6000 Square Foot House Plans


Use this calculator to quickly calculate dimensions from given length and width measurements of a rectangular area; it is beneficial when building or estimating costs associated with homes, garages, decks, or other projects.

Stone walls, board and batten siding, and cedar shakes give this European-inspired house its timeless aesthetic, while inside, there’s plenty of luxurious finishes and grand details.

Lot Size

Finding a lot size that meets all your needs is an important decision that will have far-reaching ramifications for everything from your budget to building space on your property. Luckily, there are some guidelines available that can help guide this decision-making process and guide your selection accordingly.

Many governing municipalities require minimum lot sizes in order to accommodate houses; this should serve only as a general guideline and actual requirements will depend on your locality, building bylaws, and other considerations. Before purchasing your lot, contact your planning department in order to understand its specific specifications.

The average lot size in the US stands at approximately 8177 square feet, much smaller than what was typical back in 1992 (about 10,000 square feet). This reduction can be attributed to land shortages or an increase in demand for homes, as well as any number of other factors.

As well as considering the overall lot size, you must also factor in space needed for parking and utilities like septic tanks and gas pipes that will be on site. Make sure these items do not overlap too closely to prevent contamination of nearby products.

If you want a more considerable lot, it is ideal to select one at least a quarter acre in size. This will enable you to build a large house while leaving enough outdoor amenities and making any future renovations that may arise easier – mainly if plans involve adding another bedroom or solarium.

Living Areas

House plans with an area of 6000 square feet offer ample living areas, giving families plenty of room to spread out and relax in their new home. Many feature large, open spaces that can be utilized for living, dining, cooking, and storage needs.

No matter what style of home you prefer, these exquisite homes exude elegance and functionality. This single-story traditional house stands out with its beautiful facade comprised of stonework, cedar shakes, board and batten siding, and board and batten siding.

Its spacious layout provides enough room for five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry area, and a three-car garage. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a stunning combination of stone and stucco with gable rooflines and decorative columns adorning its grand entrance, while inside, high ceilings and a line of sight that extends throughout living areas complete the experience.


Kitchens are typically large spaces containing an abundance of cabinetry, appliances, and other fixtures that must adhere to TDLR standards for design and compliance, such as providing 34″ high max knee space under sinks as well as storage and ventilation facilities.

This 6000 square foot house design provides ample living space, featuring bedrooms, bathrooms, and open living areas on the main level, as well as a master suite with his/her baths and closets on the top floor. Its charming exterior is enhanced by cedar shake rooflines, cedar shakes and board and batten siding accentuated with stone accents and barn shutters; additionally, there’s also a basement media room and bedroom, attached garage as well as foundation plans that measure 1/4″ scale for each level showing room dimensions, partitions/windows/doors as well as cross sections detailing framing construction, flooring & roofing details & construction details on every level for ultimate living space in each group! This plan also comes complete with foundation plans drawn to a 1/4″ scale for each class which displays room dimensions/wall partitions/windows/doors etc, and cross sections showing details such as framing construction, etc. for each group showing room dimensions/wall partitions/window/roof/rooftop deck/roof roofing details on every level along with cross sections showing details such as framing construction/roofing construction/roofing details in each group and roof/roof details as well as details of preparing construction/roof roofing construction details that may help guide building projects and also show foundation plans showing plans drawn to 1/4″ scale showing room partition/ door locations/cross sections showing framing construction/ro roofing details including cross-section/or roofing construction details on which level. This plan offers room dimensions/door location/roof construction/roooro roofing details for framing construction/roo roofing construction details, roof/roof construction details, more information, etc. This plan details from construction/r roofing construction details/r roofing details/rco details to roofing/rr roofing details of fram/r roof construction details/r/r Roof details/r/floor details/r/rr details showing from/ or roofing details from cross-section to details showing from cells showing cross-section showing from construction/r/ roof etc /r/r or roofing projects or roofing that detail where roofing work would occur and more importantly roof coverage details/r re-roof details which roof or roofing requirements/ floor details of flooring/r roofing details from this plan etc…