Add Character and Beauty to Your Home With a Face Planter


Face planters are an easy and fun way to add personality and life into your home, whether for flowers, plants or succulents.

Ornamental grasses such as purple grass or cockscomb resemble hair, providing an authentic texture for head/bust planters. Succulents also give off this impression and work perfectly in head planters.

How to Care

Face planters are an easy and charming way to add character and charm to your home or garden. Available in various sizes – from small centerpieces perfect for tables to larger statue-like displays outside on porches and driveways – these distinctive pots feature intricate face designs on the outside while housing deep root zones that store plenty of water for their roots.

Selecting suitable plants for face planters is essential to their growth and appearance, with succulents making a good selection. Since succulents require very little water to survive, but too much may result in drowning them out, it’s wise to follow some basic guidelines when planting succulents into these containers.

When selecting plants for a face planter, take into account both its size and growth rate. A large plant requires larger-rooted varieties; small pots work better with smaller species. Overwatering could occur with either option if too many large-rooted or too few small-rooted species are planted together in one pot.

Face planters require easy care plants that look beautiful even without flowers blooming, such as ornamental grasses which flower to create the appearance of wild hairdos or burro’s tail plants (Sedum morganianum), which create pearly or braided locks with ease and require very minimal upkeep. Ornamental grasses make an eye-catching statement in these pots due to their flowers giving off the illusion that wild locks. Or try using burro’s tail plants (Sedum morganianum), trailing succulents which give off this look while being very low maintenance and carefree!

A spider plant makes an attractive head planter addition, and is easy to care for. This tall specimen produces baby plants which you can propagate. For optimal care conditions it needs bright indirect lighting with well-draining soil.

A sleeping face planter is an elegant yet minimalist accent suitable for any style of decor. Crafted from stoneware, its charming sleeping face motif will enhance any type of plant or succulent perfectly.

Planting Real Plants

Real plants bring life and beauty into any home. Plants can help make you feel calm, reduce stress levels and boost mental wellbeing – so why not add one with face planters as part of your home decor? These creative pots feature intricate details or come in simple styles. Indoor or outdoor use; face planters will bring beauty into the room!

Head planters require plants that grow tall and full. Ornamental grasses make an ideal addition, with long tendrils resembling hair. An alternative option for the head planter would be trailing plants like burro’s tail which cover its sides creating an elegant flow that gives it its unique aesthetic.

There are various materials you can use to construct a face planter, from stone and concrete to terracotta, earthenware and plastic. When selecting your planter’s material it should allow excess water to drain quickly in order to avoid overwatering and root rot.

Indoor planters should be large enough to house your favorite houseplants comfortably, particularly those that grow wider and taller. You could also select smaller or medium planters suitable for succulents, cacti, and herbs.

Outdoor planters are great ways to accommodate almost every kind of plant. From realistic ones that resemble the shape of a bull to whimsical pieces like this head planter or one designed like an Easter Island statue.

If you prefer an effortless aesthetic, a Scandinavian-style face planter might be just what’s needed. These planters focus on functionality without compromising beauty; these pots come in an assortment of colors and finishes to fit in with any decor, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Planting Artificial Plants

Artificial plants offer many advantages over real ones: no watering required and no regular doses of fertiliser required; placement can be in any shady corner of a room or outdoors without concern for sunlight availability; you can easily rearrange their position whenever desired and best of all, they won’t cause allergies in either your family members or employees!

Head planters come in various materials such as stone, concrete, terracotta, earthenware or plastic and some even come equipped with drainage systems for keeping your plant healthy and preventing overwatering. If this option doesn’t exist for your particular planter then drill holes to prevent your soil becoming saturated and prevent your plant from drowning!

Planters are an excellent solution for those without green fingers but still want the beauty of plants in their home. You can grow flowers and herbs in these planters or add a small statue or figurine as decoration.

If you plan to use a face planter with artificial plants, make sure it provides ample room for their roots and stem. A too-small pot may lead to problems with its root health; on the other hand, too-large planters may make your plant look unnatural and cause it to appear out of place.

Height is another key element to take into account when selecting the ideal planter. A taller pot will better support the weight of an artificial plant while simultaneously hiding any visible seams of starter pots and adding to its overall aesthetics.

Wall planters can be an excellent solution for those with limited indoor space. Simply hang it from the wall using its attached string or place it on a table or shelf – both ways will bring nature’s touch into any room and serve as an elegant accent piece to complement your decor and make an excellent present!


Once your face planter has been in place for some time, it may need to be cleaned. A mild bleach solution (about 2 tablespoons of 8% bleach per gallon of water) can be used to disinfect its surface if disease has been an issue for your plants. Always wear rubber gloves and eye protection while working with chemicals; additionally be sure to clean any trays, troughs or saucers in which it sits as part of this cleaning process.

Rather than be bothered with maintaining real plants, why not opt for artificial ones instead? They look just as pretty while being much easier to care for – plus you can easily switch out when it’s time for something different?

Resin-made men heads make beautiful wall decor that can be used to display either live or artificial flowers and plants. You can customize your planter according to your style by changing up its hairdo – whether long, short, curly, or straight! There is even an integrated drainage hole at its base that helps ensure proper drainage of this unique piece – which will surely capture guests and family members attention as a wonderful present as well! This wall decor planter can easily be placed anywhere around your home!