As You Find Me Lyrics


As You Find Me lyrics speak to a faith that has been tested and challenged, such as Isaac Slade, who questions God’s intentions behind unfortunate incidents that befall good people.

Slade meets God at a street corner, where the song takes off; God is there when we’re hurting, and He can help mend our brokenness.

1. Where were you when everything was fallin’ apart?

Life challenges us all at times, and we often feel hopeless. Even though you don’t fully comprehend why certain events occur, remember that God is with you through these difficult moments. Do the little things others don’t want to do, like getting up early in the morning, making food, cleaning up after yourself, or listening to a child when he or she demands something… These small actions will help ease whatever hardship is before you.

It can be challenging to trust others when things start to unravel, particularly after being let down. That’s where this song’s message lies – not giving up and finding strength within yourself to continue moving forward.

Isaac Slade, the lead singer of this band, has explained that this song represents disappointment and heartache found throughout life; faith can often become challenging when things don’t go according to plan; this song speaks volumes on that front.

One of the most unique elements of this song is that it draws inspiration from Job’s book. Job, a righteous individual who spent much of his time questioning God about why he was suffering when he had been faithful, is precisely the question asked in Slade’s first verse of this song; when Slade asks Him why things are falling apart, He answers by telling Slade “ask anything.” This juxtaposition reminds one of how human history and God interact.

3. Where are you now?

Lost Frequencies is a Belgian DJ with several hit singles under his belt. Calum Scott from the UK co-wrote one of them and has had several significant singles throughout his short career thus far.

Though not explicitly stated, the lyrics suggest that this song addresses an ex-lover who suddenly disappeared without warning; she still haunts his mind like an old familiar tune playing through his mind, refusing to leave his memory. He cannot shake her from his mind!

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4. Where are you going?

Dave Matthews explores his struggles following an upsetting breakup in “Where Are You Going” while conveying feelings of confusion and uncertainty through its lyrics. But its protagonist remains determined to move past this painful experience by embracing new opportunities – leaving one question unanswered – the “Where Are You Going”? This question becomes the focus of the song itself.

The song quickly became one of the band’s fan-favorites, thanks to its soothing melody and thoughtful lyrics – especially during its popular bridge section – making it easy for listeners to sing along and quickly join in singing along. However, some have raised issues regarding its accuracy by alleging that phrases such as “with your long face pulling down” are incorrect; instead, it should read as: “with your eyes wide open.”

Song lyrics reveal several other grammatical errors as well. For instance, they indicate that the protagonist is heading somewhere with their father’s house in the background, yet adding the preposition “to” makes the sentence ungrammatical and inappropriate.

Even though some minor errors exist in the lyrics, they remain captivating and meaningful. This song adequately represents adolescent uncertainty, doubt, and confusion as she navigates her way from girlhood to womanhood while making decisions that suit her best – an honest depiction of young women’s struggles in today’s society.