Upgrade Your Shop With a 10000 Lb Car Lift


Upgrade your shop with a 10000 lb car lift that will make working faster and simpler. With this type of lift, you can quickly work on any vehicle in your garage with ease, creating a professional appearance for your garage.

This lift features asymmetric lifting arms, an overhead padded shut-off bar to protect vehicle tops from being damaged, heavy-duty carriages, and a lock system as well as an optional 20 amp circuit breaker for power delivery.

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The OH-10X car lift is one of the top choices for home garages thanks to its strength and versatility. This lift features a 12′ 7″ formed column and extra-long carriage to support any vehicle type imaginable; plus, its wide drive through the area makes parking your car or truck in your garage effortless. A versatile yet long-term investment, the OH-10X lift offers years of reliable service!

The hydraulic cylinders are stainless steel with anti-corrosion coating for added protection from rust or damage, designed to support heavy vehicles such as racing cars and one-ton diesel duel trucks. A single-phase 220V 2-HP motor powers this hydraulic system that can raise cars in as little as 45 seconds for fast repairs or maintenance needs.

This lift is easy to set up by any homeowner, including yourself. The kit contains the parts necessary to get it installed and an informative instruction manual with diagrams for assembly and step-by-step installation instructions. Furthermore, there are instructions in the manual on adjusting its height – remembering to first level out before using.

Once installation is complete, it is time to load up and test the lift with weight. If it fails to reach full height, adjusting the hydraulic fluid speed valve on the power unit might help; otherwise, additional components might need replacing, such as new cylinders.

Before installing a four-post lift, it’s essential that you fully understand how much weight it can support. If you are uncertain about its capacity, seek professional advice, as this will prevent damage to the lift and ensure safety.

Before using a lift, it’s a wise idea to read the owner’s manual and follow all safety precautions outlined by its manufacturer. They recommend wearing gloves when handling it to prevent your hands from touching anything outside the lift or touching any hazardous surfaces such as the floor; additionally, a safety chain must secure your vehicle on it.


The PV-10P two-post lift offers an innovative base plate design to accommodate low ceiling environments, as the cables and hydraulic hoses run underneath its base plate between columns. You have your choice between symmetric columns or vice-metric arms for this lift.

The asymmetric arm configuration enables operators to position lift pads at shallow lifting points beneath smaller cars and pickup trucks, making front door opening easier on certain vehicles. Furthermore, this setup offers increased lifting capacity than its symmetric counterpart; its base plate model of PV-10P can reach heights up to 79 inches from the ground; however, some cube vans and ladder trucks cannot due to low clearance running boards.

This lift comes equipped with a 220V single-phase power unit. The motor on this power unit supplies the necessary pressure for its hydraulic system to function, with its short pigtail wire connected directly to a quick disconnect box or male/female plug combination – recommended. A 30-amp breaker should also be utilized.

This lift features not only a power unit but also a padded shut-off bar to help protect the top of a vehicle from coming in contact with its crossbar, carriages equipped with rubber protective covers to shield doors opening into columns or carriages from damage, and a reinforced rubber lift pad that increases durability.

SVI is your go-to source for PV-10P repair parts, offering equalizer and lifting cables or chains, equalizer sheaves, slider blocks, hydraulic cylinders, seal kits, overhead stop limit components, and carriage locks that can save time and money. SVI has been an industry leader for over four decades, providing car lift repair parts.


The EW10 two-post lift is a commercial-quality two-post lift designed to complete the job. A popular choice among high-volume shops that specialize in light and medium duty vehicles due to its premium features, competitive price point, and 10,000 lb lift capacity, it has dual screw pads with replaceable polyurethane inserts that enable technicians to access factory recommended lifting points on various vehicle types while the double telescoping screw pads with single point Bowden cable release provide quick disengagement.

The EW10 also comes equipped with Challenger’s symmetric technology, enabling technicians to lift cars both symmetrically and asymmetrically within one service bay for increased revenue and efficiency in busy shops, with its 192″ between posts for parking multiple vehicles at once or optional height extensions that accommodate tall cars such as RAM TRXs or Hummers EVs. This lift features both benefits for increased revenue and efficiency when appropriately utilized in busy shops.


This car lift features premium direct-drive hydraulic cylinders designed with safety in mind. A gear-type flow divider evenly distributes hydraulic pressure for equalized lifting. Velocity fuses and specialized hydraulic circuits protect against fluid leakage while rugged safety lock bars automatically engage when raising the lift, holding three times its rated load capacity – features that set this model apart from similar competitive units.

No matter which lift you select, always ensure the manufacturer lists their name and contact information on their website. Many “brand” names used to sell products not manufactured by legitimate manufacturers deceptively should take pride in representing a superior product under their brand.

Reputable manufacturers design their car lifts to avoid pinch points that could potentially harm hoses, limbs, and vehicles when lifting off of the ground. Pinch points are hazardous with asymmetric lift arms, which leave cars leaning toward them when lifting vehicles off of their bases.

Quality auto lifts must have the capability of supporting heavy loads safely, which is why ALI and ETL-certified models feature impressive loading safety features such as slack cable/chain devices that engage and lock the structure during lifting – this helps prevent sudden free falls due to suspension component failure or other unexpected circumstances.

Warning labels and raising/lowering instructions are other essential safety features required by ALI/ETL to be visible at each point of hazard. Finally, high-quality automotive lifts will offer comprehensive education for installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance – such as specifications on lift-rated load capacity, significant lift dimensions, power requirements (compressed air or electrical), foundation requirements, and clearance above and around it.