Sonny Side – Food Blogger and YouTuber


Sonny Side is an international food blogger and YouTuber known for exploring local cuisine around the globe and helping his followers avoid allergens.

He is the creator of the Best Ever Food Review Show YouTube channel, which explores cuisines from around the globe. This channel boasts over 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

She is a Vietnamese woman.

Sonny Side, an American food-lover YouTuber who has won over many viewers with his charming commentary and adventurous spirit, has won their hearts with his delicious food reviews and willingness to try new foods despite getting messy. Furthermore, Sonny is an avid traveler, having traveled all over the globe.

Sonny records videos where he samples cuisines from around the globe and shares his experiences and travels on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube; his YouTube channel, Best Ever Food Review Show, boasts over 9 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views!

Sonny is known for creating food review shows on YouTube and has collaborated with several other YouTubers. His most notable video, the cheese sandwich challenge, has attracted over 5 million views!

Sonny Side’s wife, Kim, hails from Vietnam. Since the start of his career, she has been part of his team, working alongside him to produce videos and manage social media accounts for his audience growth. While details regarding their personal lives remain unknown, Kim has an impressive following on Instagram.

She is a mother of two.

Sonny Side is an enthusiastic food enthusiast. His popular YouTube channel, Best Ever Food Review Show, boasts an immense following; he reviews delicious yet unusual cuisine from around the globe, sharing his culinary adventures on social media with viewers worldwide. His engaging personality and hilarious videos quickly became favorites among foodies everywhere!

His entertaining commentary and friendly personality have garnered millions of YouTube and Facebook subscribers and even earned him a Patreon account where followers can gain early access to videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes material. His channel offers an engaging way for people to explore new cultures, cuisines, and destinations while having a blast!

Sonny prefers to keep his personal life private. He is married with two children, has a dog named Peppy and a cat named Pumpkin, and enjoys traveling and cooking in his free time.

Sonny prefers Chinese food, though he enjoys exploring all types of cuisine. He particularly appreciates spicy and sweet flavors; Sonny is an avid hiker and self-proclaimed beer expert. In his early years, he was quite overweight, overeating, often wearing a red scarf around his head for added decoration – yet has since slimmed down significantly and now sports a more toned body.

She is a model.

Sonny Side is a YouTube food and travel vlogger known for attempting all cuisines and creating videos combining humor with food to draw millions of viewers to his videos. Additionally, he hosts a popular food-focused podcast.

He launched his YouTube channel in 2015 and quickly amassed an enormous following. His content covers food and travel topics, music videos, and short films; additionally, he boasts over one million Facebook fans and 10+ million YouTube subscribers.

He travels the globe filming videos of himself sampling cuisines from every imaginable continent. He is well known for his entertaining comments and sense of adventure, from street vendors to fine dining restaurants and visiting locations that don’t usually cater to tourists.

He is a globally beloved YouTuber with millions of dollars, garnering many fans worldwide. Yet, despite this stardom and worldwide following, he has maintained a level of privacy in his personal life, not revealing details of his family or name when talking about himself as “Sonny.” Keeping their relationship private means they have not spoken publicly about her or discussed related matters.

She is a writer.

Sonny Side, known as The Best Ever Food Review Show on YouTube and social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine, travels the globe trying new dishes. His YouTube channel now has over 8.37 million subscribers, while other social media accounts follow closely. Sonny enjoys cooking as his passion as much as traveling, mountain climbing, and photography – three hobbies shared between all these interests.

Sonny uses his videos to explore various types of food from street vendors and fancy restaurants while maintaining his humorous approach and storytelling abilities to deliver an exceptional dining experience. Furthermore, Sonny offers insight into the cultural aspects and history surrounding each visit he makes.

He boasts a massive following on both Instagram and Facebook, with videos being watched over 2.4 billion times. As well as being an accomplished chef and travel enthusiast, he enjoys exotic cuisine and engaging with his followers through online social media platforms.

His first YouTube video featured a cheese sandwich; since then, it has amassed over 9 million subscribers. With his humorous commentary and infectious personality gaining millions of fans, he is an inspiring figure for food enthusiasts worldwide.

Sonny has also appeared in popular television programs like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Cooking Channel, in addition to numerous television commercials. Additionally, Sonny has won various awards and recognitions for his work.