Five Chinese Restaurants in West Haven


Uluh is an authentic modern Chinese restaurant with a tea service that elevates this beverage as an act of worship and an extensive 100-item menu that offers endless variations of traditional Chinese cuisine. Sichuan influence dominates, though there’s plenty to enjoy from Northern and Cantonese cooking styles.

Mapo tofu, simmered with chili oil and Sichuan peppercorns, is well worth trying, while cumin lamb burger is another delectable treat.

Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon offers traditional Chinese fare such as Sesame Chicken and Beef with Broccoli, along with more unique options like Dragon and Phoenix, which combines General Tso’s filling with steamed shrimp and broccoli in one half and egg rolls and steamed dumplings on the other. Additionally, this restaurant serves other Asian specialties like egg rolls and steamed dumplings.

Golden Dragon offers delicious yet budget-conscious dishes at reasonable prices, while its service is warm and professional. Conveniently situated near public parking options in the city center, there is ample parking at their location nearby – yet Google users haven’t given them high marks as customer reviewers.

This restaurant is ideal for gatherings with friends and family, featuring ample seating areas with great ambiance. However, service may not always meet expectations – occasionally, staff will not respond quickly enough to requests, making your experience frustrating if time is of the essence. Luckily, other nearby options provide similar quality services at reduced costs than this one.

Chuan Tian Xia

Shorty Tang’s two-level restaurant in Sunset Park has made an immediate, impactful statement with its opening. Honoring Taiwanese chef Shorty Tang, who helped introduce Sichuan food into Chinatown during the ’60s, its menu boasts classics from his repertoire, like cold sesame noodles and spicy beef noodle soup. Other specialties on offer include Shanghai-style lion’s head meatballs and soup dumplings and Hunan specialties such as eggplant with century egg and green chiles for smashing in a mortar and whole fish wrapped in a cooking wrapper.

Office workers in Flushing can no longer count on lunchtime Sichuan staples like Chengdu dumplings and ma po tofu as a lunchtime go-to, but that doesn’t change its quality of cuisine; Sichuan classics like fiery Chengdu dumplings and ma po tofu remain available, but also plenty more like steamed pork belly with pickled cucumber and fermented beans; ribbons of fatty beef in suan tang fei niu (intensely sour soup); and cumin lamb burgers with crunchy sear.

This upscale two-story eatery serves Cantonese cuisine, emphasizing seafood, featuring expertly carved charcuterie such as roast baby pig and three kinds of duck. Also famous are their steamed rice vermicelli filled with prawns and chicken wings, stir-fried Shanghai noodles with ground pork, and Taiwanese specialties like stinky tofu and oyster omelet.

Jian Bing

Jian bing, the famous Chinese crepe now making waves in New York City, is no longer limited to breakfast time. Popular among Chinese students for its portability and snackability, this delicious crepe can now be found across America as a convenient anytime treat.

Jianbing, commonly enjoyed with different fillings, is made of a batter of wheat and grain flour quickly cooked on a flat hotplate or pancake pan. You can top yours off with sauces, eggs, and additional toppings such as chives, scallions, crisp crackers, or minced zha cai (pickled mustard root).

Jian bing was traditionally prepared with whole grains like millet or mung bean starch ground and liquid to create the batter for this Chinese snack. Today, however, most commercially produced versions contain all-purpose flour and mung bean flour as their base ingredients, while they may also include additional starches like rice or corn flour and pre-made ingredients.

Jian bing, whether prepared with egg white, shrimp, beef, chicken, or pork, is always delicious and satisfying – especially when served alongside steamed rice or fried noodles. Additionally, this food item makes an ideal picnic choice because of its lightweight packing requirements and ability to be consumed while on the go – plus, it provides essential vegetable and protein-rich nutrition!

United China Restaurant

United China Restaurant on Eastern Blvd provides an easy solution for satisfying Chinese food cravings. Their expansive menu features delicious classic dishes like fried rice, General Tso’s chicken, pork lo mein, and raccoons – and more importantly, their food is cleaner than most take-out Chinese joints! Plus, their staff is always welcoming and helpful!

This restaurant is ideal for quick lunch or dinner meals on the go, offering mouthwatering prawns, sesame chicken, and egg rolls that won’t break the bank! With friendly and attentive service that keeps customers returning time after time – making this a favorite among locals!

Food: I had beef broccoli and almond chicken as part of my order. Both dishes were excellent, but unfortunately, the almond chicken was rubbery with very little sauce – an absolute letdown! Atmosphere: Unfortunately, the atmosphere here wasn’t very inviting as there were only plastic utensils and no authentic dishes at their counter – though their waitresses were very friendly.

The price was reasonable, and the food was excellent; I recommend this restaurant to anyone needing authentic Chinese cuisine, mainly as they provide online ordering! I will return shortly; the only drawback is that there wasn’t enough seating, so I ordered to go.