The Best Hibachi Near Me in NYC


Teppanyaki restaurants provide an unforgettable dining experience, making it the ideal place for families, special celebrations, and entertaining coworkers.

Chefs in these restaurants go beyond simply cooking; they provide entertainment by tossing egg yokes or creating onion volcanoes for their guests.

Banzai Hibachi

Banzai Hibachi offers an inviting decor and delicious Japanese cuisine in an informal, welcoming setting. Their staff provides excellent service and specializes in tasty ice cream flavors – making this place the perfect place to experience authentic Japanese dining! Enjoy their tasty sushi rolls, fillet steaks, and prawns – plus delicious dessert options like their tasty dessert ice cream.

The chefs at this restaurant offer an entertaining show while preparing your meal. Choose from chicken, shrimp, or filet mignon hibachi before pairing it with steamed rice, vegetables, and homemade dipping sauces. Plus, if desired, you can even have noodles added!

This Japanese restaurant offers the ideal spot for an enjoyable dining experience with friends or family. Boasting an inviting modern design and offering hibachi and sushi meals, among many other items on their extensive menu, their friendly chefs make for an enjoyable dining experience – plus, they even provide private tables so guests can experience intimate dining sessions!

While both teppanyaki and hibachi utilize iron plates, the primary distinction between these styles lies in the way each uses flat iron grills – explicitly designed to cook small sidings such as rice, vegetables, and eggs – while hibachi features circular grills with open grates that can accommodate more oversized food items. Teppanyaki typically emphasizes precise knifework, while hibachi features less theatrical presentation techniques.

This restaurant’s chefs offer an exciting show, complete with onion volcanoes and shrimp appetizers while cooking your meal. Their menu offers both hibachi and sushi cuisines as well as sashimi and nigiri for casual dates or group dining events; their chef-attended tables can accommodate up to 10 guests, making this venue ideal for celebrations of any kind.

Osaka Hibachi & Sushi Bar

Osaka Hibachi & Sushi Bar offers Japanese cuisine that is both delectable, enjoyable, and memorable – the ideal venue to discover it all! With their dining experience centered on the tableside preparation of meals right before your eyes – whether at one of their hibachi tables or sushi bars, their culinary masters provide lively yet entertaining shows as they craft your delicious dinner or sushi lunch.

Osaka Special Restaurant in Osaka serves lunch and dinner daily and features an extensive menu ranging from hibachi-style cooked meals to fresh sushi and sashimi. Their signature dish, The Osaka Special, features shrimp, chicken, and beef with their famous homemade sauce. Or try one of their specialty rolls like Spider Roll or Eel Cucumber Roll!

Osaka is known for its delicious pressed sushi, introduced in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These hand-pressed items feature rice boiled in kombu cooking stock flavored with sugar and mirin (sweet cooking sake). Pressed sushi was frequently served between acts in plays.

Osaka is famous for its delicious Kobe beef, prepared on an electric grill before being served alongside vegetables and a bowl of rice. Osaka sushi chefs create dining experiences unlike any other with each bite they craft using only ingredients that best enhance each element in each meal.

Osaka offers guests an exceptional dining experience. Their staff will treat you like family, whether seated at a hibachi table or sushi bar – their dedication to quality and customer service has cemented Osaka as an industry leader in Japanese cuisine.

Sakura Hibachi & Sushi Bar

Hibachi restaurants in NYC provide many choices when searching for one to suit any taste or budget, from casual affairs to grand experiences. The Japanese food scene here boasts numerous ramen shops, izakayas, and Michelin-star sushi joints, among which the best offer casual flings while providing unforgettable grand experiences.

Sakura provides an exciting dining experience. Sit around a table with friends or family while the chefs at your table entertain while you dine, using tools, juggling flames, and cooking delicious food right before you!

The menu at Tatsu offers an impressive array of traditional Japanese cuisines, such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura. Perfect for date nights, family meals, or large group outings, their staff is extremely welcoming and helpful.

This restaurant is a true gem in the Upper West Side; though small, it offers excellent food. Their sushi selection is very fresh, and the chefs provide entertaining service.

Take out-of-town guests looking for an authentic New York experience to this fantastic restaurant! Its owners are very welcoming, and the food is exceptional; sushi rolls are fresh, while their tender steak makes for a delightful dining experience.

Sushi reigns supreme in three-figure omakase dining experiences, but tempura was long overlooked in fine-dining recognition – until now. Masa, one of only five three Michelin Star restaurants nationwide, currently holds on to three Michelin Stars, thus ensuring it offers unparalleled dining experiences within New York and comes at a comparable cost.

Ayame Hibachi Bar

NYC’s Japanese restaurant scene is as varied and expansive as its cuisine. From expertly skewered chicken to exquisite sushi, NYC is home to it all – as well as casual options like izakayas and ramen spots that offer more relaxed and truly memorable dining experiences.

Hibachi (referred to in the US as teppanyaki) combines dinner and entertainment into one package. Diners sit around an iron griddle where chefs ignite flames while expertly chopping, tossing, and juggling food before dishing out soy-laced meals hot off the grill.

Ayame offers an exciting modern take on traditional hibachi dining. Their expansive menu offers guests something different than many other restaurants on this list. The space features a lovely outdoor seating area for an enjoyable and delicious dining experience. Make Ayame your next choice for an exciting dining experience.

Reviews for Ayame are generally positive, and the teppanyaki chefs have often been described as entertaining. Popular dishes here include fried rice, seaweed salad, and teriyaki chicken, with reasonable pricing and friendly service completing this dining experience.

Shalom Japan in LES stands as evidence that American diversity remains strong. Run by an engaging chef/owner couple, they serve fun fusion dishes like Manischewitz-based cocktails and Matzoh Ball Soup Ramen that will impress customers.

Inoru Hibachi Bar

Inoru Hibachi Bar offers an enjoyable dining experience, perfect for family dining. Diners sit at tables equipped with built-in grills where chefs perform entertaining tricks before them. Food is delicious with its fresh flavors and zesty sauces; large groups can also reserve an area exclusively for parties.

Hibachi and teppanyaki are frequently used interchangeably in the US, yet there’s something special about watching a chef cook right before you. He or she whirls tools around with abandon, tosses ingredients around like balls of clay, creates dishes from various meats, vegetables, and noodles in front of diners’ eyes… and creates unforgettable culinary memories!

EN Japanese Brasserie offers an authentic and relaxing dining experience in NYC’s West Village. This hibachi restaurant provides an assortment of sushi rolls, small plates, and three EN Kaiseki tasting menus; there is an impressive selection of Japanese whisky and carefully crafted signature cocktails for beverages.

This restaurant is ideal for any group outing with friends or dates alike. The staff is welcoming, the food delicious, and worth every penny spent for an experience that will remain unforgettable in your memory forever. Waiters and chefs are lively and energetic – making this truly memorable! Plus, the decor features cute cherry blossoms on the ceiling and cute anthropomorphic foxes painted onto walls – not to mention flat screens where you can watch your favorite sport live!