Becky’s House (Movie Review)


Jeff & Jer received an unexpected call from Becky, who was being held captive by her husband. Her caller was in shock and fear.

She described being trapped inside of a house by one-way fog, hearing voices that told her to escape but became increasingly loud and discordant as she tried to leave.

The story

Becky’s House, run by Road to Hope – an Erie and Ottawa county nonprofit serving women in need – provides temporary recovery housing and recovery support services for women in recovery or housing transition. All its beds have been filled since it opened early last year; on Thursday, the mental health board approved funding for this facility.

Becky’s House tells the tale of a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. Her partner forbade her from working or seeing friends, would often physically assault her, threatened to kill their 4-year-old son, and left no escape routes open to her. Consequently, she felt utterly helpless.

Becky found sanctuary at Katharine House Hospice, where its staff and volunteers provided comfort during this trying time. With her solid morals and never-say-die attitude, she never hesitated to volunteer at the local food bank, take part in fundraising events, support various women’s charities, or participate in marches or demonstrations that promoted social justice.

Aunt Becky Cable was an inspiring figure of numerous talents and industry. Born in Carter County and later moved with her family to Cades Cove, her home, made of lumber sourced from Cable Mill, is a beloved landmark in town today. Aunt Becky was known for her generosity; for instance, donating land for Cable School, which provided vital education opportunities for local children.

Investigators conducted an intensive search of her neighborhood for surveillance footage and discovered that her next-door neighbors, the Heimanns, had installed a camera. While it did not record images from the night of Becky’s murder, search records on Tim Bliefnick’s computer coincided with information found about a person caught entering Becky’s house via video surveillance; these search records had been made shortly after an intruder had been seen on video by Tim’s camera.

The setting

Becky is an angry young girl whose mother passed away recently, who has an estranged relationship with both of her parents, Jeff and Kayla (Jeff’s girlfriend), as well as Ty (Kayla’s son) until Ty arrives and confronts Becky over Kayla and Ty’s arrival, forcing Becky to flee with Diego her Cane Corso dog and eventually build a small fort in the woods where she keeps all of her essential possessions such as Canadian coin, bird skull and key (the latter having bow in the form of valknut shape).

In another scene from the film, Becky is interrogated by two law enforcement officers and becomes defiant and vague when discussing her past. Matt Angel plays one of them and becomes increasingly exasperated at Becky’s behavior during their interrogation session.

Home, the farmhouse feels like a comfortable retreat with natural fiber rugs and linen upholstery that create an intimate environment. The design prioritizes livability over formality by including heirloom accent pieces and favorite artworks; dark tones – such as a floor-to-ceiling stone wall in the family room – add depth so the otherwise neutral color scheme doesn’t become monotonous.

I recommend this gorgeous place with amazing scenery and fantastic hosts to anyone! I cannot give enough praise!

This property’s prime location, just a short walk from the beach, makes it the ideal spot for those wanting to spend time by the water. From snorkeling and swimming to fishing and more, guests will have everything they need here – as well as a fitness center and free private parking available on-site!

While on your stay, you will meet Becky. A snobby villager who adores makeup and gossiping, Becky also prides herself on her sarcasm and rudeness. Becky may clash with lazy villagers who don’t care about appearance or diet or jock villagers due to similar rude personalities; however, she gets along great with cranky and ordinary villagers and can even tame a wolf as proof that she may not be so judgmental after all!

The characters

Teenage girls tend to exhibit mood swings and an aggressive streak, which can be difficult for those around them. This is especially true of 13-year-old Becky, who’s still angry over her mother’s recent death and her father’s decision to start a new relationship with Kayla (Amanda Brugel) and their son Ty. Furthermore, Becky was dismayed to discover she must leave their family lake house – an emotional place dear to both Diego and Dora Cane Corso’s dogs – while this place held significant meaning to her mother during her mother’s memory.

Dominick Lewis and his four accomplices, Wallace “Apex” Landham, Sonny Cole, and Roman Hammond, escape their transport vehicle and head straight for Becky’s house, where they intend to obtain an unhidden key that’s been concealed therein. Becky vows that she will do whatever is necessary to stop them from getting the key and therefore continues fighting back against these Neo-Nazis who seek its location.

The movie provides plenty of comedy relief through Becky’s anger and arrogance, without forgetting about her intelligence or toughness. Becky is able to devise ways of fooling convicts; however, they prove more difficult than she had anticipated. Becky even makes humorous wisecracks to add comic relief while keeping the momentum high throughout.

Becky is known to be persistent and determined, which makes her highly effective against four escaped prisoners who come after her. To stall them off, she retreats into the woods with the help of her dogs and creates her fort. However, during this time, Dominick and his men come hunting for her as well. When not actively searching, however, Becky can use walkie-talkie calls to reach them so that they continue searching.

Wilson’s Becky is an approachable and multidimensional character who knows how to achieve her desired goals in life. She doesn’t hesitate to stand up for herself even if that means making difficult choices, thus making her an excellent role model for young girls who aspire to become independent women themselves.

The ending

Both a psychologist and sheriff interview Becky regarding what happened at her family’s fort, but she does not admit any responsibility for the murders. Instead, she simply describes herself as an innocent victim. Becky fled home when Jeff, an abusive alcoholic, began physically abusing her, later taking up work at a diner as a means to support herself until Elena invited her into her home for refuge.

Meanwhile, a group of Neo-Nazi prison escapees led by Dominick (Kevin James) intends to use the key for his white supremacist agenda and kidnap Jeff, Kayla, and Ty. Becky discovers their bodies in the woods while trying to call for assistance before she accidentally grabs a shirt with a swastika tattooed upon it and accidentally stabs Dominick with it instead.

Becky attempts to escape her current predicament while sneaking into a home where Noble Men cell leader Darryl is hosting a meeting with Anthony, DJ, Sean, and Twig of Noble Men cell leader Darryl and his Noble Men cell members Anthony DJ Sean Twig Anthony DJ DJ Sean and Twig. Becky stole from them a thumb drive that contained membership information on everyone involved before returning to Fort. Upon finding Cole dead, she made Hammond trip down a wooden plank of nails until he fell into the Lake before stabbing him repeatedly with colored pencils and sharp rulers before throwing him in alongside Cole and throwing him both into said lake as well.

Becky triggers her car alarm to lure Dominick outside and then leads him back to her fort, where Diego stands to attack. Once Dominick was on the floor, Becky used her lawnmower to smash him against it and crush his skull to paste. Becky called Apex immediately to report what had occurred, but Apex reminded her she pledged allegiance to him despite this action taken against him; Becky didn’t care and wanted revenge.