Bedsonline – A Travel Agent Booking Engine


Bedsonline, an exclusive accommodation and travel extras provider exclusively to travel agents, recently announced its success at transitioning customers from GTA and Tourico Holidays to its industry-leading platform.

Their powerful yet user-friendly technology boasts an expansive product portfolio and direct hotel contracts. Their local sales teams possess industry expertise and offer local support.

Offers a wide variety of hotels

Bedsonline is an international hotel booking engine offering an expansive hotel portfolio and global coverage. Their team of local contracting experts source properties in their region for optimal rates and provide a wide variety of rooms and amenities; their website is updated daily, so clients always have access to the most up-to-date offers and pricing.

Beds Online offers more than just hotels – it provides activities and transfers that can be booked all in one convenient place, making it easy to create customized packages tailored to each client. Furthermore, their mobile app makes booking tours and attractions even simpler from anywhere worldwide!

Bedsonline provides travel agents access to an expansive selection of hotels and travel extras that help increase sales. Travel agents can access real-time hotel rates and availability and use map visualization to assist their customers in selecting their ideal accommodations for their trips. Sort results based on star rating, price, or customer reviews to find their perfect hotel room or suite.

Bedsonline provides destination experiences and car rental services, offering travel extras in over 700 destinations worldwide and over 12000 activities and packages on its website. As a full-service travel agency that delivers premium products with unmatched customer care services, Bedsonline stands apart from its competition by offering the highest quality travel products.

Since 2004, this company based out of Palma de Mallorca in Spain has offered agents an online portfolio of accommodation and travel extras that is comprehensive in scope. Their team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer support.

Bedsonline stands out from its competition by providing an extensive hotel selection and as a leading provider of activity and transfer bookings for travel agents. As an affiliate of the World Travel Market and preferred supplier to numerous airlines, Beds Online also offers comprehensive products tailored to tour operators’ events and corporate functions.

Hotelbeds recently purchased two rival wholesalers, GTA and Tourico Holidays, to consolidate operations under one brand name and save money while streamlining technology offerings and better competing against Expedia and Orbitz. This consolidation will create cost savings while streamlining technology services and increasing a competitive edge against industry giants like Expedia and Orbitz.

Offers a wide variety of activities

Bedsonline provides travel agents with an impressive portfolio of hotels, destination activities, transfers, and extras, making selling packages easier. Bedsonline’s products can only be found here, making it the ultimate one-stop shop. Furthermore, Bedsonline provides its products exclusively to travel agents – meaning clients don’t see anything comparable anywhere else. This makes Bedsonline an essential one-stop shop.

Activities are a fantastic way to elevate the client experience and increase commission potential, yet finding products suitable for all clients can be tricky. Bedsonline makes finding those products easy thanks to its search engine, which quickly, intuitively, and understands minor typos – you can even search by region!

Bedsonline provides travel agents with a diverse product portfolio and ATAS accreditation, which makes it an excellent choice. Their user-friendly tools help create customized itineraries for each of your clients, while their powerful search engine provides access to thousands of hotels worldwide, activities, car rentals, and cruises.

Bedsonline’s admin fee tool makes adding custom fees to quotes and bookings easy, and this fee will appear on their itemized bill, visible to your clients. Admin fees can either be retained by your agency or refunded directly to them; additionally, it’s up to you if they appear before customers as part of their invoices.

Bedsonline stands out from other travel agents by enabling its travel agents to select their admin fee structure and select how it will be calculated per quote/booking – this flexibility provides travel agencies the ability to maximize earnings.

Bedsonline’s API integration into B2B and B2C travel portals enables agents to get the more detailed required results without delay. Furthermore, it is user-friendly and can easily be integrated into existing systems, and it offers services that will increase productivity for businesses of any kind.

Offers a wide variety of transfers

Bedsonline provides expansive transfer services designed to add variety to your travel product portfolio. Their guaranteed rates and availability, in addition to an impressive array of activities and destinations, make their booking system perfect for travel agents looking to offer customized packages and increase revenues.

Bedsonline is a leading accommodation and ancillary products wholesaler. Offering global accommodation, destination experiences, car rental services, and much more to travel agencies worldwide, their property portfolio includes locally sourced properties offering various room types and rates at competitive rates; their user-friendly booking platform makes booking trips simple for customers while its many features help your customers book the ideal journeys.

Our powerful booking engine makes creating and sending quotes to clients effortless, and booking hotel, flights, and transfer packages together for maximum savings. Its user-friendly interface can easily integrate with most booking systems; additionally, API integration enables seamless dynamic data adds instantaneously.

Bedsonline Travel Agent platform is a complete solution for running your travel agency, featuring an advanced search tool with advanced filters, multilingual content, and high-resolution photos – the ideal way for travelers to find great value for their money!

Bedsonline provides cruise and shore excursion packages, from shared transfers and private transport services to roundtrip excursions from ports of call. Booking these packages with just a click simplifies vacation planning for your clients while strengthening relationships between you and them.

With an increasing global tourism demand, travel industries have sought ways to optimize resources and enhance customer service. This has resulted in several innovative platforms for booking hotel rooms, flights, and online activities- venues quickly gaining more daily traction.

Bedsonline Travel Agent Platform allows your customers to connect to multiple hotels through its extensive database for top-quality results. Furthermore, its XML API is compatible with various travel agency software, including Travelopro, for maximum results – plus, it can even be customized specifically to your business’s needs!

Offers a wide variety of car rental services

Enhancing hotel bookings with additional activities, transfers, or car rentals is a surefire way to increase revenue and travel trade margins. Bedsonline makes this easy with their innovative cross-selling tool available before, during, and after hotel booking processes.

As well as offering travel agents access to a vast array of ancillary products such as tickets, theme park passes, multi-day tours, and cruises – these products help strengthen their bond with their clients while earning them additional commissions than selling just one service alone.

Bedsonline has developed a robust distribution system to enable travel agents to efficiently manage real-time bookings and payments, from booking to cancellation. It features a secure cloud infrastructure that simultaneously supports multiple users and tools that help travel agents modify reservations or handle complaints efficiently – providing their clients peace of mind by guaranteeing secure reservations with three-day cancellation penalties if necessary.

Bedsonline boasts an expansive inventory of hotels from global suppliers, offering options for every destination worldwide. Their search engine is tailored to maximize search results while providing an intuitive user experience; their content portfolio features descriptions in 29 international languages and 20 high-resolution photos per property.

Bedsonline stands out from its competition with a vast product catalog, reliability, and trust – providing travel agents with everything they need to close deals successfully. Their ATAS accreditation has enabled rapid expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region while being an essential factor when selecting suppliers to work with.

Bedsonline provides over 40000 locations in 180 countries with access to its ancillary product offering of more than 45000 additional products, such as domestic and international car rental providers that can offer customers quality services at competitive rates. Furthermore, Bedsonline also provides point-to-point transfer options at most ports to give travelers flexibility between their hotel rooms and ship or pier.