What Are We Learning Today Clipart?


Teachers rely heavily on graphics when developing classroom materials, lesson worksheets, and student reports. Furthermore, teachers use them for presentations, social media banners, and other creative projects.

These graphics typically come in either bitmap or vector formats; bitmap images contain pixels, while vector graphics use curves and points calculated according to mathematical formulae.

What is clip art?

Clip art pictures are graphic elements designed to amplify visuals in creative projects like presentations, social media banners, custom greeting cards or gift card designs, worksheets for kids, and infographics. Clipart images come in various design styles, file formats, and licensing types, such as public domain or rights-managed.

Before the digital revolution, people would commonly cut illustrations from printed media and paste them onto new materials or layouts they were working on. With computers becoming more affordable and widely accessible, graphic designers found it simpler to access electronic files to pull images out and add them directly into designs, giving rise to what became known as “clip art.”

Illustrators usually create clipart produced today without knowing for what specific projects it will be used, making the art generic enough to fit a wide variety of uses and situations. Furthermore, packs (commonly known as sets) of similar images make searching more accessible, allowing you to locate what idea best meets your purpose quickly.

Clipart can be found for relatively little expense or free online. From simple inspiration pieces to large libraries of ready-made graphics, multiple sources for clipart are available online.


Clip art first entered mainstream usage before digital technologies became widespread. It emerged from the general practice of physically cutting images out of preexisting printed works for use in new publishing projects, using them in collage style on mechanical templates of paper representing a scale-size reproduction of finished printed works. T/Maker used Macintosh computers’ ability to provide bit-mapped black and white graphics by publishing small retail collections of “serious” clip art for business/organizational use on single-sided floppy discs, which utilized public domain line art as sources for these earliest releases.


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Places to get them

Many websites provide free clip art sourced from public domain images. These websites are usually easy to navigate and contain multiple categories of photos and graphics for design projects and presentations. Some even feature search engines to locate images based on keywords quickly.

Other sites specialize in specific kinds of images; one such website features an expansive library of clip art featuring animals and educational clips, which can help classroom projects and foster creativity and critical thinking skills in students. Furthermore, this blog-driven site also shares educational ideas and lessons.

This site provides students and teachers with over 77,000 high-quality educational clipart, each available for download with multiple image sizes and source details for proper citation in school projects. Furthermore, there are no advertisements or pop-ups present on this website.

Vecteezy offers an abundance of vector images in free and premium formats for download – over 50,000 total in PNG and SVG formats alone – that keep their collection current through community contributions.

Design Cuts offers stunning premium clipart for unique and eye-catching designs and offers commercial and personal usage licenses with lifetime download guarantees.