Chinese Restaurants in Union, NJ


Chinese restaurant waiters and busboys have traditionally worked 12-hour days for tips. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t cover sick leave; the boss pays when someone needs replacing in their absence.

This modest West Village carryout offers classic Chinese dishes like egg foo young and beef chow fun and more unique items from northern China, such as cumin lamb burgers with hand-pulled noodles on the side.

Soup & Dumplings

Color-coded soup dumplings at this Michelin-recommended Chinatown restaurant stand out. Steamed buns come with truffle and pork fillings, chicken with yellow chives, scallops, and pork or abalone (gastropod mollusk) fillings – prices depend upon which filler is chosen.

An elegant Chelsea storefront owned by a Sichuan chef who brought his cuisine to Chinatown during the ’60s offers traditional dishes as well as newer ones with his spin – particularly his cold sesame noodles, which come with firmer noodles and an earthier sauce than usual. His cold sesame noodles stand out.

Fujianese restaurant in a Sunset Park shopping center boasts counter seats and tables, perfect for quick lunch breaks or stops on food crawls. A plate of 10 steamed pork and chive dumplings costs only $3.50; their translucent wrappers burst with meaty flavor! If you prefer something gameier but still enjoyable, you might enjoy trying their mutton-filled dumplings, which boast meaty goodness.

Jian Bing

Jian Bing, or Jian Bai in Chinese, is one of China’s most beloved street foods – an affordable breakfast-time treat beloved by commuters and early morning partygoers alike. Available throughout China at street stalls across large and small cities, its delightful aroma fills early-morning megacities with the scent of freshly baked fluffy batter treats.

Crepes made from wheat flour and grains can be assembled into crepe bowls by street vendors as a quick breakfast or lunch solution during busy morning commutes, folded up like an envelope, and devoured as finger food on the go while traveling to work or school.

Brian Goldberg launched Mr. Bing after 14 years abroad last year, hoping to bring this delectable Chinese street food back home. Offering over 12 kinds of Jian bing, cold noodles, and crispy beef patties, he hopes US residents can discover its delights!

Farmers Restaurant

Nothing brings out Jerseyan’s emotions more quickly than recalling an old-school diner: that place that served you chicken parmesan or crab cakes, where the waitresses knew your name (and still do in some instances!).

There is much to enjoy here, from their deliciously tender whole-grilled squid to the spicy cumin lamb burger that soaks up all those juicy juices. Furthermore, their flatbreads offer delicious combinations – one is topped with pepperoni from Hackensack’s Salumeria Biellese, while another comes swathed in burrata cheese and covered in Pecorino Romano cheese for maximum flavor!

Pinwheel Garden is an Asian-American restaurant that provides cuisine from around the globe, such as drunken mushroom noodles, Thai basil fried rice, Kimchi Ramen, and unique dumplings. They also serve brunch and lunch items and offer delivery, dine-in, or takeout services.

Xiao Yuan Restaurant

Xiao Yuan is one of the premier Chinese restaurants in Union. Their delicious dumplings are handmade using only fresh ingredients and perfectly spiced. Their menu offers soup, steamed dumpling options, noodles dishes, and select beer/wine beverages for every palate – it offers family-friendly dining in an enjoyable environment!

At 1668 E 14th St in San Leandro, California 94577 lies this highly-acclaimed restaurant known for serving authentic Shanghainese cuisine with a contemporary edge. Their menu offers updated versions of classics and more inventive offerings, such as their signature dish, Xiao Long Bao. Steamed dumplings filled with an assortment of fillings create an explosion of flavor when biting into them!

The staff at this Bay Area Chinese restaurant is highly attentive, making it an enjoyable dining experience with friends. The food is delicious, and the service is fast and friendly – this place should be on any lover’s must-try list!

Xiao Yuan Shanghai

One of the West Village’s best (and most budget-friendly) dining spots, this Shanghai restaurant relocated a few blocks west to be situated atop a bustling shopping center. Although they still feature some signature dishes — like soup dumplings, Shanghai pig and duck meatballs, and Hong Shao Rou — they have expanded to provide other regional Chinese cuisine such as Sichuan, Cantonese, and Teochew cuisines.

Sweet treats await at this West Village staple; sample their mochi filled with black sesame paste or the squid-ink rice balls for something sweet. With long queues forming at breakfast or lunchtime, arrive early to ensure a more accessible experience – don’t miss their pork dumplings in hot oil, yellow croaker fish, and mushroom braised rice dishes, plus save room for dessert!

Cheng Jiang Noodles

Beijing-style pork cubes simmered in a dark and salty sauce are served alongside noodles and fresh vegetables in this traditional family-friendly noodle dish, creating an irresistibly satisfying bite for adults while being gentle enough for young ones. Yellow soybean paste gives this dish its distinctive pungent aroma and thick consistency thanks to fermenting yellow beans, wheat, and salt into a fermented paste, giving its signature salty, spicy sauce its distinct character.

Traditional Zha Jiang Mian is made with firm homemade noodles for an appealing thick look and chewy texture, but store-bought dried ones can work just as well. When serving this classic Chinese dish, scatter noodles and garnishes into bowls before pouring over your delicious pork sauce – then sit back and enjoy! If you prefer not to pay delivery fees on Chinese food deliveries, Grubhub+ provides free dine-in orders and just $0.99/month delivery fees!