Build a Bakery Bling Gingerbread House


Holidays are an opportunity for family fun and creating new traditions, so why not build a bakery-themed gingerbread house together? Not only is this activity great fun, but it also teaches kids about Christmas traditions while strengthening motor skills as they squeeze icing to add gumdrops and candy beads onto their creations!

Family Time

Building a gingerbread house together can be an engaging way for families to spend quality time and create holiday memories that last a lifetime. Not only is it fun for kids, but adults can get involved as well! Building your gingerbread house together makes an excellent activity to get into the holiday spirit.

Bakery Bling offers this stunning kit with everything you need to create an eye-catching gingerbread mansion, including pre-baked gingerbread walls and roof pieces, glittery sugar sprinkles, royal icing, edible decor such as mini wreaths and snowmen, as well as edible decor such as pink Christmas trees. While this icing comes ready-to-use out of the package, massage it for two minutes for added softness or adhesiveness if it fails.

Williams Sonoma provides another excellent option for upgrading their gingerbread houses this year: this kit. It contains pre-cut pieces designed to snap together easily, plastic tips, and a high-quality icing mix that will secure its structure well; candy pieces and piping bags also make decorating simpler than ever! While more costly than some kits, its festive packaging makes this an excellent gift idea.

Reese’s Bakery Bling may be just what your family needs if traditional gingerbread houses don’t do it for them. With chocolate cookie pieces and Reese’s candy, all preassembled into this kit for easy assembly – not made from traditional gingerbread, this set makes a fun holiday treat instead.

This Peanuts-themed gingerbread house is an excellent way to pass the time leading up to Christmas. Crafted from chocolate cookie pieces – which makes a refreshing change from classic graham crackers – as well as fruity gummies and gum drops for decoration, kids can use the included icing pen to outline characters such as Gramma Nutt, Princess Frostine or King Kandy and then fill in details using candy selections provided.

Family Tradition

Building a gingerbread house together can become an enjoyable family tradition that you look forward to every year. Not only does it give your kids something fun to look forward to during the holidays, but forming this annual ritual helps children feel secure and loved while making holiday activities even more exciting and memorable.

The best gingerbread houses provide children with plenty of options that let their imagination run wild while also being easy to put together. Your child may prefer adding candy from Trolls and Minions or more traditional piped decorations inspired by wooden houses in Suzdal, Russia; whatever their tastes, there’s sure to be a kit out there for everyone. Additionally, some kits use industrial cookies, which have more robust structures than traditional cookie dough, so no baking time or space is necessary before decorating; this makes decorating easier for families that lack counter space or time before decorating their house!

Creative freedom should always be encouraged in children. If you want them to follow instructions easily on a gingerbread house kit, choose one with step-by-step directions or one that comes pre-baked and assembled so you save even more time.

Consideration should also be given to how much space there is available for displaying the gingerbread house once finished. As many kits are intended to remain on display through the holidays, take time into account before needing to store or consume your creation.

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, consider the Cookies United mini gingerbread house kit. It includes essential decor items like golden pearls and a holiday-themed mix that make this house stand out. Unfortunately, its manufacture in a facility that processes tree nuts and peanuts may make this product unsuitable for those with dietary restrictions.

For advanced decorators, consider the Bakery Bling Gingerbread House Kit. It offers more stylized designs and pastel accessories that take it further. Furthermore, it comes with an interactive guide that helps plan out color schemes if your kids prefer something different from what the kit suggests.