Kraft Paper Business Cards


If you want a printed product that stands out while still looking bright and environmentally friendly, kraft paper business cards could be just what you’re after. Crafted of light brown paper featuring natural fiber flecks for an organic feel and offering white ink as an option for adding contrast or brightness, kraft paper cards provide an exceptional choice when creating something memorable and ecological.


Are You Eco-Conscious Or Want to Reduce Paper Waste in Your Business? Choosing eco-friendly business cards can make an immediate, impactful statement about how seriously your organization takes environmental issues while simultaneously cutting paper consumption. Made from recycled materials that reduce waste while supporting a greener future for our planet. Furthermore, eco-friendly cards tend to last longer without breaking or getting damaged quickly, which means fewer replacement costs and more excellent durability, making them the best option when giving business cards out to clients.

Many companies offer eco-friendly business card printing. To find one that abides by sustainable practices such as soy-based inks and recycled papers. They should also hold certification from an environmental group. In addition, search for one with multiple printing options and an intuitive website.

Eco-friendly business cards offer an ideal solution for anyone looking to differentiate their brand. Their natural texture gives them a distinct look and feel, which works well in designs featuring lots of blank space. Eco-friendly cards also showcase brand strength – often used by beauty and skincare products, cafes, restaurants, or supporters of green initiatives.

Kraft business cards are not only environmentally friendly but are also highly durable. Their thicker construction reduces breakage or bending. Moreover, embossing or debossing adds an elegant finish that gives these cards a luxurious appearance.

Foil stamping adds another special effect to kraft business cards, highlighting specific parts of their designs with heated metallic foil ink. It looks particularly eye-catching against its raw and rustic finish. Utilizing special effects in this way is sure to get more attention at networking events.

Kraft business cards provide many environmental advantages; one such benefit is being recyclable and biodegradable, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cards, which may harm our planet. Furthermore, printing large volumes is much simpler.


An essential tool for networking and making business connections, the business card is an integral component of marketing your brand. First impressions matter when making first contact; choose high-quality paper strong enough to withstand wear and tear in wallets or purses; for an earthier aesthetic, try Kraft business cards for maximum impact!

These cards are thicker and more durable than regular paper, featuring an impressive look and feel. Furthermore, they’re eco-friendly and can be printed in multiple colors or designs with foil stamping embellishments for an eye-catching design that will entice potential clients and colleagues.

Brown Kraft paper stands out from traditional business card stocks due to its thick and rich hue. Crafted with natural fibers and subtle visible flecks that give an organic appearance and feel, plus its eco-friendly nature with 30% recycled materials making up its paper stock – this 18pt thick card stock can also be printed using full-color printing or white ink printouts for printing options.

A kraft business card can be an effective marketing tool for your company when designed with an appealing yet simplistic aesthetic. A minimalist monogram design, for instance, can demonstrate professionalism without removing its natural aesthetic. You may add embossing, debossing, and letterpress processes for additional elegance while elevating its feel on paper.

If you’re ordering cards with white ink overprints, the color of the brown stock may become visible where no White Mask file has been applied. To prevent alignment issues during printing, create one file per artwork file to avoid potential misprinting problems – black in the mask indicates where white ink will be applied.

Ordering Kraft business cards with either CMYK printing or full-color printing options are available, although full-color is typically best for intricate or detailed designs that make the details easier to see. Full bleed printing requires larger plates and may cause some distortion along its edges.


Create an organic feel and look with our Kraft Paper option. Printed on uncoated card stock, this heavy-weight paper provides your business cards with a more natural finish while eliminating shine or glare from shine-selective printing processes. In addition, its smooth surface makes writing on them without smearing easier – perfect for beauty or skincare product manufacturers, cafes/restaurants, or simply wanting to add rustic character! Printed on uncoated card stock, this heavy-weight paper ensures they stand out.

These thick 18pt kraft business cards are an excellent way to ensure durable and eco-friendly cards for any design, especially dark-colored procedures, as the fibers of the stock show through the ink. Furthermore, you have the option of including white ink printing, which makes a striking contrast against dark colors in your design.

For an extra stunning effect, consider having your kraft business cards rounded on all four corners for a striking appearance. Not only will this add texture, but it will also protect its edges from being bent or worn out over time. Foil stamping adds another luxurious touch and helps them stand out amongst competitors.

Brown Kraft paper stands out from other documents with its distinctive look and feel, being eco-friendly while featuring visible fibers and subtle flecks for added character. Thick yet sturdy, Brown Kraft can be customized using various finishing options to make a business card that truly stands out.

Kraft business cards are an ideal way to set yourself apart in any competitive industry, from artisans and artisans’ businesses to any that strive to go green. Their earthy textures and vibrant hues will draw customers in while showing that yours is an honest business committed to an environmentally friendly message.


A Kraft business card will bring an organic feel to your brand and set you apart from competitors. It works best with simple dark designs and makes an impactful statement about eco-friendly practices while showing their individuality. The light brown hue and rough finish of its paper make this a beautiful alternative. Plus, you can have full-color images and text printed for even more vibrancy – add foil finishing for even more significant impact!

Your Kraft business cards can stand out with white ink printing! This will highlight any contrast in the colors on your design and draw more attention. Just be careful when choosing a white mask, as its file should match that of your artwork file to avoid alignment problems during printing.

Your kraft business cards can also be customized with elegant rounded corners for a sleek appearance and to protect their edges from fraying or bending, or you could order die-cut versions to make them more unique and easy to handle. A business card serves an important function: connecting potential clients. It should be both professional and long-lasting – this makes kraft cards an excellent option for beauty and skincare products, cafes, restaurants, and green initiatives.

Die-cut business cards allow you to distinguish yourself from competitors with custom business cards that stand out. Their elegant yet sophisticated look will attract customers. Foil stamping is also famous for creating lasting impressions; foil stamping on Kraft business cards looks beautiful while emphasizing critical information on each card. You can further personalize these cards by adding unique designs or logos that reflect your identity.