The Best Place to Find Sunset Fireflies Totk in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Sunset Fireflies are integral in completing The Flute Player’s Plan side quest and crafting Stealth Elixirs that temporarily increase Stealth Up effects. Although Sunset Fireflies can be found throughout Hyrule at nighttime, only certain regions under certain climate conditions will produce them.

Players can purchase Sunset Fireflies from Beedle when he appears at either Highland Stable or New Serenne Stable for 10 rupees each, although players can also hunt them down themselves at specific times and locations.

Lanaryu Wetlands

One of the critical ingredients in Zelda Breath of the Wild is Sunset Fireflies. Used for upgrading Sheikah Set armor sets, Sunset Fireflies can be found throughout Hyrule in various places. An easy way to acquire Sunset Fireflies is through Beedle at Highland Stable; however, this method only offers three per purchase at any one time and costs 10 rupees each time – however, there are other means available that allow players to gain them without this extra cost.

If you want to save money on Sunset Fireflies, try finding them throughout Hyrule at night. They gather in areas close to bodies of water, such as wetlands or small ponds on Satori Mountain and near Hopper Pond on the Great Plateau; you might even spot one near Hateno Village!

When you encounter a Sunset Firefly, a prompt will appear on the screen, allowing you to pick it up. If you don’t hit the button instantly, the Sunset Firefly may begin flying away from you. The best way to catch one of these gems is from a safe distance by sneaking up behind it gradually – having a Stealth boost available will assist in this task!

Once you have collected all five Sunset Fireflies, return to Lasli at Sheikah Hall to upgrade your Sheikah Set armor. She will ask for them, so be sure that you bring them with you when visiting.

Beedle at Highland Stable offers Sunset Fireflies for 10 rupees each; this method may be more suitable if you need them quickly, as he will only sell three at a time and requires 24 hours before replenishing his supply of Fireflies. You could also hunt them yourself; find them near large bodies of water such as Faron Grasslands and small ponds at Satori Mountain and Pagos Woods – although this requires waiting 24 hours between replenishments!

Hateno Village

When hunting Sunset Fireflies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players should ensure they go to the right places at the correct times. Although locating them in towns like Kakariko is possible, their best chances lie in more temperate environments like lakes and ponds found within forests or swamps. Since these critters are highly sensitive and will quickly flee any sudden noise, approaching stealthily is essential to catch one swarm without making it scatter again. Wearing stealth outfits or stealth elixirs can help you get close without spraying.

Beedle can come to the rescue if catching these creatures is out of the question; his insect salesman specializes in selling up to three Sunset Fireflies for just 20 rupees. This method provides one of the cheapest ways of obtaining them in Hyrule and should be explored further if more are required.

Be mindful that these bugs only appear at night, disappearing around 4 AM. The best time for hunting them is between 10 am and 2 pm when temperate areas tend to host them most likely. Furthermore, flies can only be found in wooded areas at night, such as Faron Grasslands or East Necluda, but this doesn’t guarantee they will always be present there.

Once players have collected enough fireflies, they can head back to Hateno Village and sell them directly to Beedle or use them to craft Sneaky Elixirs that temporarily increase stealth for short periods. These Sneaky Elixirs can then be used in the Cooking Guild and used towards fulfilling certain side quests.

Hateno Village boasts several other attractions, such as Kochi Dye Shop. Sayge and Senna can easily customize any item’s color and even restore it to its original shade for an additional fee. Kilton’s Monster Part Shop also provides services that help users trade out heart containers for stamina vessels.

Finra Woods

Finding Sunset Fireflies Totk can be done in a couple of ways. They can purchase them from Beedle or attempt catching them themselves; either option should provide ample chances to add these glowing green bugs into their cooking adventures and achieve unique culinary results.

Players need to be patient when trying to capture these creatures, crouch when approaching, and wait for the catch prompt; pressing A too soon can spook away their target creature and potentially alarm others nearby. Players may use Stealth Elixirs to speed up this process.

Sunset Fireflies can be found throughout The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom but are most prevalent near forests and wetlands. While some tropical areas might contain them, they do not tend to spawn there due to temperature extremes or extreme terrain changes.

Finra Woods in Necluda’s western half is the ideal place to find them; it is a large forest in its center with stables where horses and other animals reside and a temple where visitors can relax and rejuvenate for some time.

One of the stables in this region is run by a flutist named Pyper, and players must help him rejoin his troupe. Pyper will ask them for 10 Sunset Fireflies that can be collected during nighttime walks through Pagos Woods or Finra Woods near him.

Once players collect Fireflies, they can bring them back to Pyper at Highland Stable, located south of Lake Hylia, for him to pay back a Big Hearty Truffle. To speed up this process, resting at the stables can speed up time; then, at nighttime, they can go to Pagos Woods or Finra Woods to collect more Fireflies!

Pagos Woods

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features various items that can be used in recipes or combined with weaponry to produce unexpected secondary effects. One such item is Sunset Fireflies, found throughout wooded areas across Hyrule, widespread near Pagos Woods, where you encounter Pyper as part of her Flute Player’s Plan side quest.

Beedle, a traveling merchant located in Highland Stable near Pyper’s side quest and Faron region where sunset fireflies are most abundant, sells three at once for 10 rupees each and stocks his goods every 24 in-game hours, so he is an efficient way to obtain these insects.

If you prefer hunting them yourself, begin your search in forests and wetlands at nighttime. Being nocturnal creatures, these insects will be more active during this period. Try finding quiet areas to sneak up without alerting passersby or scaring away potential prey. When approaching them stealthily, it can also help if wearing stealth attire or taking Stealth Elixir can reduce spookiness; additionally, crouching slowly may make sudden movements less startling for bugs!

Once you have collected all ten Sunset Fireflies, return to Highland Stable and talk with Pyper. He will task you with taking Haite outside to the tree she had been watching before, following her around, and capturing all of them with your net. When the tree begins lighting up around you, follow Haite until a bug appears and catch it before taking it back inside to Beedle, who can sell them for rupees; alternatively, you could use these insects at Kochi Dye Shop as ingredients for Purple Dye upgrades of Stealth Set upgrades or use them create Sneaky Elixir which increases stealth during fights against enemies or side quests.