Epionce Skin Care – Optimize the Appearance and Health of Your Skin


Epionce Skin Wellness Line provides comprehensive skin wellness solutions designed by dermatologist Dr. Carl Thornfeldt to enhance the appearance and health of the skin. Recognized by professional skin health experts worldwide.

Start each morning using a gentle foaming cleanser that safely and gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Indulge in corrective treatments designed to clean pores, smooth uneven texture, and diminish blemishes for a healthier complexion.


Acne occurs when hair follicles become clogged with sebum, an oil your sebaceous glands produce to lubricate the skin, leading to dead skin cell accumulation that leads to pimples or zits. It can also affect arms and legs, often seen on the face, neck, chest, and shoulders. Although acne can be painful and embarrassing, its symptoms can be treated using over-the-counter or prescription medications and natural home remedies available today.

Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt created the Epionce product line after 20 years of intense skin research. It uses critical botanical ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to strengthen its protective mechanisms and help ward off signs of age or disease. There are four separate categories in the epionce line for cleansing, correcting, fortifying, and protecting.

Each product is paraben-, fragrance- and sulfate-free and boasts restorative botanical ingredients like multi-factorial antioxidants, barrier-boosting cholesterol, and ceramide to restore skin’s health and create a beautiful complexion.

If you suffer from acne-prone skin, try Epionce Lytic Acne Gel Cleanser. Packed with salicylic acid to unclog pores and help prevent future breakouts, this cleansing gel is gentle enough for all skin types – without drying out your complexion as some products may.

Epionce Purifying Spot Gel Blemish Clearing Tx is another excellent treatment option for acne-prone skin, offering clinically proven improvement of stubborn spots by reducing redness and helping fade dark marks.

After using a chemical peel or microdermabrasion procedure, this cream is an excellent way to replenish moisture in your skin. Packed with vital botanical ingredients that reduce fine lines and wrinkles while being suitable for all skin types, it will bring life back into your complexion!


Your face may be the centerpiece of your skin care regimen, but other body areas can also show signs of age. Epionce products are explicitly designed to cleanse, hydrate, and promote overall skin health from head to toe.

Eczema can cause itchy, dry, scaly skin that’s uncomfortable to touch, leaving your body vulnerable to infections and damage. Epionce’s products help strengthen this barrier while providing soothing effects and increasing hydration to reduce itching. Furthermore, these anti-inflammatory ingredients relieve conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and keratosis pilaris.

These products feature cleansers designed to be gentle yet effective on all skin types, from regular to oily, and those with sensitive skin, free from soaps or other detergents that could irritate their complexions. Furthermore, there’s Renewal Facial Lotion available that offers visibly tighter skin without adding extra oils.

Epionce skincare uses botanical ingredients that penetrate deep into skin layers to strengthen and hydrate it for healthier-looking results. As a cosmeceutical, non-prescription dermatological product line with over two decades of clinical skin research behind it, it provides a comprehensive system of products for various skin issues.

Carl Thornfeldt, a practicing dermatologist based out of Fruitland, Idaho, with over three decades of experience, developed the Epionce product line. His philosophy centers around treating skin with science instead of trendy treatments or fads; therefore, his products boast over 15 independent clinical studies backing their effectiveness – they can be purchased through select dermatology offices and medical spas.

Dry Skin

Cracked skin can lead to itchy or flaky patches and cause discomfort, making life increasingly challenging in cooler climates. Utilizing appropriate skin care products may help stop signs of dryness from worsening further and leave you with smooth and healthy-looking skin.

An Epionce regimen can help improve skin tone and texture while diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. This dermatologist-recommended collection of products is founded in hard science, drawing from more than two decades of clinical skin research, with potent botanical ingredients penetrating deep into your skin to strengthen its natural barrier and transform the overall appearance of your complexion.

Epionce offers an impressive product lineup consisting of cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers that work together for maximum benefit on your skin. When using skin care products, they must be applied in an orderly fashion for maximum effectiveness; start by cleansing with one that removes impurities without disrupting lipids and cells that make up your natural protective barrier, such as Milky Lotion Cleanser or Gentle Foaming Wash; following hydrate by applying rich cream like Renewal Facial Lotion before finally sealing all moisture by protecting with SPF 30 or higher face sunscreen!

Longhorn Dermatoloy’s experienced team can guide you toward the optimal products to address any particular concern with the Epionce skincare regimen. You can also visit epionce.com to learn more about their benefits and how best to implement them into daily skincare practices.

Longhorn Dermatology offers epi-pin paraben, fragrance, and sulfate-free products for healthier-looking, blemish-free, and younger-looking skin. Restorative botanical ingredients in our skincare products help unlock your natural potential for younger-looking, healthier-looking, healthier-feeling, and healthier-looking skin. Speak with an Epionce Professional about your skin concerns to create a tailored skin care plan to meet your unique needs.

Sensitive Skin

One of the more widely known skin type terms is sensitive skin. People who possess this skin type are susceptible to redness, itchiness, and other unpleasant symptoms when exposed to certain stimuli that irritate it, such as environmental elements like cold air or wind, or new perfume; it could even result from medical conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea; it could even be an indicator of hormonal changes (as experienced during pregnancy or menstruation).

Everyone may sometimes experience some degree of sensitization; however, prolonged sensitization could indicate more severe skin conditions, according to Marlys Fassett, M.D., Ph.D. of Cleveland Clinic Dermatopathology Department. Sensitization occurs when nerve endings of the skin become hypersensitive to environmental triggers or topical products, and the reaction occurs with inflammation.

If you suffer from skin conditions like this, you must find a routine to keep your skin calm and healthy. At Exceptional Dermatology Care in Fullerton, we suggest using our Cleanse & Refresh cleanser to gently remove excess oil and dirt before applying moisturizer and other treatments containing barrier-boosting ingredients that soothe while maintaining moisture balance in the skin.

Lytic Tx products provide more effective relief without irritating your skin or disrupting its barrier, depending on your needs and desires. Our skin professionals can assist in selecting an effective dosage frequency.

No matter your skin type or aesthetic goals, our team at Exceptional Dermatology Care can tailor a skincare regime that helps you attain smoother, healthier-looking skin. If you would like more information on our products or to schedule a consultation session, reach out today – we look forward to meeting you at our Fullerton location.