Top 5 Best Podcasts For Men


Men will find this podcast both uplifting and motivational; its focus ranges from understanding how the universe operates to combatting defeatism. Men of all backgrounds will find its messages insightful.

This podcast interviews billionaires to gain insight into how they have amassed fortunes. Furthermore, this show offers information about unseen forces affecting modern culture and lifestyle.

1. Sacred Sons

Sacred Sons is a podcast that examines men’s struggles with masculinity and their links to our shared humanity. Each episode delves deeper into one aspect of the “hero’s journey” archetype found across cultures throughout history. Hosts Chris Locke, James Hartnett, and Michael Balazo take turns selecting an evil person or figure from history or culture before discussing why that individual or character is considered so bad; then, link that evilness back to an issue facing modern men today.

This podcast is one of the best shows for men looking to expand their understanding of themselves and the world they inhabit. Hosted by an expert team of intellectuals, journalists, and historians who explore one topic after another – this show can give you plenty of new knowledge you can brag about at cocktail parties!

At a time when “manliness” is becoming less desirable, this podcast seeks to restore male identity. Hosted by a former monk, this show offers wisdom-packed advice and captivating conversations that engage with the core aspects of human experience.

This podcast’s host has an incredible talent for making complex ideas accessible and enjoyable, making you laugh out loud while learning something new weekly. Topics can vary week to week, but an unwavering commitment is made towards distinguishing fact from fiction in pop culture and life’s most challenging issues – you will gain much insight into which problems merit your time and which don’t; each episode takes approximately one hour – like an audio version of philosophy, morality and meaning classes!

2. Men’s Mental Health Coach

Men’s mental health issues can be taboo, and many suffer silently. This podcast strives to demystify this subject matter and spark open discussions by interviewing those attempting to redefine mental health; interviews include interviews of innovative thinkers trying to normalize psychological issues and providing resources. Topics explored on this show include online dating, childhood trauma, and men’s issues to highlight subjects still held back by stigma and ignorance.

The Art of Manliness is an entertaining and educational podcast that helps listeners live their best lives. Featuring guests such as Tim Ferriss, Gary Vee, and Tom Brady as guest hosts, each episode explores various aspects of manliness while teaching skills that lead to life fulfillment.

This podcast is ideal for anyone seeking to improve themselves, with practical advice that can be implemented immediately. The hosts provide an entertaining and educational listening experience. Furthermore, topics covered include parenting, relationships, and careers.

It’s no secret why this podcast is one of the most downloaded on iTunes – its hosts possess an engaging style and are adept at extracting powerful lessons from celebrity guests. Covering everything from mindset to finances and offering unbelievable value per minute, this show can benefit anyone looking to improve their life or manage difficulties such as depression.

3. The Angry Therapist

The Angry Therapist is the brainchild of a licensed therapist who uses her experience to offer an honest yet compassionate perspective on all things related to relationships. Additionally, she interviews various guests regarding issues like sex dependence and men’s mental health – making this podcast an excellent way to understand your feelings and those in relationships better.

Into It is one of the most beloved and entertaining pop culture podcasts. Created by Sam Sanders, who doesn’t shy away from controversial topics or dispelling myths around pop culture, such as orgasms, flossing, and pit bulls, this fun show will keep listeners laughing out loud while teaching something new every week!

Science Vs. is a podcast that addresses an expansive range of scientific issues with an engaging host who’s never afraid to tackle anything controversial – orgasms or the effects of psychedelics – this show ensures listeners leave thinking critically about what they hear.

Impact Theory is another podcast designed to get you thinking critically about the world around you. Based on Quest Nutrition founder Jack Gold’s book, Impact Theory addresses how doubt, anger, and success can all harm our mental health and provides solutions and practical techniques for improving it in every episode.

If you’re curious to gain more insight into male depression, emotional intelligence, and the culture of masculinity, then this podcast is for you. Hosted by John Kim (The Angry Therapist) and Vanessa Bennett – two licensed psychotherapists and relationship coaches, respectively – who create a lively discussion regarding all crucial aspects of relationships ranging from holistic healing, eating disorders in men, fatherhood, and fatherhood.

4. Black Mental Health Podcast

Finding the ideal health podcast can be difficult with so many available. Many listeners prefer listening to one hosted by someone they admire or featuring their favorite author, speaker, or public figure; whether it be straight science advice, humorous episodes, or both, there’s sure to be one out there that fits.

The Black Mental Health podcast is an inspiring and thought-provoking series. Hosted by four self-identified black social workers with unique insights into social work’s role in mental health, they interview leaders in social justice movements. According to clinical psychologist Anjali Ferguson, it helps listeners consider how systemic oppression can impede mental well-being while de-stigmatizing healing practices in communities of color.

Jocko Podcast is another must-listen podcast for anyone seeking a meaningful life, telling the tale of Navy SEAL-turned-best-selling author and business consultant Jocko Willaims, who turned his trauma from military service into strength and wisdom through his podcast, which has reached over 4 billion viewers since it first debuted.

Closer to Fine is another podcast worth exploring, featuring candid conversations about mental health between two best friends. They cover subjects many would be too intimidated to discuss in discussions, like church hurt, body image issues, and diet culture – yet do so with irreverence, humor, and love! Their first season focuses on setting boundaries and masculinity issues.

5. The Men’s Health Podcast

Podcasts have quickly become one of the go-to sources for learning and staying entertained on the road, at the gym, or at home. But these apps don’t just act as time-wasters: many can help improve your life by teaching valuable lessons. Whether it be getting healthier, making more money, or finding your life’s true love, there’s undoubtedly a podcast that can assist!

The Men’s Health Podcast is one of these, featuring episodes focused on topics of particular concern to men. Guests include sex therapists, dominatrixes, urologists, and doctors specializing in testosterone therapy, covering everything from sexual dysfunction to pelvic floor physical therapy. A must-listen for anyone interested in healthy masculinity!

Neil deGrasse Tyson is well known as an astute scientist and adept at quickly explaining complex scientific topics. However, its humorous tone sets his podcast apart – every episode offers fascinating facts and trivia while remaining humorous!

Look no further if you’re searching for an engaging and entertaining podcast. This award-winning show interviews people who have achieved significant achievements – from ultramarathon runners and world-class athletes to entrepreneurs and CEOs – who share inspiring life stories that may push beyond your comfort zone and achieve your goals, no matter what they may be. Plus, it provides much-needed motivation if you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, or any other mental health condition! Check out their latest episode right now by visiting their site here.