Martins Garden Center – A Paradise For Enthusiasts


Martin’s is home to an experienced team of horticulturists who care deeply about plants and have an expansive knowledge of keeping them alive and thriving. At Martin’s, these specialists are borderline obsessed with these living wonders – with a deep-seated passion for them and expert know-how for keeping them alive and flourishing.

Stepping inside their greenhouse is like entering an oasis of botanical splendor, guaranteed to revive and excite both mind and body alike. Step inside now for an experience you won’t soon forget!

A Gardening Paradise

Martins Garden Center will offer everything a passionate gardener could ask for, from plants and flowers to greenhouses and an impressive collection of unique home goods and other goods.

John and Helen Martin began selling homegrown bedding plants and summer produce at a seasonal roadside stand in 1982, eventually transitioning to a year-round operation as they expanded their garden center offerings.

On Tuesday night, Martin’s Garden Center experienced a fire. According to business owner Daniel Martin, an estimated $50-100k of inventory was destroyed during the blaze; however, other greenhouses were unaffected.

Jenne’s Garden Center & Farm has recently opened in Myerstown under the ownership of Jenell Martin, who hails from Myerstown herself and managed another garden center for 15 years before returning home and opening her place.

A Community of Horticultural Enthusiasts

When you step inside Martin’s Garden Center, you will be transported into an exquisite botanical world of color and fragrance. Your senses will be immersed in an oasis of flowers and plants, leaving you refreshed and inspired to create your own garden oasis.

Martin’s Garden Center is a family-owned and operated business offering an extensive selection of plants to satisfy even the pickiest plant enthusiast. Additionally, they host weekend gardening workshops for adults and children of all ages; whether it’s learning how to plant your vegetables or creating an enchanting fairy garden, Martin’s Garden Center has something special in store.

Martin Nursery offers everything you need, from shade-giving shrubs and trees to ornamental options that add color to your landscaping, from shrubs for shade and color pop trees. Their staff are well-versed in their inventory and more than happy to answer any queries; plus, they show great passion in interacting with customers!

Martin’s Home & Garden boasts an incredible selection of plants, home goods, and outdoor living products, located at 135th and Wornall in Minneapolis. Their staff provides excellent customer service while their experts offer assistance for every landscape or yard need.

Martin’s Garden Center stands out as an outstanding garden center because its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction can be seen in each leaf, stem, and flower they offer for sale in the garden center. From exotic tropical plants like those you find at an exotic paradise resort, culinary herbs that will elevate your meals, and rare blooms that will astonish neighbors, Martin’s offers everything needed to transform any backyard into a tropical oasis.

Garden centers provide more than plants; they’re hubs of community life. Martin’s Garden Center stands out as an incredible source for collaboration with local organizations and events that bring people together who share an interest in green lifestyle – this makes Martin’s a true gem!

Landscape Services that Go Above and Beyond

Every excellent garden center requires an experienced team of horticulturists. At Martin’s, their passion for plants borders on obsessive, with a comprehensive knowledge of plant care that they’re more than willing to share with anyone who inquires – whether seasoned experts or nervous novices. Martin’s can turn your dull backyard into a fantastic botanical masterpiece!

As soon as you enter their greenhouse, you’ll be taken by its breathtaking botanical beauty. Vivid colors, inviting aromas of blooming flowers, and the gentle rustling of leaves will delight you, transporting you into an environment where even people with brown thumbs can flourish!

From plants to tools and products for garden care, you’ll discover various tools and products designed to make your garden flourish. Furthermore, regular workshops and classes offer valuable opportunities to deepen your knowledge of gardening techniques and take better care of your plants like an expert.

Along with their landscape services, they also provide an impressive selection of trees, shrubs, and plants from top-quality growers. Each landscape is individual in design, so they work closely with clients to craft unique masterpieces. From Japanese gardens to English countryside oases, let them keep your dreams of beauty alive!

With their top-of-the-line landscape services, you can transform your outdoor space into a botanical masterpiece. Once you’ve realized your vision of paradise, they offer comprehensive garden maintenance to keep it looking its best – everything from regular lawn mowing and pruning services to pest control is covered! Reach out today and see how they can bring your dream garden to life!

A Place to Rejuvenate Your Spirit

No matter your skill level or knowledge base in gardening, Martin’s is guaranteed to have everything you need to create your very own botanical masterpiece. From towering trees that will provide shade for your home to delicate flowers that will bring brightness into your day – this horticultural oasis has something special for every gardener!

Not only will their beautiful plants win your heart, but their commitment to community will do the same. From hosting workshops to working alongside local organizations, Martin’s team always looks for ways to give back and support the communities they serve. Martin’s truly feels like part of their local ecosystem!

What began as a seasonal roadside stand in 1982 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has grown into one of the premier garden centers in Tennessee’s upstate region. John and Helen Martin opened the business to sell homegrown bedding plants and summer produce; eleven years later, they expanded into offering a full selection of garden center services year-round.

As a family-owned and operated business, Martin Nursery takes great pride in offering only top-quality plants and flowers and up-to-date gardening techniques and expertise for its customers. Their knowledgeable staff is always more than willing to answer any inquiries regarding plant care that you might have.

But if you need additional assistance to take your gardening skills to the next level, look no further than Martin’s Garden Center’s expert landscape services. Their experienced professionals will transform your garden from bland and barren into a botanical masterpiece in no time.