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Selecting an ideal primary care doctor or internal medicine specialist can be one of the most vital decisions for your health. They can help you establish healthy behaviors, meet new health goals, and manage chronic conditions effectively. Beaumont has multiple physician referral specialists available to assist.

Find a Doctor Online

Locating a physician you trust is crucial in providing yourself with the required care. Primary care doctors such as family medicine, internal medicine specialists, and OB-GYNs for women are your cornerstones of health, so selecting one who shares your values is paramount. Search online using physician referral tools with filters including experience level, education level, and certifications.

If you need help selecting, call the Beaumont Physician Referral Center and speak to one of their referral specialists. They can answer questions about any particular physician’s qualifications and assist with scheduling an appointment over the phone or via myBeaumontChart.

Talk to a Referral Specialist

Having difficulty finding the ideal doctor? Reaching out to Beaumont’s Physician Referral Center could be your solution; their referral specialists can answer questions about doctors that may not be readily available online and even schedule appointments directly during your call.

Beaumont Hospitals’ Physician Directory is an invaluable resource for patients throughout Southeast Michigan, featuring doctors who serve on one or more Beaumont hospital medical staffs and physicians in private practice who have consented to be included. With this directory, you can quickly locate a doctor with all of the experience, expertise, and credentials required to care for you – no matter where in Southeast Michigan you reside.

The directory also lists which types of conditions each doctor treats, specialties, and office hours, so you can use filters to narrow your search. However, remember that its accuracy depends on each doctor providing updated information on their profile page.

NRC Health’s patient satisfaction survey provides the basis for ratings and reviews on this website, which are obtained through voluntary participation. To comply with federal regulations (Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute), Beaumont Health cannot subsidize independent physicians’ involvement; thus, you won’t see all ratings for every physician here; any comments that contain personal health data, profanity, libel, or billing/front desk/operational issues, aren’t published here.

Check Out a Doctor’s Profile

When selecting a physician, many turn to word of mouth or personal recommendations as the basis for choosing their healthcare provider. However, using tools like Beaumont Find A Doctor gives a more in-depth picture of local doctors’ education, languages spoken, and insurance plans accepted, plus verified patient reviews submitted online via healthcare systems’ software tools.

Ratings of physicians can be seen on their Beaumont find a doctor profile and can help quickly compare doctors, helping you select one who may best suit your needs. Keep in mind, however, that all reviews are subjective.

Depending upon your specific needs, it can be beneficial to narrow your choices down to just two or three physicians to properly research their profiles and set expectations about how the first appointment will proceed. Be mindful that some doctors offer walk-in appointments while others have specific scheduling processes and office hours – this information could prove vital in making an informed decision and setting reasonable expectations about how that first visit might go.

Schedule an Appointment

Beaumont offers online tools that make researching doctors easy. These can include photos, videos, and filters such as years in practice, education level, certifications received, and patient ratings/reviews. Many also have details like how to reach them and whether there are additional office locations. If you need further help finding an appointment right away, calling their physician referral specialists in Beaumont Physician Referral Center could also be a great solution; they’re ready to answer any queries and set an appointment immediately!

Establishing a relationship with a primary care physician can be the key to keeping yourself healthy, reaching new health goals, and managing chronic conditions effectively. Save time and energy by scheduling Video Appointments through myBeaumontChart on your mobile device – or use myBeaumontChart’s Video Appointments feature on myBeaumontChart!