5 Forex Trading Apps For Beginners


FXTM’s mobile app is one of the easiest-to-use Forex apps available. It offers a user-friendly interface, customer support services, webinars, and tutorials. Select the best forex robot.

This app features an economic calendar with easily digestible market events, trading notifications, and software-driven analysis capabilities.

FXStreet News

FXStreet News is a leading global financial markets news and analysis provider, including Forex. It offers real-time data and analysis, market commentary, and breaking news. Plus, an economic calendar allows traders to stay abreast of major events while avoiding potential pitfalls.

The Economic Calendar is an invaluable asset to traders who use fundamental analysis. This calendar shows vital economic indicators affecting currency trading and allows traders to make informed trading decisions by monitoring crucial macroeconomic news releases from different countries.

FXStreet Economic Calendar stands out from other Forex calendars because it is entirely integrated into the platform. Available on the cTrader web platform and accessible by clicking “Calendar,” it displays dates in chronological order with separate tabs for days; additionally, it features a weekly view and event search capabilities.

Traders can personalize their calendars to display only events and indicators relevant to them while setting alerts when critical events are released – helping to avoid costly mistakes while keeping an eye on trading strategies. The FXStreet Economic Calendar is an invaluable tool for all traders – beginners to professionals alike – created in January 2000 by economist Francesc Riverola from Barcelona with partners Miriam Pinatell and Sergi Fernandez, who transformed a small home business into an established international company.


MetaTrader is an analytical platform used by traders to study markets and place trades. Created by MetaQuotes Software and available both as desktop software and a web version, it features many useful functions – from placing trading orders directly on charts to using various indicators to build strategies; furthermore, it allows you to use expert advisors who provide automated trading solutions.

This platform is free to download and can run on a wide variety of devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. It includes standard account reports that help traders assess trading performance. In addition, there is also an active community with thousands of indicators and expert advisors available for download.

MetaTrader software has long been known for its ability to execute trades according to predefined rules automatically – this feature is known as an Expert Advisor (EA). EAs can help diversify portfolios, reduce risks, and make more profits more quickly while at the same time helping to minimize errors when trading. They may even reduce mistakes made while trading.

MetaTrader platform comprises several components, each serving its function in the system. Traders utilize the client terminal, while brokers use a server to process prices and orders. Furthermore, the software includes a data center that stores all information and logs.


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IG US does not charge commissions; your only cost in trading with us will be the bid-ask spread.


ThinkForex, one of the world’s premier providers of foreign exchange and contracts for difference (CFD) trading services, recently changed to ThinkMarkets and introduced ThinkTrader – its multi-asset trading app designed for easy trading across multiple devices and markets.

This app is accessible on both desktop and mobile and provides traders with a comprehensive set of analytical tools. These include live charts for forex pairs, precious metals, popular cryptocurrencies, and over 1000 stocks – with zoomed, scrolled, and overlaid charts that support more than 80 intelligent indicators and 50 drawing tools that allow traders to analyze markets more closely. Furthermore, multiple time frame supports are included so traders can gain further insights into market movements.

Apart from its innovative trading interface, the app also provides comprehensive educational resources to meet all levels of experience. These include trading lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced traders, as well as a ‘Learn to Trade’ section with tips for developing successful strategies.

ThinkMarkets traders can deposit and withdraw funds using various payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank wire transfers. ThinkMarkets also provides various account types and leverage options—traders may choose from Standard accounts offering up to 1:400 leverage or Pro accounts, which provide higher levels of leverage as well as a free Reuters news feed.