Best Pure Flix Movies


Pure Flix offers clean, faith-based entertainment that will leave viewers smiling, crying, and inspired. Their selection of movies and series won’t fail to leave viewers smiling!

Based on actual events, this touching drama teaches us the value of family and resilience. Watch now on Pure Flix Original Movies.

Prayer Never Fails

From Writer/Director Wes Miller comes this riveting legal drama featuring Nick Lashaway (In Time). In it, he plays an up-and-coming small-town high school basketball coach destined to reach record wins who is abruptly dismissed after praying with one of his players and is later reinstated after that player returns home and prays with him instead. It shows the journey of someone looking for their God-given calling while showing how one act can turn lives from termination into redemption.

This unforgettable movie will enlighten and move audiences while simultaneously being an enjoyable family flick. Prayer Power will teach audiences the value of praying together while simultaneously showing how essential it is to fight for what you believe in.

Prayer Never can be watched online and on streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hoopla, Dove Channel, FuboTV Pure Flix, and DIRECTV. In addition, iTunes, Google Play Movies Vudu, and Microsoft Store provide video-on-demand copies or sell DVDs and Blu-ray copies.

This film was shot entirely in Madison County and starred local stars such as Corbin Bernsen, Lorenzo Lamas, Eric Roberts, and Clifton Davis. Directed by Wes Miller–formerly a trial attorney but more recently converted and becoming writer/director–Wes decided to make this movie when news stories of schools firing coaches for praying with players surfaced; his vision inspired this powerful tale, which will teach viewers to pray while following their dreams! A must-watch film for anyone interested in both sports and spirituality!

Meant To Be

Meant to Be is a charming romance with an intelligent approach from Emily Giffin, mixing classic romantic scenes with exciting bits of history and contemporary issues for an enjoyable narrative despite being predictable and saccharine at times.

Joe Kingsley has grown up as part of American royalty (loosely based on the Kennedys) and is constantly in the public eye. When he meets Cate unexpectedly, they immediately click, yet can their relationship survive the pressures and expectations associated with being part of his lineage and what has come to be known as the “Kingsley Curse?”?

Does it require courage to go against expectations to create a meaningful life? This romantic drama explores this theme in a luxurious setting.

The Case For Christ

God’s Not Dead two relied heavily on Christian authors to draw in audiences; The Case For Christ instead tells its true-to-life tale through its titular book. It tells the story of a journalist who finds strength in Christianity after researching evidence supporting Him. Mike Vogel and Erika Christensen star, with Jon Gunn directing and Pure Flix (alongside Triple Horse Studios) producing it.

This movie follows Lee Strobel, a reporter at the Chicago Tribune who started off his career as an atheist before writing The Case for Christ (which has sold millions of copies and inspired this 2017 movie), chronicling his spiritual journey as an atheist to ultimately becoming Christian and writing this bestselling 1998 book about it. Along his quest for proof for Christianity he consults world-renowned experts in various fields like eyewitness testimony and biblical studies for assistance.

While the movie is creative and well-written, it fails to shake many cliches associated with Evangelical apologetics. For instance, it heavily relies on interviews conducted with proponents of evangelical Christianity while failing to address critics’ claims (such as that humans make unreliable witnesses or that non-Christian historians don’t corroborate His deity).

Pure Flix offers many other movies, but The Case For Christ stands out among them because its cast is much stronger than others distributed through its streaming service. Faye Dunaway and Robert Forster give credibility to this production, while Erika Christensen does an admirable job portraying an atheist who eventually converts to Christianity after extensive investigation. Furthermore, The Case For Christ does not attack journalists like God’s Not Dead two did.