned itself a solid following among electronic music enthusiasts, thanks to its distinct synth-n-sequencer sound that has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, as well as being critically acclaimed by music critics. Their albums have received accolades from music critics. Their 84-minute documentary Ship of Theseus includes interviews with both current and former members of Tangerine Dream as well as archive footage – providing an engaging look into its legacy and founder.