The Best History Podcasts


These podcasts make learning history an engaging journey, providing new facts and stimulating fresh ways of thinking while entertaining you. Their casual presentation creates the feeling of conversing with friends as you acquire knowledge.

Bad people are fascinating, and this podcast explores their darker sides throughout history. Additionally, it’s an engaging listen for anyone interested in folklore or macabre themes.

History As It Happens

History podcasts provide an engaging way to gain a greater insight into a country’s past from the comfort of your home. No matter your knowledge level or whether you’re just starting history, there is bound to be an audio cast for everyone – novice learners or advanced enthusiasts looking for additional learning material.

These popular history podcasts take various approaches to covering history. Ranging from bite-size episodes ideal for commuters to full-length marathons, each podcast offers its distinct angle on historical events and figures.

Some podcasts focus on specific issues like slavery in 1619 or a monarch’s reign; others explore historical moments with long-term consequences that affect the modern day. No matter their topic of focus, hosts present their research entertainingly and engagingly.

Other podcasts explore less severe historical details that won’t make textbooks. For instance, Ridiculous History humorizes Pringle’s history; listeners will quickly become fascinated with its past! With such lighthearted hosts providing education while laughing it off!

Behind the Bastards

Tone, tenor, and research are essential in selecting a history podcast, but sometimes you need something with more edge. Behind the Bastards goes beyond simply recounting history’s bad guys with a fascinating insight into their real lives – this must-listen podcast should interest anyone wanting to gain more knowledge about historical figures and events!

Tom and Dominic lead their audience through historical events while exploring human nature along the way, asking thought-provoking questions. Each episode provides knowledge and imagination. Though it might be too advanced for casual listeners, history buffs will enjoy this podcast!

Neil MacGregor, former Director of the British Museum, brings his expertise to this podcast, which examines the history of various objects. Each episode focuses on one object, while its hosts discuss all its twists and turns before arriving where it stands today. Perfect for history enthusiasts looking for new things.

Stuff the British Stole

At its height, the British Empire stole much. These objects now reside in various genteel institutions across the UK and the world with placards commemorating their theft, but what’s their true history? Each episode of Stuff, the British Stole explores one contested artifact in depth to take listeners on an entertaining yet educational adventure into its past. Some attacks may include humorous or tragic episodes.

Beginning November 1st, this popular podcast produced for Australian television and Canada’s CBC, will return with new episodes featuring Walkley-winning journalist Marc Fennell (Mastermind, The Feed, The Project). He uncovers stories of failed heists, war, intrigue, and heroism all around the globe.

Fennell has designed the first three episodes with Britain’s dynamic political environment in mind, using objects to highlight current affairs directly. From a Koh-i-Noor diamond stolen from Maharaja Duleep Singh at an adolescent age to the Shellal mosaic from a Palestinian village taken during an illegal confiscation raid – Fennell’s show provides much insight into what it means for a country so keen on flaunting its imperial past to come to terms with its colonial past through objects taken as evidence against colonial legacy and colonial history.

The History Chicks

Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider began this homegrown podcast, launched in 2011, to examine the lives and legacies of historic women in every episode. From queens, empresses, philanthropists, scientists, artists, outlaws, and murderesses to lesser-known histories – their attacks provide information and captivating details of those who made an impression in history.

The History of Rome, another prominent podcast, combines meticulous research with captivating storytelling for an enjoyable listening experience. If you love Roman Empire history and want to know about it, this podcast should be at the top of your playlist!

Maritime history may not be the most mainstream podcast topic, but The Maritime History Podcast is worth listening to. Hosted by Lee Accomando – who loves his subject – The show provides informative and entertaining episodes, whether your interest lies with Ubaid people or Persian Navy naval tactics! Additionally, it is available through Wondery, Apple Podcast, or Spotify.

Ridiculous History

This podcast is an entertaining way to gain knowledge of history. Each episode explores one historical object and its journey up until now, with lighthearted humor that all audiences can enjoy!

Although episodes of this podcast may be briefer than others, each covers an event of significance from world history in concise episodes. Max Pearson from BBC is adept at interviewing experts while weaving his facts together to deliver an educational yet entertaining history podcast.

This podcast delves deep into the lesser-known stories of American slavery, drawing from sources like Malcolm Gladwell to illuminate aspects of our nation’s past that may have been forgotten or misunderstood. With over 250 episodes already produced, its backlog makes this an excellent way to understand America’s most turbulent chapter.

The History Hour

History podcasts offer a fantastic array of learning experiences. There are comprehensive world histories that take listeners back from ancient civilization to modernity and in-depth era-specific shows that focus solely on one specific period in history.

Once you know which kind of history piques your curiosity, the next step should be finding podcasts that resonate. Many are narrative-style offerings; others might offer lecture-like conversations.

Ridiculous History offers an entertaining mix of comedy and history for history enthusiasts who prefer more lighthearted podcasting experiences. Stuff the British Stole should also be on your listening list if you are fascinated with artifacts with an extraordinary past – from their origins through time!

History of the Human Race

No matter your podcast taste, these exciting shows will keep your ears happy! From empire-spanning histories to mysteries, these captivating podcasts provide captivating entertainment – with charismatic hosts who know precisely when and how to slow things down for dramatic effect or speed things up as necessary.

This BBC Radio production from the former director of the British Museum is an exquisite treat for history enthusiasts. Each episode focuses on one object and how its story fits within human civilization – each episode remains fresh and engaging even after 1,000 attacks!

Lore is an immersive podcast, TV show, and book that takes viewers on an atmospheric journey through historical true crimes and legends. Known for its well-researched stories of urban legends, fake news, mysteries, and urban legends, Lore is immensely popular due to this fact alone.

The hardcore History podcast from Dan Carlin can be an acquired taste but has earned itself a loyal audience for its quality and thorough research. Each episode dives deeply into an aspect of history while asking, “What drives humans?”

History of the World in 100 Objects

There is an incredible range of podcasts out there covering every subject imaginable; choosing one should be easy! Listening to several episodes should give you a feel for its host and production process; once this is established, decide whether its length suits your commute or deep dive on a road trip.

Lore is an intriguing podcast for anyone who appreciates dark and compelling tales, offering bi-weekly episodes about tragic events and bizarre creatures from history. Malcolm Gladwell hosts this show, often revisiting past episodes to challenge existing wisdom; from discussing why Wilt Chamberlain had worse free throws than his rivals to looking into historical figures that have been misrepresented, this program will make you question your assumptions and challenge conventional wisdom.