Duluth Trading Returns


Duluth Trading Company, known for its durable workwear and engaging marketing campaigns targeting male customers, isn’t resting on its laurels – they’ve made strategic investments in logistics and technology to expand the business long term.

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Free Returns & Exchanges

Duluth Trading Company provides customers with a No Bull Guarantee policy allowing them to return any unworn or unused product within one year, provided it remains unworn or unused. This guarantee applies for both in-store and online orders; customers may exchange products for different sizes/colors as desired as part of this guarantee (custom-built pants cannot be returned, however).

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Same Day Free Pickup

Saving on shipping costs while still getting your order quickly can be achieved when opting for in-store pickup at checkout. Choose this option, and pick up your item from one of Duluth Trading’s stores near you. And should you not be delighted with your purchase, Duluth Trading’s No Bull Guarantee guarantees that things may be returned anytime for any reason – online shopping, in-store visits, catalog purchases, or anything else.

When returning an item, you’ll need proof of purchase or receipt. Additionally, check the retailer’s website to find a list of stores and contact information – they should inform you which items can be returned and how much their return costs.

Duluth Trading provides durable and functional workwear manufactured in the USA. Their focus on hardworking men’s and women’s clothing and tools means they’re designed, tested, and built for hard work – not to mention outdoor-focused gear like camping gear and woodworking tools – sets them apart.

The company provides an easy returns process, which may be confusing. Be sure to return items in good condition with all required paperwork – if unsure, call or email them! If in doubt about eligibility, contact them by phone or email for help.

If you are not completely satisfied with an item you purchased from Duluth Trading, within one year, you can send it back for a full refund using your original payment method, such as Afterpay. Any items returned whose purchase price cannot be verified will receive store credit equivalent to its lowest sold price.

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Free Shipping

Duluth Trading Returns makes shopping convenient and cost-cutting with free shipping for orders of $50 or more at Duluth Trading Returns, offering easy returns with pre-paid return shipping labels included with your purchase and fast-track returns for a flat fee; plus its 100% No Bull Guarantee is a firm promise that if something doesn’t meet expectations, it will make things right!

Duluth Trading Company is an established online retailer offering rugged apparel and workwear for both men and women, including rough work clothes, outdoor adventure gear, accessories, and footwear designed specifically for work or play. Their Wish List feature allows customers to easily create lists with items they’re interested in – perfect for sharing among family or friends, making gift shopping more straightforward!

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Duluth Trading Company provides military discounts to veterans and active duty service members and offers them free catalogs. Their online store features easy navigation with comprehensive FAQ pages and a product updates section; customers can join their email list to stay up-to-date about new offerings, promotions, and events!

No Bull Guarantee

The No Bull Guarantee at duluth trading returns is a fantastic warranty program that gives customers the power to return items within a year if they are not completely satisfied. Accessing it free of charge through their website, customers can print a $7.99 return label and drop their merchandise off at one of Duluth’s stores to get their refund or opt for store credit in lieu.

In addition to its No Bull Guarantee, the company also provides various other product warranties and conditions. While some are expressed, others are implied. Express warranties cover lifetime usage, while implied ones only cover limited times; the terms of these warranties and conditions can be found on the company’s website.

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