Jesse Plant


Plant often performs at smaller venues with his folk-rock band Priory of Brion. They play cover songs he likes while adding Zeppelin screams into their performances.

In 2007 he collaborated with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss on an album entitled Raising Sand that included both traditional music and new arrangements of Led Zeppelin songs.

Led Zeppelin

Plant, as the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, helped establish their signature sound. Drawing inspiration from blues artists Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters’ vocal styles as inspiration, Plant expanded his vocal range and expressive palette for dramatic effect – exaggerating his range and expressive palate to produce an epic and dramatic tone that was often amplified further with Indian and Arabic vocal styles that added mystery and exoticism to their music.

While recording their first three albums, the band embarked on extensive tours throughout Europe and America. While their concerts proved highly successful, the group remained relatively unknown in Britain until Bob Geldof invited them to perform at Live Aid. At first Plant and Page hesitated, but ultimately gave in and agreed to appear – the concert proved incredibly popular with attendees, helping increase its exposure in America.

Following their tour, Plant and Page traveled to North Africa in search of new musical inspiration; however, due to a car accident on Rhodes in Greece which resulted in Plant suffering a broken ankle while Maureen sustained severe injuries; during this time he composed songs for their next album entitled In Through the Out Door.

This album represented a distinct change from their prior sound, featuring heavier, more aggressive guitar and bass playing as well as more prominent keyboard use and backing vocals compared to their earlier work – likely due to guitarist Jimmy Page being more interested in exploring different sounds than exploring past ones. As such, this record became both commercial and critical success with millions sold worldwide.

Physical Graffiti was Led Zeppelin’s next foray into experimental sounds and themes, though some critics found this approach too much for some listeners. Still, Physical Graffiti sold well and gave Plant and Page an opportunity to develop their songwriting talents further.

Soon, their popularity began to decrease as they stopped touring regularly, eventually disbanding in 1975 but reconvening in 1980 for an one-off concert film and soundtrack release that became an enormous success – catapulting them back onto top charts thereafter as individual members undertook solo projects.

The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds were an influential British Invasion Rock band, pioneering new sounds like feedback and distortion that transformed British R&B and Psychedelic rock with their music. Their influence can still be felt today among heavy metal and hard rock acts alike. In 1992, they were honored by being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; most original members, with the exception of founding guitarist Top Topham who could not attend, attended this ceremony together.

Drummer Jim McCarty, bassist Chris Dreja and lead singer Robert Plant comprised the core of The Yardbirds. Plant had already established himself as a session guitarist but was looking for his own band when he heard The Yardbirds perform at a London club; instantly struck by what he heard, Plant approached Page with hopes that he might join; Page was initially reluctant but eventually gave in after seeing Robert sing with Buffalo Springfield cover band Obstweedle.

With Plant’s addition, The Yardbirds reached both their creative and commercial peaks with songs like For Your Love and Over Under Sideways Down. Teaming up with producer Mickie Most (known for producing hits for Animals, Herman’s Hermits and Donovan), who insisted upon recording more pop-oriented material. Unfortunately this did not suit their sound so The Yardbirds eventually disbanded in 1968.

Plant later joined Led Zeppelin, an immensely popular heavy metal/hard rock group featuring guitarist Jimmy Page and drummer John Bonham. Led Zeppelin became widely considered one of the most influential bands ever in rock music.

Plant has continued his musical legacy after leaving Led Zeppelin, with several solo albums released as well as collaborations with bluegrass musician Alison Krauss on two studio albums and one live release for MTV Unplugged performances.

In 1996, The Yardbirds reunited for several nostalgia gigs and started work on a new album; Birdland was released three years later to great reviews. McCarty, Dreja and new members Gypie Mayo from pub-rock band Dr. Feelgood as well as singer/bassist John Idan made up the recording lineup; Alan Glen was replaced on harmonica by Billy Boy Miskimmin of Nine Below Zero.

The New Yardbirds

As the Yardbirds began disbanding, Page assembled what would eventually become Led Zeppelin. He recruited bassist John Paul Jones – an esteemed session musician at the time – and drummer Jim McCarty from local rock band called The Band of Joy as members. Terry Reid initially planned on singing but when that failed he suggested Plant as his replacement instead.

Page and Grant shop the tapes around town for promotion by Atlantic Records’ Ahmet Ertegun who recognizes their potential and signs them up immediately – giving Page unprecedented creative control as well as landing them a contract with top promoters and managers who will help the band conquer America, which they see as rock’s next great frontier.

After months of touring, the band returns to the studio in October to record an entire album’s worth of material over two weeks – sessions which prove fruitful creatively and commercially with For Your Love (Epic 26177; 1965; #96). Following another month-long tour schedule, their inaugural live concert takes place at New York’s Beacon Theatre to benefit Arthur Lee who had recently been diagnosed with leukemia.

As they played throughout 1965-’66, the band steadily performed at both clubs and larger venues. By year’s end, they became one of England and America’s hottest tickets and are revered as one of Britain’s best live acts.

Following the emergence of psychedelic music in the early ’70s, the band experimented with more varied styles. Their second album Howlin’ Wolf (Epic 26210; 1967; #53) features more eclectic arrangements with some added psychedelic accents.

As their future appeared bright, tragedy struck in the form of a car accident on Rhodes. Plant’s wife Maureen Wilson died along with Peter Grant from the band’s assistant management; while Plant and Wilson’s son Jesse survived with severe fractured skull injuries.

Plant and Jones continued recording, culminating in their semi-hit Shaken N’ Stirred album (Atlantic LP 4084; June 1985). The record became an instant classic; during this time Plant would often perform concerts benefitting charitable causes like Birmingham Heart Beat charity.

Jesse Plant’s solo career

Jesse Plant is widely considered one of the most distinctive and influential frontmen ever. Renowned for delivering thrilling live performances and boasting an extensive discography, Plant has received critical acclaim and numerous awards throughout his career – even ranking 15th on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers list in 2001 and Hit Parader magazine honoring him with their “Greatest Lead Singer in Rock” title in 2006.

After Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980, Plant continued touring with various bands as a solo act. He released his first solo album, Pictures at Eleven in 1982 followed by The Principle of Moments three years later and, most notably, Dreamland released in 2002 with blues and folk remakes that garnered critical acclaim.

Plant collaborated with American singer Alison Krauss for Raising Sand, which won two Grammys. This album showcased Plant’s reflective side while still featuring his trademark soaring vocals.

In 2010, David revived the Band of Joy name that had first appeared during its formative days in the 1960s, featuring Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Byron House Dony Wynn and David Grissom in its ranks. They went on to perform live concerts both in America and Europe.

Reunited for concerts in England in 2021, dates were later postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic. Plant created an acoustic band called Saving Grace that performed support slots with Fairport Convention and Seth Lakeman.

Plant remains a familiar figure on stage despite controversy in his personal life, hosting several live broadcasts and the subject of many reunion rumors for Led Zeppelin with its former bandmates; although these claims have been disproved. Touring and performing regularly with other bands have continued despite such speculation; currently living in Los Angeles with his wife and three children while still enjoying playing his classic songs for audiences worldwide; an inspiration to all musicians with a distinctive and powerful voice!