Midsouth Has Hornady 25 06 Rifle Brass in Stock


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Hornady rifle brass offers reloaders tight tolerances, uniform concentricity, and consistent weight for improved bullet seating and superior accuracy that commodity cases cannot provide. Each issue is hand inspected and weight sorted to achieve maximum accuracy potential.


Hornady offers unprimed brass cases that are reliable and consistent, providing optimal bullet seating in both subject and chamber for optimal velocity and accuracy. Furthermore, each lot of Hornady cases in any given caliber is nearly identical, so you can count on consistent pressures, speed, and accuracy every time you reload your rifle or pistol.

Hornady’s 6.5 Creedmoor brass is designed with precision, attention to detail, and dedication to perfection – qualities that have established them as world leaders in bullets and ammunition production. Each piece of brass undergoes constant wall concentricity measurements and pressure tests for uniform expansion, thus producing consistent charges and pressures and ensuring your bullet fits securely within both case and chamber.

Hornady Brass can help any shooter maximize their potential and realize their shooting goals. Crafted with superior quality and durability, its manufacturing is optimized to speed up reloading time so you can spend more time shooting! If you’re searching for quality Hornady brass at an affordable price, OpticsPlanet provides reliable sources backed by legendary Hornady quality standards – make your selection today.


Picking out Rifle Brass is essential to successful reloading. At Midsouth, we carry high-quality, unprimed rifle cartridge cases from multiple manufacturers, such as Hornady and Nosler, for you to select from. They are designed to stand the test of time and be reused numerous times. Plus, we offer once-fired brass so that you can reuse old ammunition!

Nosler Reloading Rifle Brass is manufactured in the USA with superior materials, using precise dimensional standards and tolerances, to ensure smooth feeding and positive chambering. Nosler brass also undergoes stringent quality controls to ensure maximum accuracy and consistency potential – arriving ready to reload with deburred case mouths and punched flash holes (magnum calibers may require drilling).

Norma Brass Shooters Pack is an economical option for hand loaders looking to save some money while still receiving high-quality cases. Produced by Norma and sold in convenient quantities, these cases are manufactured from premium raw materials with precise tolerances and then annealed to their ideal hardness for extended case life. Furthermore, each case is weight-sorted before shipping out so as to maintain consistent measurements and capacities that ensure accurate ammunition.

Norma Brass boasts tight wall concentricity that helps ensure proper bullet seating in both the case and chamber of your firearm and aids consistent bullet flight. Produced in the USA, this brass is fully prepped and ready for reloading as it has been hand inspected, weight sorted, and deburred of flash holes prior to hand inspection and weight sorting for accuracy.


Nosler premium unprimed rifle brass comes from factory new stock and is delivered weight sorted, sized, trimmed, and deburred for optimal loading performance. Perfect for target shooting, hunting, and 3-gun competitions, as well as lever-action rifles and semiautomatic pistols.

The 35 Remington cartridge is a favorite among hunters, providing power and penetration. With its large caliber and heavy bullet weight, this rifle can take down big game animals in just one shot. Furthermore, this cartridge is well known for its accuracy due to being suitable for lever-action and pump-action rifles alike. To maximize the performance of this ammunition, make sure it comes from high-quality brass cases manufactured according to stringent standards.

As well as selecting the appropriate firearm and bullet, it is also essential to take into account powder charge and barrel temperature when selecting ammunition for your rifle or shotgun. These elements will impact its performance and accuracy; to get maximum use from both, consistent powder charges will help ensure you use a combination of powder weights that optimize performance for each specific rifle model.

If you want the best results with your reloading brass, use #LYMAN-CASE-PAD as a lubrication pad – a sizeable cloth-covered place in a hinged plastic box with an adhesive lid – when pressing against brass. Simply turn over and push against this pad while turning over each brass cartridge so as to apply just a trace amount of lubricant; this will prevent sticking issues in sizing dies and ensure proper formation.

Reloading requires several steps, such as sizing, tumbling, and drying. To ensure that cases are sanitized before loading them back onto your rifle, a reloading kit that includes a reloading sizing die, and case mouth expander should be used – this will prevent stretched-out cases that won’t chamber into your rifle from becoming stretched-out out of shape and lead to failed chambering attempts. Once patients have been cleaned and dried thoroughly, they should be trimmed and chamfered before being trimmed & lubricated using #LYMAN-CASE-LUBE before loading them back on.


Winchester brass cartridge cases are carefully designed to meet the rigorous quality and performance standards set forth by ammunition reloaders. Available in various calibers, it features a polished finish to reduce case wear during reloading as well as consistent diameter and capacity to improve accuracy.

As well as offering significant reloading advantages, this brass is durable and can be used repeatedly without degrading in quality over time. Crafted in the US to stringent quality control standards, you can count on getting high-grade products every time!

No matter if you are an amateur or professional shooter, Winchester brass cartridge cases offer many uses for both target shooting and hunting – as they’re versatile and can accommodate different bullet types easily, making them a good option for target practice as well as hunting varmints and deer.

One of the most widely used rifle cartridges is the.270 Winchester, an ideal all-arounder for a medium-sized game. It offers balanced performance with manageable recoil – perfect for beginners as well as experienced shooters alike. However, for rimfire users looking for their ideal round, consider trying out the.22 WRF instead.

The 44-40 Winchester cartridge, developed in the late 1870s, is another popular rifle cartridge used by lever-action rifles and single-action revolvers alike. Renowned for its historical significance and versatile use among hunters of all skill levels alike.

Winchester brass cartridge cases are engineered to exact tolerances to provide smooth feeding and positive chambering, and their quality control standards are among the highest in the industry. As such, Winchester stands as a top brand in ammo reloading components. Their unprimed brass cartridge cases also boast precise tolerances, ensuring accurate firing with consistent weight/capacity profiles throughout.

STAR243WINEU Rifle 243 Winchester Brass is proudly made in the United States using only premium, properly head-stamped cases with consistent metallurgy. Their precision brass is vertically drawn to reduce wall thickness variation and uniform annealing – they even anneal all of their brass multiple times to remove any potential dent or flaws.