ACC’s Ready Set Learn


Ready Set Learn is a family program the American College of Physicians offers to keep children happy, healthy, and learning. Join us for free events specifically tailored for young children!

Ready, Set, Learn participants will play and learn alongside the Reds class during afternoon sessions of Ready, Set, Learn. They’ll focus on critical kindergarten readiness skills, while field trips may also be part of this program.

Music Classes

Ready-set-learn is just what parents need: educational activities designed to help their child master the alphabet, numbers, reading, and math skills required for school. These colorful 7″x 9″ workbooks feature puzzles, mazes, word games, and printing and cursive writing practice activities – not forgetting an incentive chart that tracks children’s progress! A ribbon sticker rewards children who complete tasks successfully while an incentive chart tracks progress made along their learning path.

Music Together of Portland offers an engaging music and movement program for children born through age five and their grownups that embraces the idea that all children are musical. Their enjoyable classes foster children’s natural enthusiasm for music while building on it to prepare them for future dance or instrument study.

Ready, Set, Learn (RSL) is held each spring at various elementary schools to welcome incoming kindergarten students and their families to school and community life. At RSL events, parents can interact with teachers and staff, tour the school grounds, participate in educational activities, and socialize with other local families before their child starts kindergarten. In 2018, school districts throughout the county will host RSL events to benefit families in preparing their children for this new adventure!


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FB Meekins Preschool operates as a cooperative preschool where parents actively engage in their child’s classroom experience and run the school, creating a close-knit community of teachers and families working together to foster an enjoyable, safe, and nurturing learning experience for every student.

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At FB Meekins, parents are integral to their child’s classroom experience. Parents are expected to help in class 8-10 times annually and on 2-3 field trips.

At our school, we also offer the Ready, Set, Learn preschool program. This morning and afternoon block follows Red’s class schedule; children play and explore in the morning, while on Monday through Thursday afternoons, they learn alongside Kindergarten class for vital kindergarten readiness skills.

The curriculum features a set of binders designed by school founder Marina Howard that equip students with the work habits and skills needed to become successful learners. Every child receives a binder containing an organizer, prompts, activities, and lessons on collaboration, communication independence, memory initiative, and perseverance designed by each child. These books ensure children gain skills that will aid their success in school life and life more generally.


Ready-Set-Learn offers parents tools and activities to help children develop essential reading comprehension skills. 7″ x 9″, 64 pages in softcover – grade 2.

FB Meekins Preschool is a cooperative preschool where parents volunteer in the classroom 8-10 times throughout the year and attend 2-3 field trips, creating an intimate community that cares deeply for each child’s success and education.

Each afternoon, Ready, Set, Learn students will attend classes alongside their Reds class, focusing on critical kindergarten readiness skills. This approachable transition into more structured academic environments will make them feel secure moving forward.