Duluth Trading Company Opens New Distribution Center in Utah


Duluth Trading Company is an iconic workwear and casualwear retailer known for its clever marketing and durable products. They recently opened a distribution center in Utah, creating 300 jobs there.

The 228,000-square-foot facility will operate alongside the company’s primary distribution center in Belleville, Wisconsin, and provide year-round capacity to the retailer’s online distribution network and 65 retail stores nationwide.

Founded in 2002

Duluth Trading Company is a Belleville, Wisconsin, American workwear and outdoor gear retailer. Established as Portable Products Inc in 1989 as a tool accessories producer, later becoming Duluth Trading Co and selling through catalog. Their famous slogan: “Workwear Made to Last,” can often be seen featured in television commercials; in 2005, their inaugural women’s record was also made available for distribution; Duluth Trading continues its growth both physically and catalog-wise across America.

Sam Sato, CEO of Adairsville Fulfillment Centers LLC, stated during the Q1 earnings call that their new Southeast fulfillment center in Adairsville will likely process over 50 percent of direct-to-consumer orders processed directly, with wholesale accounts still meeting demands if needed; they remain in a test and learn phase as they develop this business model further.

Zippia provides an in-depth view of Duluth Trading, such as salaries, political affiliations, and employee data. This data comes from people who self-reported their current or past employment at Duluth Trading and public and private sources.

Known for its humorous marketing

Duluth Trading Company has excelled at using humor in its marketing to stand out from its competition, which has paid dividends for them. Their humorous marketing is not forced upon customers but integrated seamlessly into their products and overall message. This approachable, friendly approach gives Duluth Trading Company an identity that consumers find hard to forget.

This company’s humorous marketing has propelled its products into widespread acceptance as workwear. Their products are durable, comfortable, and functional – garnering them an impressive following on social media as the brand expands further into new markets – including opening a distribution/fulfillment center in Adairsville, Georgia which will generate over 300 jobs and represent a $53 million investment into Bartow County.

Duluth Trading Company employs humor to convey an air of authenticity and approachability to its customers. Their advertising campaigns have proven highly successful, each video garnering thousands of views on YouTube alone! Some have even received awards for their creative content and innovative design.

Each video showcases custom illustrations depicting the rugged outdoor nature of its products amusingly and engagingly and combined with smooth motion graphics, creating an informative and entertaining story. Ads have proven so successful that they have become part of Duluth Trading Company’s brand identity.

Duluth Trading Company videos feature clever and appropriate humor without being overtly sexual or provocative, providing viewers with something enjoyable without making sexual references or discussing buttocks or male genitalia too often. While not obscene or scandalous, these ads set themselves apart from competitors by having an edge that sets them apart from competitors.

Duluth Trading Company’s marketing team has devised an entertaining series of commercials that will capture people’s imaginations, becoming an integral part of its identity and hard for people to forget.

Creating problem-solving workwear

Duluth Trading Company designs ingenious workwear to meet the needs of hardworking men and women. Their functional gear is created and tested by tradesmen as well as Duluth women from Wisconsin; marketing campaigns feature humorous messages while their dedication to high-quality customer service continues since 2002 when Duluth opened 65 retail stores nationwide, and their new distribution center in Utah will support their e-commerce distribution network, helping reduce peak season workload.

The brand aims to help its customers “hack their lives.” Its website should make it as straightforward as possible to find innovative product solutions tailored specifically for them and purchase them with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, this goal can be challenging, given today’s complex e-commerce platforms and picky consumers.

Duluth Trading faced this challenge head-on by choosing a composable commerce platform designed for a customer experience that allowed engineers to add third-party components without disturbing core business processes or hindering other core processes. This approach provided them with enough flexibility to create a site tailored towards meeting the needs of their most valuable customers while making scaling infrastructure more straightforward as their customer base expanded.

Duluth Trading wanted to implement advanced personalization technologies to help them provide tailored experiences to each of their customers, which required working with Bounteous to create a custom product recommender that leverages machine learning for increased engagement and sales conversion.

Duluth Trading’s solution was an advanced personalization engine, empowering them to use data-driven insights to optimize product placement, content, and email campaigns – increasing revenue and customer satisfaction while creating personalized experiences for every customer while decreasing time spent per interaction with each one. Over time this resulted in a 15% year-on-year improvement in customer engagement and revenue – an impressive feat for such a small organization!

Bringing humor to everyday truths

Duluth Trading’s humorous marketing helps set them apart from their competition. Their ads use humor to illustrate benefits rather than features of the products they offer, which allows the brand to focus more directly on meeting customer needs rather than dry technical descriptions that would bore viewers; their ads focus on how a solution solves a problem or makes work simpler, creating ads that sell themselves.

Duluth Trading uses humor to relay its message through its videos. These entertaining and enjoyable pieces feature charming custom illustrations with humorous captions and smooth motion graphics to help tell an engaging tale.

The advertising style of this company is consistent across platforms, from their website to social media accounts and videos uploaded by them. This ensures a fully functioning brand identity while at the same time keeping its personality alive – something it does well through these videos.

These videos are an excellent example of using humor effectively in advertising, with jokes that always fit within their brand’s messaging without detracting from its meaning. By strategically using comedy and drawing viewers in, these ads make a powerful statement about using it to reach target audiences while making sure your brand stands out from competitors.

Duluth Trading provides high-quality workwear and gear, including ingenious gadgets and comfortable, capable gear, to help people build better lives through products and stories. Their goal is to support talented individuals who share a dedication to completing tasks correctly while possessing an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do spirit.

Salt Lake City will open its new warehouse location this August, with its central distribution center in Belleville, Wisconsin. It will add year-round capacity for its e-commerce network and 65 retail stores nationwide and provide support during busy peak seasons. They expect to hire 300 full- and part-time employees for its operations.