Duluth Trading Company


Duluth Trading Company is an apparel retailer known for its clever workwear and outdoor gear designs. Headquartered in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, offering products like “Fire Hose Jeans” and “Buck Naked” underwear.

The company provides eligible employees with extensive benefits, such as medical coverage, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, and employee outings. Furthermore, there is also a retirement plan and short-term disability benefits.

About Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company is a retail brand founded in 1989 based out of Belleville, Wisconsin, that sells workwear and outdoor gear with humorous storytelling. There are 31 Duluth Trading Company locations throughout the US.

Duluth Trading Company exceeded expectations and continued to thrive during the retail apocalypse in the mid-2010s, outperforming expectations while diversifying into online sales of tools and tool accessories. They placed great importance on quality, durability, and utility when creating their products for sale through independent stores and catalogs; customer service remained their primary goal, with an exceptional experience being provided through these channels.

Duluth Trading supports hardworking individuals who face life’s challenges with pride and determination. Their motto is “Standards of Quality You Can Trust,” their product range includes ingenious Duluth workwear, comfortable Buck Naked underwear, and outdoor gear from AKHG and Best Made – as well as their online sales platform and an outlet store in Oshkosh.

Duluth Trading was founded in Minnesota by brothers Bob and Dave Fierek under Portable Products. Soon after that, in 2000, it was purchased by Fiskars and moved to Belleville, Wisconsin; during this time, they also released their inaugural women’s catalog under their new moniker of Duluth Trading; soon after this point, it quickly gained recognition for its unique branding which featured ads with angry beavers and playful pandas!

Duluth Trading Company Stores

Duluth Trading Company is a multichannel apparel retailer providing innovative workwear designed to solve problems for hardworking men and women. Duluth Trading Company sells durable, high-quality clothing with cheeky marketing messages such as “Buck Naked Underwear” or “Longtail T-Shirts to Mask Plumber’s Butt.” In business since 1989 and opening stores since 2010, Duluth Trading Company has enjoyed tremendous growth since 1989.

Duluth Trading Company opened its first store in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, in 2010. Now there are eight in Wisconsin and three in Minnesota, with plans to open an outlet store in Oshkosh this fall – it will mark Duluth Trading Company’s second presence and fourth overall; additionally, they maintain a warehouse and call center there.

Duluth Trading Company operates stores and warehouses in North Canton, Ohio. Their website lists these locations that offer products for purchase during regular business hours; customers may also place orders via an online platform or call center – however, research indicates that customers in areas with stores tend to make more online orders than those without outlets.

Franklin, Tennessee’s Duluth Trading Company Outlet offers incredible product savings. This store carries an array of merchandise that will satisfy outdoor gear enthusiasts. Their employees are friendly and always happy to answer questions regarding any aspect of merchandise purchased there.

Duluth Trading Company Outlets can be found across the United States. With locations in multiple malls and shopping centers across numerous states, this retailer is well known for offering durable outdoor gear such as Longtail T-shirts, fire hose work pants, and accessories like headlamps and tools.

Duluth Trading Company operates a retail and outlet store in Minneapolis, MN’s Mall of America. Open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM, its merchandise selection offers something for every taste imaginable and provides visitors with plenty of shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Duluth Trading Company Outlet Stores

Duluth Trading Company is an American retailer specializing in casual wear for both men and women and workwear, outdoor gear, and other outdoor necessities. Their rugged yet practical products boast cheeky marketing. Duluth Trading Company operates several stores across the US and provides its products through catalogs, with excellent customer service and high-quality offerings.

Duluth Trading is a multichannel apparel retailer offering ingenious workwear to help hardworking men and women. Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, they sell an array of Longtail T-shirts, Buck Naked underwear, Fire Hose work pants, and videos demonstrating how their products work on their website.

The company opened its store in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, in 2010. Since then they have expanded to four other Wisconsin locations and opened stores in Minneapolis and Chicago. Plans are in the works to open more stores soon while their online presence will also grow with the launch of a new website.

Customers can place online and in-store orders; both offer access to a dedicated team who are on hand to assist. Domestic shipping orders receive free delivery; international deliveries may incur a reasonable charge.

Duluth products are built to stand the test of time. Their stringent quality control process and selection of only premium materials ensure long-term use, and their durable workwear has been rigorously tested to withstand even the most demanding environments. All Duluth purchases come backed with a lifetime guarantee so you can be confident you’ve purchased something of premium quality.

Duluth was established in 1897 as a retailer specializing in casual and work clothing for both men and women. Their flagship store can be found in Duluth, Minnesota while they operate more than 12 other stores throughout the US, and their catalog has won multiple awards over time. Furthermore, their online website features an impressive assortment of workwear and accessories.

Duluth Trading Company Job Opportunities

Duluth Trading Company is an innovative apparel retailer known for selling men’s and women’s workwear, gear, and accessories in stores and online. Based in Wisconsin and renowned for its humorous marketing tactics, the Duluth Trading Company prides itself in bringing quality workwear products to help hardworking individuals meet the job’s demands.

The company provides job candidates with various retail positions and management roles from retail parts to management roles. Job candidates may submit applications via its website; face-to-face interviews may also be scheduled if necessary to assess fit. In addition to retail jobs, this company offers customer service, marketing, and finance positions.

The Duluth Trading Company career portal lets applicants quickly locate job openings. Users can search by location or title. Furthermore, applicants can submit their resumes online through this platform and view the status of applications submitted online.

The Duluth Trading Company operates in multiple locations in the US, from outlets and retail stores to outlets offering year-round savings of 30-50% or more on overstocks, slightly flawed gear, discontinued items, and overstocks. Furthermore, this company provides its employees with unique savings opportunities through a rewards program.

Each Duluth Trading Company store offers customers an immersive experience that draws upon merchandise, objects, and stories from its rich history and culture. Each location strives to evoke its brand while providing unique clothing tools and accessories designed for work purposes. Duluth Trading Company seeks to make workwear that empowers customers and helps them live on their terms.

The Duluth Trading Company operates multiple stores throughout the US and is always looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join their team. Employee benefits for Duluth Trading Company employees include health coverage, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, employee outings, wellness program participation, and both short-term and long-term disability coverage – along with discounted workwear/gear.