Upgrade Your Action Army AAP-01 Assassin With This GBB Upgrade


Style with Black Finish: The gun features an attractive, professional black finish, which adds visual appeal and makes it a favorite among airsoft players who appreciate visually appealing firearms.

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Stylish Black Finish

This high-quality GBB upgrade/part for the Action Army Gas Blowback Pistol AAP01 is made of polymer with some metal components for optimal performance and looks great! Extending and collapsing quickly, its sleek black finish adds flair. Install it under your pistol grip for simple use – upgrade your pistol with this polymer stock for superior accuracy and handling with your gun – an AAP01 must-have!


The AAP-01 pistol is an advanced airsoft gun designed to meet all your performance and versatility requirements. It features a gas blowback system and generous magazine capacity for a realistic shooting experience. Furthermore, its modular design allows users to personalize it further – making this gun suitable for beginners as well as veteran airsoft players.

This lightweight polymer folding stock is easy to install and lightweight; it is designed specifically for the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin pistol. Installing it under the pistol grip requires only minimal tools; although designed as light, its rigidity and strength remain intact despite its lightweight frame design. Plus, its Picatinny standard mounting rail makes mounting additional weapons or accessories even simpler!

This adjustable pistol stock is constructed from premium quality polymer and includes a sliding butt plate that can be adjusted to accommodate user height. The low-profile comb provides improved aiming while non-slip etching prevents it from snagging on equipment or surroundings, and two QD slots can be attached for attaching gun slings. Lightweight yet comfortable to hold, this makes this an excellent addition to your airsoft arsenal and increases accuracy and handling during close combat situations.


This pistol stock is an airsoft upgrade that will enable you to convert your Action Army AAP-01 Assassin into a carbine-style weapon. Constructed of durable polymers with metal reinforcements for enhanced strength and reliability, it easily mounts beneath a pistol grip with minimal tools needed for installation; additionally, it features adjustable trigger screws so you can achieve a better trigger response.

This design allows it to fit securely onto many AAP-01 pistols, including the soon-to-be-released Assassin GBB model. Furthermore, its versatility means it includes other AAP-01 upgrades, such as hair triggers – making this an excellent solution for AAP-01 users looking to improve their gun.

Action Army’s AAP-01 pistol accessory is easy to mount with this first-part accessory, featuring a folding rear stock and being extremely lightweight – an ideal upgrade for increasing accuracy, handling, and aggressive style! This upgrade provides the opportunity for increased accuracy, handling, and bold style to enhance any gun owner’s arsenal.

Easy to Install

This rear shock is designed to attach under the pistol grip of your AAP01 Action Army gas blowback pistol and provide aggressive styling and handling enhancements as well as increased accuracy. Constructed of high-quality polymer and metal parts for maximum durability and lightweight design for ease of installation, it folds sideways for storage convenience – an official Action Army product!