Beckley Travel Plaza Closes For Renovations


Jeff Miller, executive director of the State Parkways Authority, reports significant renovations occur at three travel plazas throughout the state. Gasoline and limited snacks will still be available during construction.

Beckley and Bluestone travel plazas will close this week and be replaced by new facilities offering expanded food selection, outdoor dining options, 24-hour convenience stores, and electric vehicle charging stations.


Beckley Travel Plaza is one of West Virginia’s busiest stops on its Turnpike. Featuring an ample trucking parking lot and an array of restaurants and shops, including a good truck parking area for long truck drives, I have visited twice and have found everything needed for quick stops along my journey – it also serves as an excellent source for information about local goods as well as being an informative place for travelers passing through Beckley.

Beckley Travel Plaza will soon receive an extensive upgrade. The state Parkways Authority plans on spending $152 million to renovate all three travel plazas – Bluestone in Mercer County and Morton near Burnwell as well as Beckley itself – using internationally-recognized company Areas USA as a partner in overseeing their redevelopment.

During a news conference held Friday, Governor Jim Justice unveiled new plans for travel plazas. He stated that current plazas were over 30 years old and needed replacing, adding that new plazas will offer expanded food offerings, 24-hour convenience store shopping services, more parking for tractor-trailers, and additional improvements.

Construction on the new travel plazas will commence in March, with a projected completion date set for late 2024. While under construction, Beckley and Bluestone travel plazas will be temporarily closed; when complete, they will feature expanded food concepts, an all-night Mountain State Market convenience store, outdoor dining options, electric vehicle charging stations, separate passenger vehicle and tractor-trailer fueling options, picnic areas, pet relief areas, and drive-through. Furthermore, enhanced and highlighted Parkways Authority Tourist Information Centers will be part of these travel plazas’ new design.

Truckers can utilize the Tamarack Marketplace next door during construction. Beginning April 1, its hours will expand from 9 a.m. to 7 pm daily until further notice. A new store, Country Roads Market, will sell food, drinks, and car items tailored explicitly for travelers. Tamarack Travel Center hosts approximately half a million visits annually – giving truckers ample opportunity to use this convenient destination during this busy period.


At 500 Vankirk Drive in Beckley, West Virginia, 25801 lies an ideal toll road rest stop for truckers and motorists. This travel plaza features restrooms, a small convenience store, several food offerings such as a Starbucks coffee shop, and its clean facilities – the downside is they don’t offer drive-thru services.

West Virginia officials have announced plans to renovate three turnpike travel plazas. Starting February 1, Beckley and Bluestone travel plazas will close for major renovation, featuring expanded food offerings as well as 24/7 Mountain State Market convenience store service, outdoor dining areas with picnic benches, electric vehicle charging stations, and separate tractor-trailer and passenger fueling tanks – the result of an in-depth traveler survey.

West Virginia Parkways Authority has awarded Paramount Builders LLC of St. Albans a $122.8 million contract to demolish and rebuild two travel plazas, first announced last November by Gov. Jim Justice following results from the 2021 Turnpike traveler survey. Redeveloped Beckley and Bluestone travel plazas should open in late 2024, while Morton Travel Plaza will be renovated near Burnwell by 2025.


Beckley, WV (WVVA) — Travelers looking forward to making regular stops at Beckley Travel Plaza will need to adapt when its closure for renovations begins Wednesday and remains closed until 2024. In its absence, motorists should visit Tamarack Marketplace instead to access typical travel amenities during construction.

Marketing Director AJ Dennison of Tamarack says they’re prepared to assist travelers by providing food, drinks, and other essentials. Their Mountain State Market convenience store will extend its hours, opening Country Roads Market with many of the same items found at travel plazas.

Beckley, Bluestone, and Morton travel plazas will soon undergo extensive redevelopments, including several new restaurant options, a 24-hour Mountain State Market, outdoor dining options, and separate tractor-trailer and passenger fueling locations for tractors and passenger cars. Furthermore, these sites will boast additional parking and EV charging stations and upgrade and relocate Parkways Authority Information Centers. State spending an estimated $150 million will transform all three travel plazas and associated facilities before completion by late 2024; until then, a temporary food and drink vendor is set to open inside each travel plaza on Tuesday – stay tuned.


After a long day of driving, it can be rewarding to stop for food and rest at Tamarack Travel Plaza in Beckley – it offers both! This large rest stop features car and truck fueling stations, numerous excellent restaurants, handcrafted art shops, a tourist information center, and plenty of restrooms – everything necessary for an enjoyable visit!

WSAZ reports a grease fire broke out early Friday morning at the Burger King restaurant within Beckley Travel Plaza on West Virginia Turnpike in Beckley. Although some roof damage was sustained from this blaze, West Virginia Parkways Authority Executive Director Jeff Miller assures us it will not affect the plaza redevelopment scheduled to commence later in February.

He noted that Tamarack Marketplace will expand its hours starting April 1, changing from six days a week to seven and including a new Country Roads Market that caters to travelers’ needs with items like beverages, snacks, and car products.