Video Games Stores Near Me


Whether you are searching for new video games or looking to sell old ones, numerous stores near me offer great prices and service – not to mention an array of pre-owned titles and consoles that may interest you!

Are you searching for an exciting and relaxing way to pass the time? Visit one of these fantastic video game stores – they sell everything from retro classics to the latest titles!

RetroJakes Video Game Buy Sell Trade

RetroJakes Video Game Buy Sell Trade can fulfill all your gaming needs in Richmond, Indiana 47374, at 4741 National Rd E. It offers a vast selection of new and classic releases and used titles at competitive prices for any age range, and offers a trade-in program so customers can quickly sell back old games in exchange for cash. Their staff is friendly and helpful when giving out prices; all significant forms of payment are accepted as they take pride in customer service – their customers consistently rate them highly!

Daves Video Games and More

Daves Video Games and More is a Sacramento-based video game store offering an expansive selection of titles and accessories and cleaning and repair services for consoles and handheld devices. Their staff will test any new purchases to ensure proper functioning; Daves is an ideal place to find rare or classic titles!

Daves Video Games and More is not a massive video game store, but it offers plenty. Their prices are competitive, and their staff is always ready and willing to assist customers – plus, they will buy any used titles you may have available!

Dave the Diver is one of 2023’s gems: an irresistibly engaging combination of RPG elements, sushi restaurant management simulation, and delightful pixel art-designed underwater experience that is hard to put down and overflows with ideas throughout its entirety. It truly deserves praise as one of its many outstanding discoveries!

Dave the Diver was developed and published by South Korean studio MINTROCKET and quickly sold over one million copies within its first ten days of release. Its success can be attributed to its unique blend of genres, innovative features, and relatable main character – in addition to diving and fishing as core gameplay, photography side quests, and engaging minigames create an addictive and enjoyable gaming loop for players.

Hollywood Movies and Games LLC

Hollywood Movies and Games LLC is a family-owned store that allows customers to buy, sell, or trade movies, video games, systems, and toys. Plus, they have a large selection of rare vintage items! Their staff is always available to answer questions or make recommendations, perfect for film enthusiasts and gamers! – Yelp user Chris L

Explore the sets where some of your favorite movies were shot.

Game Changers

Game changers can see opportunities and solutions where others don’t, taking steps toward their goals with courage, energy, visionary leadership, and hard work. They understand that persistence is necessary if their goals are to be realized.

Established in 2014, Game Changers Sports Bar & Restaurant offers over 30 TVs to watch your favorite sporting events. In addition, they provide food and drinks so that every patron feels satisfied.

Chimp’s Comix & Video Games

Chimp’s Comix & Video Games in Warsaw, Indiana, offers an expansive selection of comic books, graphic novels, DVDs, and gaming equipment. Their friendly staff is knowledgeable in every genre imaginable – helping customers quickly locate what they are searching for in this well-organized shop.

Nick Kelley is an avid collector of both comics and video games. In 1992, he purchased Chimps from its original owners. He completely revamped it, installing glass cases and stocking an array of comics, Magic: The Gathering cards, action figures, comic books, and new and pre-owned vinyl records for sale at Chimps.

Comedy Chimp has quickly become one of the franchise’s most beloved characters in the Sonic Boom comic series. His trademark banana attire, charming personality, and fearless approach have cemented his place as one of its stars. Although his origin has been altered several times, most recent appearances indicate he hails from Gorilla City.

If you know a comic fan, give them their favorite character’s comic book as a thoughtful gesture and perhaps inspire them to collect even more! Gamers would appreciate getting new video games or gaming accessories as gifts; alternatively, give a gift card so they can select their skills from it.