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Children’s experiences during their early years profoundly affect how their brains form, which is why Smart Start brings together all those involved with a child’s life – family members, doctors, teachers, and home visitors – for optimal development.

All medications must be delivered in clearly labeled containers, and the Centre must be informed of any allergies; children with allergies will only receive medication with written parental permission.

What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet may be just what you need if you seek project management software to streamline content production and automate internal and client-facing processes, including workflow creation and tracking progress via one centralized dashboard. Furthermore, this tool offers several features to facilitate collaboration and team communication.

Create a team calendar to keep track of deadlines and meetings easily; use the Gantt chart feature to visualize complex task dependencies; customize the dashboard to meet organizational requirements; switch among various views such as grid and card project calendar view; support multiple languages and currencies.

Smartsheet offers an expansive knowledge base with video tutorials and in-app walkthroughs to guide users through its process. In addition, there is also a university with live webinars and an individualized certification program available on its platform – making Smartsheet incredibly user-friendly even though its learning curve may seem steep at first.

Smartsheet’s versatile add-on features make it an attractive option for organizations of all sizes. However, before making any definitive purchase decisions, it’s essential to consider your company’s needs first – make sure it can meet any special requests like integrations with other systems or apps, etc. It is worth exploring other available solutions; ultimately, the ideal project management software should offer tools tailored specifically for you and your organization’s unique requirements.

Smartsheet Webinars

Dan Bloom co-founded a creative agency focused on content collaboration after working for several startups, witnessing firsthand the challenges marketers and creative teams experience when collaborating on projects. Out of this experience arose Slope, which Smartsheet acquired in January 2021; today, he leads their Customer Education team and hosts weekly virtual instructor-led training webinars on all their solutions.

Smartsheet’s learning center provides onboarding and advanced courses for new and experienced users alike, including webinars that cover the fundamentals of managing work with Smartsheet and its core capabilities, while advanced classes aim to optimize platform use by offering more specialized instruction on specific features or capabilities.

Smartsheet’s journey towards monetized customer training began with an initial self-paced course catalog and has since expanded to weekly virtual instructor-led training (VILT), in-person training in multiple US cities, custom packages of training services, and three professional certifications. Stephanie Barbee, Sr Manager of Customer Training, and Damani Musgrave, Sr Learning Experience Designer, shared their wins and challenges as they built a $1M+ revenue-generating program monetized customer training program.

Smartsheet Training

Smartsheet offers free learning webinars and community forums. At the same time, its dedicated support team can assist with migrating complex projects or processes into workflows. At the same time, premium add-ons like DataMesh and Bridge can automate processes, helping eliminate duplicate entries while improving Smartsheet use.

The platform is an effective collaboration tool designed to keep teams on task and meet deadlines. This platform keeps projects moving adequately by consolidating all your work into one location. In addition, its easy interface and mobile apps provide seamless communication among teammates as they collaborate on projects.

Gaining familiarity with Smartsheet software requires little time or effort with these free articles and videos and several premium courses designed to introduce it and help users become proficient. Learnit offers a Smartsheet Introduction course for leaders, managers, and team members managing projects.

Proper PM offers another excellent source for Smartsheet training with its step-by-step tutorial on getting started with project management software, from creating an account and following through to understanding its home interface, notifications, workspaces, etc. Finally, it details how to make sheets, import or use templates as templates, and edit columns and settings – an indispensable source of guidance!

Smartsheet Support

Start Smart Learning Center offers high-quality preschool care and education for children in a safe, nurturing environment. Our child-centric program emphasizes each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development – we believe each has unique gifts and talents! Our staff works closely with parents to foster an enjoyable and practical learning experience for everyone involved.

Discover Smartsheet at your own pace through interactive courses, video tutorials, and hands-on exercises. Complete learning paths to earn resume-worthy badges and demonstrate proficiency across various topics. Get answers to common queries regarding Smartsheet features, tips & tricks, or best practices.

Utilize expert support from a dedicated team of specialists to maximize the potential of Smartsheet. Our Technical Account Managers (TAMs), product experts, can quickly identify problems before they arise and promptly solve them with minimal impact on your business.

If your Smartsheet plan includes Pro Desk, you can book practical one-on-one coaching sessions with one of their experts to schedule practical one-on-one coaching sessions at any time (24/7/5 days/week, except weekends and local holidays). Sessions can be prepared in advance. They’re also included in their Professional Support package for Resource Management customers to purchase separately.